Settlement report 5/26/2012

Donation : 65.00USD

Expense : 2.35USD

Left in hat : 62.65USD


Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost)

Current total : 2,171.40 USD

To go : 828.60USD


I love May, there are still 5 days till the end of the month ! lol

People often tell me / us to sue government and Tepco. I wish I could, but I’m pretty pessimistic about that.

From what I have learnt since 311, justice does not exist. Radiation is not owned by Tepco, so we must pay for contamination.

If we stand up against it, we will be sent to jail.

Justice, Legislative, Public administration, they are all tied up.  They rob us from 100 yen, and give us 50 yen for “social welfare”. and we stupidly become happy. What if we stood up against it ? Police put us in jail.  No way out. This is something we call county. Sad but this is the reality.

Suing is like playing a game under their rule. You have no hope to change anything. 311 made me realize what the world is made of.


I don’t feel angry. You get angry because you think someone is in charge.  but reality is not that simple. There is nobody in armchair to control the world from behind the screen. It’s the system, not someone specific.

I just hope to save as many people as possible, and all the children.

Even if the world is rotten, we could see the dawn only if we are alive.  Just stay alive.

Having said that, humankind is strange. Since I left Japan, I see nightmare almost every night. I know having paranoid about airport is from the same reason. I seem to feel bad about leaving Japan in a part of my mind. I seem to think I betrayed.

My blogging might be atonement. I don’t know. Maybe the best convenient word is “love”.lol  but I want you to know, I can’t post everything I know. There are some facts I can not tell.  The bottom line is, everything is too late.

There will be human deformation. I think they will be the last angels for Japan. They will get the good attention from around the world.




  1. Iori, in law there is no justice, since justice is a subjective feeling, in law there is only a question if it’s legal.

  2. こんにちは。




  3. As a refugee, I have lived with paranoia about passports, controls and airports for twenty years. It gets easier in time.

    You should write guides in Japanese on how to live abroad.

    If nothing changes, and especially if number 4. collapses, many Japanese will have to leave immediately.

    They need information about immigration, descriptions of life in France, Romania, Canada…

    Also, you and other Japanese refugees should reflect on how to protect and teach Japanese culture to young people when there is a large number of immigrants. I know that all the medieval stuff seems ridiculous to a lot of people, but the Japanese children need to know about their history and culture.

  4. Hello,

    I request you to let the world know answers are here to clean the air, water and land of radiation. The leaders or wealthy visionaries need to contact these people and implement the cleanup.

    1. Nuclear Waste Recycling Technology Discovered by Notre Dame Researchers

    This maybe helpful to all countries to clean up the nuclear waste.

    2. A new innovation from Professor Huai-Yong Zhu at Queensland’s University of Technology can clean up all the water contaminated by radioactive materials.

    3. Scientists have produced a previously unseen uranium molecule, in a move that could improve clean-up of nuclear waste.

    4. Japanese scientists have created a building material to absorb radioactive substance. Material can absorb over 99% of cesium! This is using

    All nuclear centers and surrounding buildings may benefit from using this material.


    1. Thanks for putting up this post, Maya. Keep up the good work! We need this kind of information.

  5. Iori-

    Someone needs to preserve Japanese culture also. Especially food! Right now ALL commercial sushi nori is from the North pacific (please, if I’m wrong, tell me because I’ve been looking for some that’s not from Japan, Korea, China or Phillipines).

    Maybe start a nori farm on the atlantic ocean? You might even be able to get a visa. I remember a woman acquaintance years ago getting a visa to work in US because she had special skill as a sushi chef (ala Kappa sushi or Kura sushi quality – basically a minimum wage job).

    In any case, someone needs to make it possible for Japanese food culture to continue after the collapse of #4. The guys in Australia are off to a good start with their rice crop, but there is much more that can be done.

    Good luck. And enjoy the US.

  6. FUKUSHIMA DIARY – Raport d’activité du 26 mai 26 2012
    Par Mochizuki le 26 mai 2012 · 1 Commentaire

    Dons …… : 65,00 USD
    Dépenses. : 2,35 USD
    Reste…… : 62,65 USD

    Objectif …. : 3 000,00 USD (Mon salaire au Japon + coûts nouveau serveur)
    Total courant : 2 171,40 USD
    A venir ….. : 828,60 USD

    J’aime mai. Il reste encore 5 jours avant la fin du mois ! lol

    Les gens me/nous disent souvent de poursuivre en justice le gouvernement et Tepco. J’aimerai bien mais je suis plutôt pessimiste sur ça.

