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Video of Life in 20km

Following up this article ..Life in 20km The video of this old couple was uploaded on the facebook page of HCR. You can see the old woman whispering to the


Life in 20km

HCR, an NPO in Minamisoma reported what’s behind the beautiful story about Fukushima. This is the reality. <Quote> 「殺してやりたい」 “wish I could kill him.” おばあちゃんは、耳元で、3度、そう言った。 Old woman said that beside

Sea contamination

Oyster in North Japan grow as double as average

Kesennuma Miyagi, where got the worst damage of Tsunami in 311, restarted oyster farm but the shells grow unusually fast. They reopened the farm last June after having the port


Headquarters for emergency disaster control evacuated to 60km area before citizens

  Headquarters for emergency disaster control in Fukushima evacuated to 60 km leaving the citizens behind in 20km area on 3/15/2011. LDP Upper House member, Mori Masako, who is from


Rapid increase of fall-out is because of incineration of radioactive waste

Following up this article ..Fukushima fall-out spiked up again The reason why fall-out level spiked up in the beginning of this year might be from incineration of radioactive garbage and