Settlement report 3/8/2012

No Donation.


Today was a bad day. haha I would be very happy if you tell someone around to throw confetti to me.

This is a full time job.


One year anniversary is coming. I’m afraid people will forget about Fukushima after that. Nothing has ended. It’s just begun.

Tsumani was a pain of injection. Fukushima is incurable infection.



  1. We have not forgotten. We are paying attention. Many people are now going to the news and to their city leaders. If you do not see response it is beause we have started pressuring others. The donations will resume.


  2. hey you i will not forget i wrote a long speech about the chenrnobyl accident 20 years ago and tried to stop people then no one would listen and everyone made fun of me .. it is a frustrating thing people who only care about money adapt perservere and conquor the nobel peace prize awaits you keep writing the truth and share to the world it is a crime against humanity and a crime against you let the light shine from within so bright with integrity that no one can question or silence you peace and love to you march on my proud brave friend march on

  3. Hello Iori,

    I think there are 3 kinds of people, those who are truly interested, they wont never forget. Those who are interested cause its in the news, some of them will forget and some of them have turned into truly interested. The third kind isn’t interested or deny the consequences of a nuclear failure.
    I posted yesterday on g+ the link to . Global2000 is a Environmental Protection organisation from Austria. They organize shutdownnukes, they want to shutdown in the first step all critical reactors in the EU. In the second step they want to shutdown all reactors.
    Such an organisation can help you with your asylum plans. They know how to make petitions
    and most important they know how to get publicity.
    You do a great job, FD is the most important blog for me.
    Thanks alot!

    Greetings from Germany

  4. Thank you for your blog! I am busy saving to buy HVAC filters, gas masks etc. in case a nuke plant in Europe goes critical.
    I hope more people donate – you should do more publicity.
    Contact the Spiegel magazine in Germany or the Focus magazine or the Stern magazine. They would probably do a piece on you and pay you ca. 500EUR. Otherwise contact the Bild Newspaper.
    If you want, I can be the middleman and contact them for you – offering an exclusive interview with you (you could probably do it via skype).

    Greetings from Germany as well

  5. 11th of March, the human chain from Avignon to Lyon in France, along the highest density of civil nuclear facilities area of Europe and in the World.

    People don’t forget, my children will never forget. I cannot forget being a child in cold war time. I cannot forget all nuclear weapons blasting in war or testings. I think after some time of denial, many people will start speak more out their anguish about this even possibly take action. Be perseverant and call people who did similar education as you (Chris Busby, Helen Caldicott, Leuren Moret, Arnie Gundersen…).

    I must say I respectfully think you should not count only on FD for your incomes. Keep two days off to do something else. Do not get tied up financially to this only, I think it cannot give you full strength, nor balance. Even after people say you’re dependant of this to earn money. Other small jobs keep you in touch with other aspects of reality that you need as well. It’s a fight, please don’t link it totally to the money you need, make it slightly independant of your incomes. But please keep informing of your economic balance. I watch out and just start to have a very rough idea of what’s coming to you, but on a very brief period.

    Please consider the house you left gives you the opportunity to stay in many houses during your journey and your journey is like the cat turning around to find the right angle to lay itself down. So it can sleep with one eye open…

    I love to look comments on enenews because I can see people react and show they don’t forget anything and are getting a very good understanding of the events and of each lie. This is because you gave a lot of good articles to enenews,… and enenews puts some MSM articles also and it is creating responses, please appreciate them. Something’s happening slowly, but something’s happening.

    In Switzerland, the main newspaper filled a two great pages about actual life around Fukushima and the imminent risks of great earthquakes. On TV here also, we saw a very good reporter speaking truely and very directly of Fukushima. And it’s several times I hear nuclear fear is a great preoccupation of people. Today, I learned the nearest nuclear facility from me which is Mühleberg’s, near Bern will have to stop operating in 2013.

    …not yet forgetting! promised!… we need to have information to continue fighting…

    With my best regards

  6. Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

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