Japanese Gov advertises for worldwide ideas to remove molten fuel from 3 crippled reactors

On 6/27/2014, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced to advertise for the ideas to remove molten fuel from Reactor1, 2 and 3 domestically and internationally.


Tepco has been planning to fill the crippled reactors with water and remove the fuel from the top in 6 years. However they are starting to be aware of the difficulty to identify the leaking part on the reactors and repair to fill with water.

They therefore are seeking the alternative idea such as removing molten fuel from the side of the reactors etc..





You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Le gouvernement passe mondialement des annonces pour trouver des idées pour retirer le combustible fondu de 3  des réacteurs dévastés


Le 27 juin 2014, le ministère de l’Économie, du Commerce et de l’Industrie déclare passer des annonces à la recherche d’idées pour retirer le combustible fondu des réacteurs 1, 2 et 3, en interne et à l’international.

Tepco avait prévu de noyer les réacteurs dévastés dans de l’eau et de retirer le combustible par le haut en 6 ans. Néanmoins, ils commencent à se rendre compte de la difficulté à localiser les fuites dans les réacteurs et de celle de les réparer avant de les noyer.
Ils recherchent donc des idées alternatives comme celles de retirer les combustibles fondus par le côté des réacteurs, etc.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. Japan and TEPCO have made such requests before, but then they continue to do what they always do.

    The Dirt Slurpee is an example

  2. That guy Dr. Deagle, on Jeff Rense’ show seems to have several ideas for controling the absolute worldwide disaster unfolding every second of every year that goes by. Why not check him out, he’s begging for somebody to implement something that will work because as we all weaken and wither with accumulated radioactive poisons we do hope to preserve some kind of living conditions for the future dumb fuck victim-slaves for the nuclear energy cartels. Pay attention to the old, decrepit, brittle, venting nuclear power plants all over this country and let’s not forget the disaster unfolding from the WIPP outside of Carlsbad, NM and the dreadful mess going on at Hanford. We’re all on the same planet at the same time so try to think what that means as each day goes by and the wind blows and the radiation plumes out and seeps out and emits mutation and death every second you live for thousands of years. Let’s not forget the amount of highly radioactive substances that are stored in place, Can’t you see that this is a disaster for all of the people on earth?

      1. Lawsuits enrich lawyers, fiscally depleting plaintifs.

        Have you more constructive ideas for corium recovery?

    1. Lets not forget the Uranium Hexafluoride releases from Honeywell Metropolis Works in 2012 (21 lbs. in one “puff”). Of course, this is in addition to the permitted “nuke puke” emitted every year especially from older reactors which should be shuttered ASAP.


    Obtain a few huge subway-tunnel-diameter tunneling machines.

    Sink a wide shaft sideways from an angle to directly underneath the corium, but many feet deeper.

    When under the corium, turn the machine and make a tunnel straight down towards the center of the earth — like an elevator shaft.
    Drill down as far and fast as possible — deep into the bedrock, and then, hopefully, deeper than man has ever drilled before.

    Remove the layer of dirt separating the corium from ‘the elevator shaft’.

    And send that sucker free-falling straight to h*ll.

    Repeat twice.

    Let the coriums burn through to the mantle of the earth, where their 6-12 (??) foot diameter will (hopefully!) be insignificant. Just a brief burp.

  4. Lava, Fire & Brimstone

    Below 30,000 Feet, in SEDIMENTARY rock; molten sulfur has been encountered. If memory serves, the Baden #2 encountered Fire & Brimstone (molten sulfur) in Western Oklahoma (circa 1976). The EXTREME pressure and temperatures encountered were ‘off the charts’. The molten sulfur rushed a few hundred feet up the well bore and then solidified due to lower temperatures.

    The well bore was filled with steel (packers & plugs) and cement. The hole was abandoned. No nearby reentries have been attempted, to the best of my present understanding.

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln; did you enjoy the stage play at the Ford Theater?

    Other than that …

    1. 30,000 feet deep/ 5+ miles (or maybe a few hundred feet less) would probably keep the remaining corium out of the ocean and groundwater for-ever(?). It could keep melting it’s way down at it’s leisure…
      Just cap the shaft.

    1. Extreme Danger

      The HIGHLY radioactive debris MUST BE removed, contained and relocated. Some of the debris is so radioactive that a fatal dose can occur in a matter of seconds. People cannot work in such an environment. Most ROBOTS can not operate in such an environment.

