[Live camera] Red light on the north side of Fukushima plant

From around 23:28 to 24:00 of 8/13/2012, red light was captured moving from the west to east on Tepco live camera.


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[Live camera] Red light on the north side of Fukushima plant

  1. seen a couple of comments on the lights on enenews worth repeating
    no thunderstorms in the area according to weather service.
    and this
    Thermophoresis, or thermodiffusion
    is a phenomenon observed in mixtures of mobile particles
    where the different particle types exhibit different responses
    to the force of a temperature gradient.


    sounds cool, over my head, but seems to fit, or something like it
    alot of gas and moisture, steam and fog
    flowing around that place for quite some time

    mix that in with the spewing of radiation into the land air and sea
    seeing short flashes maybe a good thing,
    preventing a really big bad flash

    Or could be a really bad sign

    Why those who know remain silent is really the stange part

    I think , kinda like what a volcano, or just a good fire does
    that area is creating its own weather system
    among other things

    In away, its own thunderless lightning
    no mention of sound

  2. There was lightning that night in Kanagawa, I think it’s probably just the camera picked it up as distortion.

  3. The flash lightens the whole horizon. You can see the far horizon of the ocean. This is quite a strong light. Was there any sound? To me it looks like a ship firing a cannon. The speed it travels across the screen would be about the speed of a ship. It seems to be bigger than just a blinking light. It lights up the cloud cover all the way to the horizon.

  4. That looks like a thunderstorm out in the distance. I tried to find past weather info for Japan online, but no luck. The red light appears to be lightning.

  5. The Red light sphere that can be seen in the video is an Extraterrestrial space craft they are inter dimensional Travelers thats why they can slpi in and out of our reality how do i know because i have watched 100s of hours of footage of these Crafts and have actually filmed them in the uk i would suggest they are monitoring the situation dont believe me type into you tube orange orbs or orange ufos they do use red orbs that are probes also i have seen them with my own eyes

  6. Could the red light have anything to do with the Plant director who just called upon the world to help to stabilize the reactor?

  7. I think the Orange/Red moving flashes are lightning.

    However, the color appears orange/red for the same reason the fog sometimes appears pink or rainbow like.

    The reason is the translucent gaseous EMISSIONS. When there are high humidity or fog-like conditions these emissions may exhibit light diffusion. (my opinion)

    “This process of diffusion… goes on in gases”

    See wiki for:
    1. Diffuse_reflection
    2. Scattering
    3. Thermophoresis – The Soret effect

  8. Even if there is distant lightening the red color has to be from some chemical or thing in the air over the plant.

    I have seen many violent storms inland, on the shore and at sea and even from above (in a plane) and have never seen red color before.

  9. I’d say most of the flashes are thunderstorms.

    For those wondering, why it’s flashing red, bear in mind a digital camera doesn’t render color the same way
    a human eye does, particularly when it’s a quick flash.

    Without the sensor data, I can’t say for sure.

    One thing though some of the flashes and the fog sure reminded me of when the plant was having recritical flashes. It’s possible they are having recriticality again, that might explain the low levels of Iodine showing up in chiba these days

  10. Watch it on fuku1long. Nice thunderstorm off in the distance going around plant. Wonder how many quintrillion Bq the Pacific will be inundated from its runoff down the rivers?…

    False alarm…keep moving…nothing to see here…

  11. Mochizuki
    Give me a mail address so I can send you a 100 dollar check. Keep up the good work.


  12. Calm down folks, it’s a weather balloon. The government is measuring something. LOL!!!

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