Settlement report 3/4/2012

Donation : 0.00USD  lol

Expense : Taxi 10.00USD, Hotel 46.00USD, Food / water 17.00USD

Profit : -73.00USD


Today’s report was hard to make. Shoganai because I couldn’t write so much articles today.

Today I came back to EU. It took me a whole day, and I’m still on the way. will move tomorrow again.

The first flight was at 8AM. I slept for 4 hours last night, and the flight was very rough, the passenger sitting in front of me threw up. (Sorry)  and my next passenger looked like Qaddafi.

There was information that reactor 2 exploded again, but it was denied immediately. I wonder which information was true.

Also, I’m looking for someone to follow nuclear situation in France. I want to collapse this nuclear empire.



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