      Cockroaches cannot survive in the worst OUTDOOR areas.

      The interior horrors are worse. FDU-3 is not a living hell; for nothing can survive. FDU-3 is a concentrated, contaminated black hole of radioactive death.

      Black Hole of Death

      1. Shields. Raise shields for robots and precious workers.

        They can redirect gamma & x-rays for telescopy. Why not something “low-tech” instead of a science-fiction view of “shields”?

        1. What “color” umbrella would work best for gamma-shine?
          Surely there’s a way to collect electrons where possible via capacitance?

          Use weaknesses to advantage, perhaps.

          1. Color Gray

            Lead Umbrellas are best for Gamma Radiation

            6″ Thick Should be sufficient

            1. There’s a ‘bot for that.
              Soon, I hope, a great number of them. For worker’s sake, including improving morale.
              Shield-bots could shield other robotic workers.

              Some types need be interchangeable like old ‘chevy parts.
              [/OffTopic] For instance, there is no “Chevrolet/GM-Parts-Interchange Manual” for electrolytic capacitors (as an unrelated example of the reference). [/OffTopic]

              Perhaps Material Sciences has something more lightweight that could manage to simply create somewhat of a void in Gamma behind it. One potential consequence could be higher density of Gamma around such void protecting worker. If absorbtion of rads are impractical, perhaps a redirect is in order where absorbtion impractical.

          2. Fluorescent Lamps

            Fluorescent Lamps do not require wires, to ‘Light Up’, in the highly radioactive environment of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

            They can be powered by the ambient Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

            For Free, in a $5T nuclear exclusion zone remediation project.

            Well sort of FREE

            1. Add an electromagnetic field to your “Wireless” Fluorescent lamp, and you have a Potential Difference between the heater coils of that lamp.

  5. Can’t get their heads around it.

    Japan is no better prepared to deal with the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster; than Hiroshima & Nagasaki circa 1945. Japan Inc. is flailing helplessly, hopelessly and yet arrogantly and at once suicidally.

    Certainly, Japanese Nuclear Vendors cannot be trusted to deal with nuclear power accidents in foreign lands; which mean NOTHING to them. Not a one of these intertwined Japanese politico-economic entities; appears to have a clue how to deal with meltdowns in their ancestral homeland; where their is some expectation of concern.

    Japan Inc. behaves as if ‘they do not have a dog in this fight’; and yet they clearly do.


    1. I haven’t heard any constructive ideas from you. Just endless whining and complaining. At least TEPCO are trying out various ideas, but you’re just bitching about it on the internet.

      1. Now why would I share anything useful, with a dumbfuck like NIALL?

        I shan’t. Nonetheless, Japan Inc. enjoys access to a LARGE number of operational plans. The difficulty is, Japan, Inc., like NIALL, is somewhat stupid, and foolish. Good ideas submitted to fools, come to naught. ‘Team Nuke’ is trapped by greed and pride; from whence there is no escape.

        Hoist on their own petard.

        1. it’s not sharing witheme, its sharing with the entire community. Or is it that you can tear apart peoples ideas but have nothing original to contribute? I thought you were the expert on engineering, so instead of your constant hate campaign, how about you post some feasible and reasonable suggestions on how to doethe cleanup. Contribute something positive, for once in your life.

          1. Already have, you gawdamn STUPID POS.

            Japan Inc. is free to seek clarifications, should they be so inclined.

            There are many ways to skin a gato.

            So far, Japan has not stumbled on to any of them.

            1. So, no ideas then?
              Sounds just like the melted fuel pic to me. Lot of hot air with a very disappointing finish. Pretyt embarassing really.

                1. http //agreenroad.blogspot.ca/2013/12/agreenroad-tepcofukushima-lies-exposed.html?q=molten+4+north+wall

                  1. Funny, i still can’t find the ones i saw earlier.

                    Those awoke me completely, when i first saw them.
                    Then i knew, that TEPCO wasn’t at all honest about many things. Well, that & TEPCO’s documents scandals. That was early 2012.

                    I actually asked for KI pills in the second week of March of 2011, before the plume started to hit us, but was denied.
                    It was a Safeway supermarket Compounding Pharmacy. Thanks asshats. D’oh.

