[Ajisai Revolution] Protest is ongoing all around in Japan

Protest is going on in Osaka (in front of Kepco head office), Nagoya, Sendai, Kagoshima and Hyogo as well.

↓ Live from Osaka

Live video by Ustream


↓ Nagoya, in front of Kepco’s Tokai branch

[Ajisai Revolution] Protest is ongoing in Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai too2


↓ Live from Nagoya


Live video from your Android device on Ustream

↓ Live from Hyogo

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

↓ Live from Kyoto

Video streaming by Ustream

↓ Tokyo

Ajisai 7/20 3

Ajisai 7/20 4

Ajisai 7/20 5

Ajisai 7/20 6

↓ Softbank is offering wifi.

Ajisai 7/20 7

    1. Sendai: Either in front of the Tohoku Electric Office or the local DPJ office. If nobody there by 6PM Friday, just start yelling. Someone wll join. And then someone else, etc. It might have to begin with YOU.

  1. I read that Mushrooms “consume” “suck” the most radiation.
    Maby it’s interesting to eat more mushrooms to get rid of the radiation within the body.

    I’m just looking for remedies what this disaster has brought us.

    Hope there will be more studys about decontamination.

  2. Mr Noda can cancel his public opinion roadshow. Assuming for a moment that he even cares about the public’s opinion, he need only look outside his window on Friday eveing to see how the public feels about nuclear energy. So many dedicated people, completely committed to stopping nuclear power in Japan, will not give up. Even Mr. Noda knows they are right. He should see now that he also cannot deny them a voice in their government.

    Keep up the awesome work people of Japan!

  3. In solidarity with the people of Japan! We are supporting you all the way from California, USA. Ganbatte Nipponjin.

  4. Originally sent to the office of PM Noda:

    Press Release: Oskarshamn 2 Stopped


    “At the normal surveillance testing of one of the unit’s auxiliary power diesel engines the engine did not work as prescribed in the applicable routines.”

    (Even without a tsunami the diesel generators are “doubtful” at best.)

    Thomas J. Corcoran

    “Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money.”

    — Cree First Nation Proverb

  5. And from the gulf coast panhandle of florida.

    You have tepco we have BP
    The oil is still in our water, as the radiation is all around you
    Easier for tepco, you cant see it or smell it.

    Same gameplan though, mass chemical poison used to sink oil
    Everythings ok, both say go to the beach
    out of sight,
    out of mind.

    They are back to drilling here
    They are already back to boiling water there

    DONT STOP the protest, your lives and ours depend on it.

    You can bet they wont stop if you do.

    Theres other ways to produce elec,
    that was shown when they shut all the plants down for insp.

    Funny, the price of gas went down here during the oil volcano
    add some big money payoffs and the people went back to sleep.

    Most over here have no idea whats going on over there
    the news wont show it, wonder why?

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