Settlement report 4/22 ~ 4/28/2012

Donation : 335.00 USD

Expense : Grocery 41.00USD

Left in hat : 294.00USD

Goal of this month : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan)

Current total : 1111.00 USD

To go : 889.00 USD


Thank you very very much for your support as always. Now there is one day left till the end of April.  Only half way to go to the Now about 7000~12000 people read this blog everyday. Only if everyone donates me 1 cent, I can get to the goal for sure.

I’ve been really busy recently. I don’t think I have posted everything I need to do. I might need some break.

Summary and Trend

  • Water leakage and nitrogen injection trouble are becoming frequent.
  • Black substance is more generated as it becomes warm.
  • Cardiac arrest, other health problems are reported more frequently and more and more people are opposing it.
  • More mutated plants are found as it gets warm and more and more people are opposing it.
  • Radiation level is slightly increasing in many places.


Now Fukushima plant looks stable but all the equipment is getting old. More and more problem will come out.



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