                  2. Quote from above link:
                    “March 16, 2011 Zoom on North wall of R4 molten mass note the molten mass that flowed out of the wall is gold colour it later turns black as pictures will show. Also note the black smoke rising from R4!”

                    1. Elephant’s foot of Chernobyl was gold color
                      {until Government touched it (lol) “reverse-Midas touch”}.

                2. Mochizuki’s own site, too.
                  http //fukushima-diary.com/2011/10/yellow-powder-caught-by-camera-beside-reactor-4/
                  related video: http //www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDzpaO4nVms
                  (apr 4, 2011)

                  There you have it. Something appears to have melted out of the North Wall facing Unit #3. Apparently Unit#4’s equipment pool had a number of assemblies there. Also, it registered distinctively in InfraRed images.

    1. … to have their Thyroids removed.

      Kowabunga, dude.
      Make my veggie pizza with whole wheat crust. No mushrooms.

  6. remove such matery is relocating the problem,fill the whole shit with the best the world and science have to offer,untill there is a good solution for it.

  7. What is the point?

    Japan Inc. has ACTIVELY sabotaged multiple submitted projects; as well as rejected or ignored others. ‘Team Nuke’ is at this point, confirmed as a ‘Ship of Fools’. The Japan, Inc. failings can be summarized, in the language of Western Civilization as: SALIGIA; though the last clearly does not apply.

    Ship Wrecked, Listing, and Sinking Fast

    1. “The human race was dyin’ out
      Noone left to scream and shout
      People walking on the moon
      Smog will get you pretty soon

      Ship of fools, ship of fools
      Ship of fools, ship of fools
      Ship of fools, ship of fools
      [improv and fade]”

      https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8Q9YcOEhgM

  8. Very Little Left

    There is probably very little nuclear fuel remaining in FDU-1, FDU-2 and/or FDU-3. Highly unlikely that a substantial amount of fuel remains in FDU-3. Perhaps for a WAG:

    10% Scattered to the winds, in the atomic explosion
    15% Located in the bottom of the reactor
    20% Located in the Torus and plumbing.
    20% Located in the Metal Shell & Concrete Containment Area
    35% Burned through into the Groundwater Table

    Wild Ass Guess for FDU-3 Nuclear Fuel Location

        1. Of course he made it up, its a lot of shit, any idiot can see that. How the hell would some fool like bill be able to specify the percentage of fuel in the torus, in the plumbing, in the groundwater? This is the same idiot who reduced his food intake to avoid exposing himself to radiation because of a pretty red/orange sunset the day after [on the other side of the planet]. the same gpy who repeatedly cites enenews as a trustworthy source of info saying 20000 americans died. You’d think someone besides the crackpots in enenews would have noticed by now.
          Oh wait, you’re the one guy who believes all his shit, aren’t you? You must not be very smart.

          1. Had you read it completely you might have noted his disclaimer. He calls it a “Wild Ass Guess” which i frame as a loose estimate based upon reality.

            Don’t know of anyone else whom has tried to complile any other fuel distribution break-down like it. Anybody?

            Seems reminiscent of what results Simply Info obtain with lead including an Elephant’s Foot, a little corium can go a long way.

            How many fuel fleas am i supposed to have statistically breathed in? At least five, IIRC. “No immediate risk”. Not comforting in the slightest.

            Misunderstandings happen when communication poor, Mr. Disruptor.

            1. Cancer is the long-term risk from ‘Fuel Flees’, ‘Hot Particles’, Radio Cesium, Radio Strontium and so forth. The cancer victim does not die for several years. ‘Team Nuke’ translates slow death by cancer as ‘no immediate risk’.

              What a bunch of dicks.

    1. Quote: ”

      Kirk: Mr. Spock, have you accounted for the variable mass of whales and water in your time re-entry program?

      Spock: Mr. Scott cannot give me exact figures, Admiral, so… I will make a guess.

      Kirk: A guess? You, Spock? That’s extraordinary.

      Spock: [to Dr. McCoy] I don’t think he understands.

      McCoy: No, Spock. He means that he feels safer about your guesses than most other people’s facts.

      Spock: Then you’re saying…


      Spock: It is a compliment?

      McCoy: It is.

      Spock: Ah. Then, I will try to make the best guess I can.

      McCoy: Please do.”

      http //www.imdb.com/title/tt0092007/quotes

      1. There, that should suffice as an example of “make believe” or something “made up”.

        What does God need with a starship, you might ax?

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