Picture of the confederate from government

Following up this article..Intense protest against sharing radioactive debris policy in Kyoto

Confederates were caught by camera in the protests. They are holding the board to say “Let’s support disaster area by sharing the debris.”

Pictures of the confederate from government



onodekita @onodekita

(京都)『「今こそ広域処理」とか「絆」とか書いたプラカードも見えてますが、サクラ・バイトな人たちで、背広の上に緑や白のそろいのユニフォーム着てました。プラカードもA4だかB4だかの統一サイズに、印刷、ラミネート処理ずみ。しかも印字は黒と赤のみ。仕事場で作ってきたでしょ、って感じ』 Source


You can see the boards to say “Let’s share the debris” or “Kizuna (=sense of unity)”, but they are hired confederates. They were all wearing uniform of green or white over the suits. All the boards were in the same size, covered with laminate. Prints were all in black and red.






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