Ministry of health concealed the survey data of atomic bomb victims

Fukushima disaster is often compared with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, however, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare concealed the survey data of atomic bomb victims.

Even the publishing schedule is not announced. No Q&A of course.

It’s supposed to be for registered victims. The matters for survey are gender, age, address, state of exposure, employment status, and health condition etc..

The questionnaires are sent from local governments and they are to be sent back after filled by the atomic bomb victims or their families.

This survey is to be conducted every 10 years. It is not announced since when the survey data was not published.

It is not disclosed either that the way of choosing victims, contents of questionnaire, and the history of this survey.

According to their statistics law, authorities must publish the general statistics and relevant matters issued by statistics law once they make general statistics by the internet or other proper ways. However, in a special occasion, they don’t have to publish a part or all of the statistics. (Article No.23)
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