[Bear death] 1m long bear found dead beside a street of Fukushima city

Following up this article.. [Video] Kodiak bear suddenly dies running uphill in Alaska / “Heart attack” ? [URL]


On 5/31/2014, a bear was found dead beside a street in Fukushima city. It was a 1m long Asian black bear. The location was Tsuchiyu-onsen.

The cause of death is not identified.







You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

[Cadavre d’ours] Un ours d’une taille de 1 m retrouvé mort le long d’une rue de la ville de Fukushima


Article lié : [Vidéo] Un ours de Kodiak meurt brusquement en courant en montant en Alaska : “attaque cardiaque” ?

Le 31 mai 2014, le cadavre d’un ours a été trouvé dans une rue de la ville de Fukushima. Cet ours noir d’Asie (Ursus thibetanus) mesurait 1 m de long. C’était à Tsuchiyu-onsen.
La cause de sa mort n’est pas déterminée.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. There we have it folks, unarguable evidence that something bad happened at fukushima.

    1. You said that the radiation from Fukushima would be good for wildlife, just like Chernobyl, once all humans are dead and gone.

      Your duplicitous and inhumane commentary are just that.

  2. Since bears obviously EAT the products they find in the environment, am surprised no testing is mentioned. Naill, just who is paying you? TEPCO? While we all want to see facts and not become panic stricken, you jump in like a paid troll.

    Anyone in your family sick yet? Have cancer yet from radiation? My daughter does and the next oldest is now being tested..so I am very sensative to children and exposures.

    1. No one’s paying me. Why would they? What is it you think I’m being paid to do, exactly? As I’ve pointed out to Bill Duff on numerous occasions, unlike Duff, I’m not claiming anything, or making any statements or assumptions. I’m not pushing any agenda here, I’m not on any supposed Team Nuke or Team AntiNuke.

      What I AM doing, which is FAR for trolling, is highlighting the assumptions, the lies, the tricks and misinformations being posted here by an actual paid shill. If you think that is trolling, then you need to go look up the definition. If you think I’m not on your side, then you really need to pay more attention. Stupid things like Vast Radionuclide Storms and mysterious dead bears and Paul McCartney’s cold do NOTHING to help. It does not help the people suffering, it does not help the public make informed choices and decisions, it does not help the plant cleanup.

      Maybe it helps to line Iori’s pockets with donations from scared people who live in fear of the invisible radioactive boogyman painted by Bill Duff and other sensationalists. It helps Mr Duff pay his bills.

      I could understand an argument where, by highlighting the problems with nuclear power, that it would encourage people to move to cleaner energy. However, I DONT see this being employed anywere here, it’s just an incessant, paid tirade against nuclear power by a rude, abusive moron (or two, since he uses several accounts).

      1. As a fine example: “Since bears obviously EAT the products they find in the environment…”

        Tell me, seriously, what animal DOESNT eat the products they find? WHat are you trying to suggest here exactly??

        Iori posted a fine article about a sick camel in the zoo. We never did hear what happened to the camel. Oh! say the blog readers, Iori has uncovered the fact that radiation is killing things! He’s a hero, revealing TEPCOs coverups etc etc.

        On the other hand, that zoo has 1499 healthy animals, who aren’t suffering from any particular ailments. And given that many animals, I’m not a vet but I guess one falls sick every couple of days. A person dies every few seconds, somewhere in the world. Someone gets a nosebleed every second.

        Same with Paul McCartney, the blue ice, the dead bears, the dead fish at some particular depth… its just clutching at straws to support a conclusion the author has already come to: that radiation is killing things. Its the perfect boogyman, and reporting about it deserves nothing but scorn and ridicule. Certainly not donations.

        Stare at this for a while, and tell me how newsworthy a dead bear is:
        http www xkcd com /1331

        1. Welching on a bet.

          Is Niall now saying that he has Welched on his bet (pledge to pay), $100 Dollars?

          Sounds like it.

          1. You haven’t shown the photo showing ” “big red glowing chunks of fuel”.

            You showed an orange, ambiguous blob.
            Lets see:
            – big : indeterminate
            – red : definitely not
            – glowing : indeterminate
            – chunks : not. Only one orange item visible
            – fuel : indeterminate. Looks more like some orange structure rather than fuel.

            Take a closer look, this time with the video deshaken and slowed down:
            http www youtube com/watch?v=CmI2lXiTo-g

            This looks a lot more structural at 1:02

            Anyone else who isn’t bill duff in disguise care to comment? The fact that bill said ‘chunks’ and not ‘chunk’ should be enough, but seriously, can anyone say with certainty that this shows what bill claims?

      2. What a CROCK of shit.

        The lying, shill, troll; attempts to masquerade as “Devil’s Advocate”

        No Sale!

          1. Criminal jeopardy

            SOME of these lying shills ARE committing crimes. The Trolls are merely assholes.

            The wheels of justice grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine.

            Tick Tock

  3. Crimes against Humanity: Wecome to Nuremberg

    A defendant knowingly participates in the commission of an offense if he [she] intentionally participates in some meaningful way in the commission of the offense, with the intent required to commit the offense. Such participation may take any of several forms. It may take the form of personally committing the acts that constitute the crime, or of aiding or assisting another in those acts. It may take the form of asking or encouraging another person to commit the crime, or helping to plan the commission of the crime. Alternatively, it may take the form of agreeing to stand by at, or near, the scene of the crime to act as a lookout, or to provide aid or assistance in committing the crime, or in escaping, if such help becomes necessary. The agreement to help if needed does not need to be made through a formal or explicit written or oral advance plan or agreement; it is enough consciously to act together before or during the crime with the intent of making the crime succeed.

    Before the fact, during the commission & after the fact:

          1. Lying Fuck

            We weren’t holding our breath. Trolls are … trolls.

            Welching little shits, like the rest of ‘Team Nuke’

  4. I thought “pat b”‘s comment was most relevent to at least that particular bear: “that stifflegged fall, is consistent with a stroke.”
    http ://fukushima-diary.com/2014/05/video-kodiak-bear-suddenly-dies-running-uphill-in-alaska-heart-attack/#comment-2135521

    Quote: “Bears can run more than 60 kilometers an hour, and they can do it up hills, down hills or along a slope.”
    . http ://www.bearsmart.com/resources/north-american-bears/dispelling-myths

    Quote: “Bear behaviour can be predictable”

    “Bears, particularly adult brown bears, are not always aware of what is going on around them.”

    “New objects or situations often frighten bears. Behaviourists call this “strange object response.””

    . http ://www.bearsmart.com/resources/north-american-bears/behaviour

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