When it’s stopped raining

When I finally boarded it was already 2 minutes before the departure from Moscow.

Exploring the Moscow airport and reading all the messages that you kindly sent to me, I became like an information center of Terminal D. People came to ask me where is what, when is what.

I didn’t notice the clock on my laptop was messed up by Xray or something.

I “confirmed” it was still 30 minutes before the boarding time I got to the gate 36, (It wasn’t 24 ,not even 34 , it was 36.lol) no passengers were there. I thought I came to early but the staff cut my ticket with THE russian mask.

A flight attendant found me on the elevator and got surprised for some reason.

I was pushed to the airplane. I was like “Isn’t it too early ?”

I thought all the other people were crazy to be waiting on the plane though the flight time is still in 2 hours from that time until I checked the time on my mobile phone. It was 22:23. The flight time was 22:25.

Having unexpected thrills, anyway, I flew. The second airplane was ok, smaller but newer, and my next seat was empty. The guy sitting next next to me was European and traveling from Shanghai. His son was the same age as me, the same birth month as me.

I had the third dinner on the plane. Because I flew to the west and the west, I ended up having dinner 3 times in total.


When I finished it, I passed out.

When I got back from coma, I was already in Europe.

The smell of the city. Drunk ass, tainted ads, trash, bars, everything looked friendly to me. Everything was almost the same as where I came from and so much difference from Moscow .

Though I missed the final train to the hotel, I managed to take a taxi and the taxi driver was honest.

The taxi driver looked “moderate” but the car was Benz. It got to 80 km/h only in 2 secs .

This is how I crawled to this bed.

I’m now at a motel near the airport. The selling points of this motel was “Elevator” and “Openable window” but, unfortunately, my room is on the first floor.

I had fresh vegetables. Haven’t eaten that in about 9 months already.

Went out to the vending machine of the motel but I didn’t have change myself. The owner bought me a bottle of water for me. 2.2 Euro.

When I got out of the airport, the ground was wet. It’s just stopped raining seemingly. The air was not cold as I thought. It was even steamy and milky. Now, no matter how much I try, I can’t get a sore throat.

I’ll move by train after tomorrow. I’ll have some free time before the train comes. I’m thinking of sightseeing in this historic city. For the first, I’ll go to the Freud museum. (Geeeeek) He fled to London 1938.

Tonight, I can’t update news. but other good blogs have already posted. The headline is the empty “cold shutdown” declaration of Noda. Actually, it’s not Noda. He’s just a puppet, like Hilary or Obama. Some people want to sell nuclear so much, and they own IAEA, UN, USA, Japan, England, and so on.

This is just a beginning.

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