23% of Ibaraki children in Takahagi city to be “A2” in thyroid test in the next prefecture of Fukushima

22.8% of children were diagnosed to be “A2” in Takahagi city Ibaraki.


The testees were the city children who were 2 ~ 18 years old in 2013. The test was implemented from May 2013 to this March.

If you are categorized as “A2”, you are required to have medical follow-up. Among 1,615 children, 369 were categorized as A2. Additionally, 14 of them were required to have detailed inspection.


Ibaraki prefecture is next to Fukushima. There is a possibility that Iodine-131 spread to the surrounding areas to cause thyroid problems.





You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Après examen de la thyroïde, 23% d’enfants examinés dans Ibaraki, préfecture voisine de Fukushima, sont catégorisés “A2”


Dans la commune de Takahagi, préfecture d’Ibaraki, 22,8 % des enfants ont été catégorisés “A2”.

Les examinés avaient entre 2 et 18 ans en 2013. Les examens ont été effectués entre mai 2013 et mars dernier.
Être catégorisé “A2” signifie devoir obligatoirement être suivi médicalement. Sur 1 615 enfants, 369 ont été catégorisés A2. De plus, 14 d’entre eux ont reçu l’ordre de subir des examens approfondis.

La préfecture d’Ibaraki est voisine de celle de Fukushima. Il est possible que de l’iode 131 se soit répandu dans les régions voisines et y provoquent des problèmes thyroïdiens.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. this is a huge number. I can’t believe most people in Japan still think that the Fukushima contaminations are safe!

    1. It’s only those who need to get a follow up. In fact, I’m disappointed that everyone doesn’t get a follow up; the government should be closely monitoring the health of all of its citizens, not just this 23%.

      Please remember that Iori (the author of this blog) makes his living by scaremongering donations from people who believe his sensationalist posts.

      1. @Niall, re: “scaremongering”–more people SHOULD be scared into action. He is not “scaremongering donations”. Fukushima Diary and iori provides valuable, trustworthy information and insight not available elsewhere.

        Your comment amounts to a cheap shot aimed at someone who has obviously sacrificed all to help others and alert the world to this escalating disaster that is killing us all–some (e.g., Japanese) quicker than others (the rest of the world). So, what are you doing to help besides being a keyboard critic (which is not especially helpful)?

        1. “valuable, trustworthy information and insight not available elsewhere.”

          Sure, if you like reading about popstar nosebleeds and watching funny videos of bears rolling down hills. No one else would publish such ludicrous nonsense. I must have missed the bit where it was valuable, insightful, and i have not yet figured out what it has to do with fukushima or radiation.

          Being a critic is quite useful. The japanese appear to be completely unable to criticise, or look at their information sources with a critical eye. Few western countries would accept the kind of bullshit the japanese government and TEPCO are feeding the population with on a regular basis. They manipulate the truth, report what they want, lie, coverup, etc. anything to spin the situation to their advantage. But it’s the same with this blog, its just bullshit, and it’s ok to say so. When greed starts pretending to be an authorative, valuable, trustworthy source of information then it becomes a civic duty to be critical. Whether its ‘team nuke’ or ‘team antinuke’ doesn’t matter, the important bit is to be able to question what is going on, question the information being presented, question the sources, question the statistical manipulation, relevancy, etc. Consider for a second what wouldbhappen if the fukushima situation wasnt actually the end of mankind. If the radiation wasntnkillingneverything and spreading everywhere. Where would that leave Iori? He, and others like him need to constantly fuel the disaster fire, and will always find ‘evidence’ to support their scenario. That is ok, but when they start to sell this evidence to fuel other peoples fear, then you start to see where being a critic is useful.
          Bill Duff calls me a shill on a regular basis, but im not here to sell anything. Im not asking for donations. Im not employed to criticise. I am not defending any particular point. What i am doing is calling people out on their bullshit. Had someone done that when TEPCO said the nuke plant was safe from tsunamis then we wouldnt be in this situation.

      2. Quote: “government should be closely monitoring the health of all of its citizens, not just this 23%.”

        Citizens have to do so for themselves, apparently.
        One need not have an engineering degree to be successful either. They may have problems teaching a monkey to drive a car, but even a teenager can solder. For hundreds of dollars, one can build detectors that governance insists would cost tens of thousands of dollars. 🙂

        PS: Your last sentence appears sensationalistic in itself. You have once again defeated your own argument. FAIL from Sweden.

  2. These results may be alarming, yet what is scarey is the inevitable waves of leukemia and sterility to follow.

    There is a lot of people that need every ounce of compassion we have, and then some. What goes around comes around. What will the unafflicted reader need when they take their turn being diagnosed with cancer?

    Sakeido Hantai!

      1. Yes, “Agent Smith”, it is inevitable.

        Nice “canadianism” there “eh?”, by the way.

        I must say, your english has really improved since you first came here! Good job. It does show some capacity for growth and adaptability, after all. It hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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