Death threat for the lecture of internal exposure

Citizens of Yokohama city have been inviting Mr. Sugenoya, the city mayor of Matsumoto shi for his lecture about internal exposure.

It was planned for 1/26/2012, titled “Discussion about how to protect children from radiation.”
They were planning to have him for the instructor of the lecture about the risk of internal exposure in the long term.
Mr. Sugenoya was involved in medical care in Belarus after Chernobyl as a doctor for 5 years. He has had gastric cancer from the contamination himself. After supporting the medical care in Belarus, he became the chairman of Chernobyl Medical Fund.
He is trying to make the school lunch in Matsumoto shi cesium free. He doesn’t let them use agricultural products from where they measured radiation such as Ibaraki.

However, on 1/22,23/2012, every department of Matsumoto city received email and FAX to threaten him.The message mentioned Japanese emperor, stakeholders of Yakuza group, which suggest it is right wing, and also National Public Safety Commission.
The secretary office of the city mayor took it to be a violent threat, decided to cancel the lecture.

The FAX was sent from a Yokohama city government’s office.(045-671-3325)
The office has been rent by a “journalist group” called Minato Kishakai since 1959, but the rent has been paid by Yokohama city government for some reason.
The threat was sent from the man called “Mimura”, the editor of Kanagawa shimpo, which is a journalism association belonging to Minato Kishakai.
According to the Yokohama city councilor, Ohta Masataka, the “association” is actually run by only one man called “Mimura”, and the rent is more than a million yen, which is paid by Yokohama city government itself.

500 people were supposed to attend at the lecture. Having the threat, Kagacho police office in Yokohama was preparing for an violent accident.




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January 2012