Settlement report 3/1/2012

Donation : 133.00USD

Expense : 0.00USD (My host cooked couscous for me as always. I can not cook.)

Income : 133.00USD


Thank you very very much.

Worked from 11:00 to this moment, 22:15.

Dragged the LAN to the garden as always and worked there until it was cold. then moved inside and worked again.

Though I didn’t write so many articles today, I researched and answered some questions / replied emails.

Wake up, work, and sleep. Didn’t do any other things. (Except for watching the turtles and feeding cats

I hope I can live on FD even in the future. I like to be useful for other people. If I can live just normally from the income, there’s nothing happier than that.

Tomorrow I’ll go up to North early in the morning. shall sleep now.

My eyes and head are tired. can’t even figure out Japanese sentence. lol

Settlement report 3/1/2012




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