    De ce que j’ai appris depuis le 11 mars, la justice n’existe pas. Les radiations n’appartiennent pas à Tepco, alors nous devons payer pour la contamination.

    Si on se dresse contre eux on va se retrouver en prison.

    La Justice, les législateurs, l’administration publique, ils sont tous très occupés. Ils nous volent 100 yens et nous en donnent 50 pour le “bien-être social” et on en est heureux, comme des cons. Si on se dresse contre eux ? La police nous emprisonne. Pas de sortie. C’est la chose qu’on appelle “la haute”. Triste mais c’est la réalité.

    Ester en justice, c’est comme jouer à un jeu selon leurs règles. Vous n’avez aucune chance de changer quoi que ce soit. Le 11 mars m’a fait réaliser comment le monde est fait.

    Je ne me sens pas en colère. Vous êtes en colère parce que vous pensez que quelqu’un est responsable mais la réalité n’est pas aussi simple. Il n’y a personne dans un fauteuil contrôlant le monde derrière son écran. C’est le système, pas une personne en particulier.

    J’espère seulement aider à sauver autant de gens que je peux et tous les enfants.

    Même si le monde est pourri, nous ne pourrons voir l’aube que si nous sommes encore vivants. Restez vivants.

    Ceci dit, l’humanité est bizarre. Depuis que j’ai quitté le Japon, j’ai des cauchemars pratiquement toutes les nuits. Je sais que je suis parano sur les aéroports, pour la même raison. J’ai l’impression que je me sens mal d’avoir quitté le Japon quelque part dans ma tête. J’ai l’impression d’avoir trahi.

    Mon blog pourrait être une expiation. Je ne sais pas. Peut-être que le mot le plus adapté est “amour”. lol mais je veux que vous sachiez qu’il y a des choses que je ne peux pas publier. Il y a des choses dont je ne peux pas parler. La chose essentielle est qu’il est trop tard pour tout.

    Il y aura des déformations humaines. Je pense qu’ils seront les derniers anges du Japon. Ils recevront la meilleure attention du reste du monde.

    il y a 8 heures · J’aime

  7. Hi Iori

    I see you have learned a lot since 311, but there is a lot you don’t know yet. One thing you are wrong about is the world not being controlled by anyone. I have started waking up about half year ago and there is information on internet popping up everywhere, disclosing history that was sucessfuly hidden from common people for decades (Trilateral commission, Vatican & UBS, western monarchies, CFR, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, UN, NATO, IMF, BIS, World Bank…). They own and control the world through ownership of media, banks, corporations, NGOs, politicians, trusts, foundations, comitees etc. They own military industrial complex, agriculture, petrochemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical industries and the list never ends.

    We are all indoctrinated to believe otherwise (by public education, religion, media). I got rid of TV a long time ago. I am educating myself and staying informed by following alternative media sites, blogs, youtube videos and documentaries. It takes a lot of time and realizing the truth was far from easy. I am sure you have got to know that by now.

    On the other hand, It’s rewarding also – from what I’ve read on your site I am sure you are not aware of the fact that there have been hundreds of alternative treatments for cancer in past 80 years – many of them far more potent and safer than conventional (medieval) therapies and all systematically suppressed by owners. That does not mean you can’t practice them at home by youself.

    I appreciate that you disclose the truth, but you don’t need to write only about negative stuff. People can protect themselves (at least to some extent).

    1. I love reading the comments around here, including yours, estx2012.

      The mammon worship (mammon worship = worshiping profit and power) is the elitist standard that many rally around, even for those really low on the totem pole, the “little people.” The base of mammon worshipers support the higher level corruption and the whole thing is organically sustained, rather than a simple conspiracy plan. No doubt different families around the world hunger for control, but they are just following a basic blueprint of twisted values that even the corrupted surfs follow to some degree.

      I think Lori is getting around to talking about solutions, that is what I think he was trying to say he wanted to do. He recognizes that the only solutions are coming at the individual level, and that is a huge thing.

      At the very least, I see that a lot of us are saying it in the comment sections. This I find very encouraging. And we are part of Lori’s “team,” we help make this blog what it is by speaking up.

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