Rebelled NHK announcer purged

Following up this article..An NHK spokes man rebelled against NHK

NHK decided to close his twitter account.
This twitter account was handled by Hori Jun, an NHK announcer. He was given this account to promote his TV show “Biz spo”.
By using this account, he commented about the responsibility of NHK having concealed information after 311 and mislead people not only reporting earthquake information or charity information.
However, NHK is going to take all the regular TV shows from him and close the account with 100,000 followers after the next week.

NHK states, he’s going to move to local branches to build up his career and also train younger announcers. The account was only for his TV show “Biz spo”, it is natural to close it as the TV show ends.

Mr. Hori Jun tweeted like this below.


A lot of my senior coworkers tried to keep this account active, but it must be closed after all, because I was given this account as a caster of the TV show, Biz Spo. I’ll be with you for the rest of the 4 days. We can meet somewhere again, can’t we ?



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