Settlement report 5/26/2012

Donation : 65.00USD

Expense : 2.35USD

Left in hat : 62.65USD


Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost)

Current total : 2,171.40 USD

To go : 828.60USD


I love May, there are still 5 days till the end of the month ! lol

People often tell me / us to sue government and Tepco. I wish I could, but I’m pretty pessimistic about that.

From what I have learnt since 311, justice does not exist. Radiation is not owned by Tepco, so we must pay for contamination.

If we stand up against it, we will be sent to jail.

Justice, Legislative, Public administration, they are all tied up.  They rob us from 100 yen, and give us 50 yen for “social welfare”. and we stupidly become happy. What if we stood up against it ? Police put us in jail.  No way out. This is something we call county. Sad but this is the reality.

Suing is like playing a game under their rule. You have no hope to change anything. 311 made me realize what the world is made of.


I don’t feel angry. You get angry because you think someone is in charge.  but reality is not that simple. There is nobody in armchair to control the world from behind the screen. It’s the system, not someone specific.

I just hope to save as many people as possible, and all the children.

Even if the world is rotten, we could see the dawn only if we are alive.  Just stay alive.

Having said that, humankind is strange. Since I left Japan, I see nightmare almost every night. I know having paranoid about airport is from the same reason. I seem to feel bad about leaving Japan in a part of my mind. I seem to think I betrayed.

My blogging might be atonement. I don’t know. Maybe the best convenient word is “love”.lol  but I want you to know, I can’t post everything I know. There are some facts I can not tell.  The bottom line is, everything is too late.

There will be human deformation. I think they will be the last angels for Japan. They will get the good attention from around the world.




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