News reporter reported her own huge bruise

Following up this article..More Japanese people are having bruise

Ms. Haramoto, the reporter of the news TV show “Morning bird (TV asahi)” tweeted her major bruise on her foot.

This TV show reported mutated dandelion before. [Link]



News reporter reported her own huge bruise



I’ve not been doing well recently. I wonder if it’s poor circulation. got such a bruise though I didn’t hit it anywhere.




  1. je suis outrée de voir que les “Médias” dans le monde cachent la vérité sur Fukushima aux habitants de cette planète. Le Japon à abandonné ses enfants aux mains du monstre nucléaire et les laissent mourir ;-( Il faut que l’Empereur du Japon prenne la parole et la situation en mains !!! L’Empereur doit sauver son peuple et les gens du monde entier doivent se mobiliser. en France, nous avons des problèmes tous les jours avec nos centrales nucléaires, mais cela est passé sous silence à cause du lobby nucléaire français. Nous avons honte des “politiciens” qui nous cachent la vérité. Je souhaite courage au Peuple Japonais, il n’est pas seul et nous essayons de faire passer le plus d’information possible sur le désastre de Fukushima

  2. Do any of these people ever look their symptoms up on the internet? It really doesn’t sound like it.

  3. Seems she has a very high toxic dose of radiation posioning. See below is a list of symptoms I found on


    Bleeding from the nose, mouth, gums, and rectum
    Bloody stool
    Hair loss
    Inflammation of exposed areas (redness, tenderness, swelling, bleeding)
    Mouth ulcers
    Nausea and vomiting
    Open sores on the skin
    Skin burns (redness, blistering)
    Sloughing of skin
    Ulcers in the esophagus, stomach or intestines
    Vomiting blood

    I am sorry for the pain and suffering everyone is enduring from Fukushima!

  4. I found this information on Dr. Damien Downing’s information on how to protect yourself from radiation posioning. Is vitamin C available right now in Japan? Are the people aware of the supplements to take?

    Vitamin C is of particular importance and should be included at high intakes for anyone trying to minimize radiation poisoning. High dose vitamin C provides continual antioxidant flow through the body. It is absorbed from the gut and helps to replenish the other antioxidants. When it is used up, it is excreted in the urine. Importantly, it can chelate, or grab onto, radioactive heavy metal atoms and help eliminate them from the body. Large dynamic flow doses of vitamin C (about 3,000 mg, taken 4 times a day for a total of 12,000 mg) would exemplify antioxidant treatment. Higher doses have been used by Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa and colleagues. [8,9]

    Shortly after the disaster, Dr. Damien Downing described how supplements can help protect against radioactive fallout.[10] OMNS issued an update on the response to Fukushima in Japan.[11] Recently, Dr. Gert Schuitemaker has provided a review of vitamin C as a radio-protectant for Fukushima contamination.[12]

    Persons living in the areas affected by radioactive contamination can take antioxidant supplements, especially high doses of vitamin C, to counteract the negative consequences of long-term low dose radiation exposure, as well as to protect the health of coming generations.[12,13] People who have a possible internal or external radiation exposure should take antioxidant supplements to maintain an optimal antioxidant reserve. Because of the enormous size and oceanic spread of Fukushima contamination, this literally applies to everyone.

      1. the maximum dayly dose is 30 gm, taking calcium ascorbate rather than ascprboc acid has virtually no side effects, but anything above 3 gm of ascorbic acid acts as a laxative and higher doeses can irritate the kidneys after prolongued use for some people, but calcium ascorbate is already buffered and more bioavailable, and has no laxative effects

  5. Japanese orthomolecular organization put out a video advising 6 to 8 grams of ascorbic acid daily were advised.
    Sea salt and clay baths can work wonders
    Trial of daily Pectin, clean food and water can release some cesium.

    they may not have access on internet to what we have available to us. I think, the law last year limits their access in Japan to quite a lot.

  6. Definitely mild radiation poisoning. I studied nuclear radiation in college. The effect shown in the photo is caused by blood pooling when the microcapilaries in the region burst, release small amounts of blood into the surrounding tissue. The part of the foot shown is pressed against the inside of the shoe, and such pressure causes the microcapilaries to burst. Normally these microcapilaries are very strong. But even low amounts of radiation in the blood will weaken the microscopic vessels, causing them to burst when pressure is applied. The result is the bruising shown.

    Miss Haramoto is most likely either slightly or seriously contaminated. Small symptoms like these show up at first alone. But after years of internals being blasted with radiation, more serious things will happen – cancer, leukemia, or heart disease. Most likely her heart is already damaged to some degree from radiation.

    Sad what is happening to Japan. Her people are being killed off because the gov’t is lying. Most likely 1/2 of Japan is fatally contaminated. In 10-20 years we will see a massive epidemic of health problems.I believe the globalists who want us all dead are paying the Japanese gov’t to lie about the seriousness of the danger. It is their punishment for Japan since Japan refuses to globalize. This is why DPJ was put into power.

  7. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and is easily excreted. (I mean, if all you eat is vitamin c maybe you will get a stomach ache). The thing is, most everyone takes synthetic Vitamin C when it’s easy to find natural sources. So, avoid ascorbic acid. Try camu camu or Sonne’s brand chewables. Add some lemon and mineral drops to your water. Megadoses of ascorbic acid CAN interfere with selenium, which is important for Iodine absorption as well (preferably nascent!) – so timing is important.

  8. I ate vitamin c like candy, I ate 100 500mg tabs one day “yummy” and yes you feel like your body’s full of vit c “like if you eat to many sweets” and my body converted the excess amounts of my tabs into odourless gas and lots of it> toot toot~

  9. Dozvolite mi da iskazem kako je uistinu olaksanje otkriti nekoga na netu ko zaista zna ono o cemu pise Vasi clanci su uistinu dobri i vi u vecini slucajeva znate iznijeti
    i osvijetliti temu. Vise ljudi bi treba da cita vase tekstove
    i da prati vasu perspektivu stvarnosti. Jasno mi je
    zasto imate popularnost u svojoj oblasti. Nemojte prestati.

    Vas vijerni fun.P.S. Vec sam vas podijelio poznanicima
    na twiteru . Sve najbolje

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