Pediatrician “Increasing nosebleed in nursery schools reported in academic meeting. Some Doctors ”eye signaled””

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that the increasing nosebleed among nursery schools in Tokyo was reported in academic meeting. Also, some of the member doctors have already evacuated themselves to be absent from the meeting.


9:34 6/17/2014

“A pediatrician that I always consult said that it was reported in the recent academic meeting that nursery school children have nosebleed unusually increasingly in Tokyo.

Some doctors made eye signals at each other to stay silent. Some other doctors spat out “Recent children are weak.”. The rest of the doctors didn’t attend the meeting, which means, they have already left here.



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You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Un pédiatre : “Augmentation des épitaxies chez les enfants en primaire rapportée à une réunion de l’académie. Certains médecins “se font signe de l’œil””


Un japonais a déclaré sur Twitter que l’augmentation des saignements de nez dans les écoles primaires de Tokyo a été rapporté au cours d’une réunion de l’académie. De plus, certains médecins membres ont déjà évacué eux-mêmes et sont absents des réunions.

9:34 6/17/2014
“Un pédiatre que je consulte toujours a dit qu’il avait été rapporté au cours d’une réunion récente de l’académie qu’on constate une augmentation inhabituelle des saignements de nez chez les enfants des écoles primaires de Tokyo.
Certains médecins se sont fait signe de l’œil entre eux pour rester silencieux. D’autres médecins ont craché que “les enfants récents sont faibles”. Les autres médecins ne sont pas venus à la réunion, ce qui signifie qu’ils sont déjà partis.

(Merci pour la source.)

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. ἀσκέειν, περὶ τὰ νουσήματα, δύο, ὠφελέειν, ἢ μὴ βλάπτειν)

    do good or to do no harm

    The Hippocratic Oath

  2. primum non nocere

    1st do no harm

    Traditional Latin expression of the Hippocratic Oath.

    1. Sign@local meat market: “Shoplifters will be prostituted to the maximum extent possible”.

  3. I asked 20 children aged between 5-12 years old (mostly female) if they have nosebleeds. 10 reported they do. This is in Kansai. I have been in Kansai and have interaction with lots of young children. 5 years ago, nosebleeds very very rare. Out of 30 children, only 1. Now it is common.
    Without actually administering radiation checks on urine etc, it is impossible to explain why there is such a sudden increase.
    But, there is definitely an increase. Osaka has been burning radionuclides from Tohoku and putting them into the environment. I watch mothers buy Shizoka green tea, Iwate sea bream, Fukushima blend rice, Nagano mushrooms, Iwate Salmon, fukushima cucumbers…everyday from the supermarket. I wish nosebleeds are just some freak event, and not an indication that even in Kansai, things are not well.

    1. If those observations are true, I don’t even know what to say. Also, keep gathering data like this, even if it is of the anecdotal-survey type; real information from ‘Ground Zero’, so to speak, is extremely valuable right about now.

  4. Psht, kids these days – can’t even withstand a little bit of radiation sickness!

    Seriously though, sh1t just got real. I still find myself struggling to understand the doctors/physicians in those areas where the numbers of children with health problems is increasing due to radioactive contamination. Bill Duff brought up the Hippocratic oath quite appropriately. I get activists protesting; I get businesses wanting to make money by putting profits first; I get politicians wnating a bigger slice of the pie; what I don’t get is a doctor turning his back on a kid that could still be helped, and who has some early warning signs of radiation poisoning – and for what, the promise that the big bad suits will leave them alone if they do as they’re told and under-report data? I hope for everyone’s sake that these doctors and physicians are at least looking for ways to anonymously get this information out there – Personally, if it was me, I would be tempted to either go out Assange/Snowden-whistleblower-style by revealing ALL of the info and myself in the process, or Robin-Crusoe-message-in-a-bottle-style, by either spreading the ‘harmful rumors’ through flyers, or something.

    1. As you can see by reading this blog, every little nosebleed is a million dollar radiation poisoning lawsuit. I can see why doctors are reluctant to comment.

      1. Radiation can cause reduced platelet counts.
        You know, the stuff that allows blood to clot.

        Clot, defined as “A thick, viscous, or coagulated mass or lump”, kind of like your argument.

      2. Doctors are likely reluctant to comment due to to busy raking in money. Also, “one whom sticks out their neck, can’t complain when it gets chopped off”. Besides, most medical doctors seem hypnotized by hormesis theory that non-solar NORM radiation is good for you (beyond ALARA).

  5. ““A pediatrician that I always consult said that it was reported”

    Translated: “a friend of a friend read somewhere.,.”

    “The rest of the doctors didn’t attend the meeting, which means, they have already left here.”

    ,.or they were busy doing something else. Iori being sensationalist? Never!

  6. Japan has never gotten around to appropriately dealing with crimes against humanity. Perhaps some other century …

    Imperial Japan’s Abominable Dr. Death, And The Most Disgraceful War Crime “Amnesia”, In History, Business 3/09/2014 @ 4:09PM, http www (

    In this space last week, I mentioned the strange story of Takeo Tamiya, who, in becoming president of the Japan Medical Association, rose to the highest pinnacle of the Japanese medical profession in the immediate aftermath of World War II.

    To say the least this was an undeserved triumph. With the possible exception of Nazi Germany’s diabolical Dr. Josef Mengele, Tamiya must rank as the most notorious medical doctor in history. The fact is he had played a particularly significant role in Japan’s war effort as chief recruiter for Unit 731, the Japanese imperial army’s notorious biological warfare research organization. All the evidence is that he was highly effective in persuading the brightest young medical graduates to join the satanic effort.

    Apologies are overdue from both Tokyo University’s medical department (where Tamiya was a professor and where he did much of his most successful recruiting) and from the Japan Medical Association.

    1. Japan has many gifted, capable and compassionate physicians. Their patient care is spectacular. Japan also has this sinister and macabre psychopathic killer tradition. Japan has, in my personal opinion never ‘faced up to the horrors’ which are wrought by these evil doctors.

      So also, Japan does not deal with monstrous behavior in TEPCO, Nuclear Contractors, Investment Bankers and the Japanese Government.

      The consequences now include another lost generation, this time to radiation fallout contamination.

      Hopefully the Nippon will surmount this glaring character flaw.

  7. Elections have consequences

    Denial has consequences. Lies, lawlessness & inhumanity have consequences.

    Japan is presently suffering from those consequences, by LOSING another generation; this time to radiation fallout contamination. The genome degradation and loss of an ancestral home are most unfortunate.

    A very unfortunate consequence. Bad Karma, I suppose.

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