Suicide rate is decreasing in Fukushima

Some people think suicide rate is rocketing in Fukushima, but it’s actually slightly decreasing though prefectural population has been decreasing even since before 311.

Harmful rumor is thought to increase the suicide rate but it seems to have nothing to do with actual rate.

Annual Suicide case

2009 590 people (0.028%)

2010 508 people (0.025%)

2011 502 people (0.025%)

2012     59 people (Jan and Feb)

The percentage is based on the prefectural population of December of that year because population was in decreasing trend.

Suicidal case is from the monthly demographic statistics of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.[Link] Fukushima prefectural population is from their website.[Link]

↓ Monthly suicide case

↓ Monthly suicide rate (%×1,000)

↓ Monthly population of Fukushima prefecture. It is thought that it started decreasing because of 311 but it has been in decreasing trend since before 311. However, the accident accelerated the trend actually.

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