When it’s stopped raining

When I finally boarded it was already 2 minutes before the departure from Moscow.

Exploring the Moscow airport and reading all the messages that you kindly sent to me, I became like an information center of Terminal D. People came to ask me where is what, when is what.

I didn’t notice the clock on my laptop was messed up by Xray or something.

I “confirmed” it was still 30 minutes before the boarding time I got to the gate 36, (It wasn’t 24 ,not even 34 , it was 36.lol) no passengers were there. I thought I came to early but the staff cut my ticket with THE russian mask.

A flight attendant found me on the elevator and got surprised for some reason.

I was pushed to the airplane. I was like “Isn’t it too early ?”

I thought all the other people were crazy to be waiting on the plane though the flight time is still in 2 hours from that time until I checked the time on my mobile phone. It was 22:23. The flight time was 22:25.

Having unexpected thrills, anyway, I flew. The second airplane was ok, smaller but newer, and my next seat was empty. The guy sitting next next to me was European and traveling from Shanghai. His son was the same age as me, the same birth month as me.

I had the third dinner on the plane. Because I flew to the west and the west, I ended up having dinner 3 times in total.


When I finished it, I passed out.

When I got back from coma, I was already in Europe.

The smell of the city. Drunk ass, tainted ads, trash, bars, everything looked friendly to me. Everything was almost the same as where I came from and so much difference from Moscow .

Though I missed the final train to the hotel, I managed to take a taxi and the taxi driver was honest.

The taxi driver looked “moderate” but the car was Benz. It got to 80 km/h only in 2 secs .

This is how I crawled to this bed.

I’m now at a motel near the airport. The selling points of this motel was “Elevator” and “Openable window” but, unfortunately, my room is on the first floor.

I had fresh vegetables. Haven’t eaten that in about 9 months already.

Went out to the vending machine of the motel but I didn’t have change myself. The owner bought me a bottle of water for me. 2.2 Euro.

When I got out of the airport, the ground was wet. It’s just stopped raining seemingly. The air was not cold as I thought. It was even steamy and milky. Now, no matter how much I try, I can’t get a sore throat.

I’ll move by train after tomorrow. I’ll have some free time before the train comes. I’m thinking of sightseeing in this historic city. For the first, I’ll go to the Freud museum. (Geeeeek) He fled to London 1938.

Tonight, I can’t update news. but other good blogs have already posted. The headline is the empty “cold shutdown” declaration of Noda. Actually, it’s not Noda. He’s just a puppet, like Hilary or Obama. Some people want to sell nuclear so much, and they own IAEA, UN, USA, Japan, England, and so on.

This is just a beginning.

  1. Mochi san

    wow wow –
    I had pblm to read your wall

    what a good news wow –

    call me if you need help 06 8336 0994 Paris

    please let me know please let me know

    lot of kisses
    (from your swedish friend (smile)….

  2. congratulations
    on your new life, this is very good news.
    if you happen to be near Slovenia send me a email,i would be happy to help you if i can

    best wishes

    again sorry for my english

  3. Iori, I pray things go better wherever you end up, and when you need to move again (to Canada, cough cough), remember I will help you!!!

    Stay safe 🙂

    – Courtney

  4. Well~come to europe for sure 🙂

    what a nice travel you had – with lots of lucky twists and turns 😉 – you tried to delay but we wanted you to arrive!

    Sorry ’bout the bad weather but there’s currently a severe atlantic low (?) speeding over europe with warnings for britain and germany (don’t know french news).
    If you like to have a look at the current weather (2h timewindow) see: http://www.sat24.com/en/eu
    or forecast on: http://www.meteocentrale.ch/en/weather/weather-for-professionals/clouds-precipitation-film/europe.html

    How about taking a day off and enjoying your escape-survival?

    If you like I could post all my collected daily-links? – though it seems there’s been pretty much uprising today so that I go with Arnie Gundersen:

    “I actually think it’s going to blow up in their face” after declaring cold shutdown while nuclear cores still “extraordinarily hot”


    cheers ~ V

  5. Yahooooo! You made it over the wall, you’re alive! You make me want to do a little dance for freedom- 🙂 I am very happy for you.

  6. You must be relieved. Please let everyone know how things develop.

    Here is a Fukushima-related blog from Seoul (in English) that might interest you and others: thebrinydeep.wordpress.com.

  7. Fresh veggies!!–that’s got to be wonderful for you before the year is out!! (keep washing to be safe though) You will be fine and make new friends wherever you go! 🙂

  8. Welcome to the rest of your life1

    I hope you can remain in contact with all your Japanese friends that were unable to escape like you have.

    Each day is an adventure, savor every minute!

  9. Hi. Glad to here your journey progresses. Don’t loose your passport 🙂 Here is a link source for people to be able to relocate. It is to help people of Japan leave if they want. ‘Take care, stay safe, rest and enjoy the foods. Mary. ‘Fellowship for International Communities Listed by Country and State or Province’. http://directory.ic.org/iclist/geo.php

  10. Big hugs !

    Having recently left my country for one year on a sabbatical leave, I know how exhausting it really is. All the administration of belongings and all papers, registration,… is enormous, seemed endless. I had for the first time in my life my periods delayed of two weeks. Since I had no energy left, it didn’t surprise me. It was in August 2010.

    Now I’m too happy you have made it. Welcome to you and welcome to the Japanese who did this too. I hope you cross each other in a while.

    I remember arriving in the foreign country made all my senses open up. It was a very different country from mine. But the smelling, sounds, intensity of light,… made me strange feelings, comfortable feelings, but kind of an astonishment state. The funny thing is when I can back I felt again this strange adaptation feeling. I was not so sure if I was too much focusing on it, but when I went to the supermarket with my 8 year old kid, I saw it’s eyes as wide open as mine… senses opened up! And it took us at least three weeks to start really feeling again a little tuned in here.

    I think when we go on holiday, we do not engage at all full profound adaptation systems. So on holiday, what we can percieve of this feeling is not the hundredth of it.

    I believe tuning in another atmosphere just happens, depending of your purpose. Can’t be accelerated nor avoided. It’s just about of the wonderful means and ways of the expressions of life.

    On a practicle point of view, it’s just like if while working on your computer you have different programs turned on at the same time. So you can use this computer, but it’s slower for some activities, that’s all. Using more power and ressorces in slow underlying motion.

    But life is much more than this and drives nice coincidences, meeting all the wonders together… according to a sum of purposes…

    Best wishes dear and precious Mochizuchi

  11. Proposal : Go by some items for handcraft work you really like or make something nice with your photos or drawing, painting. A little artistic goal is very precious for everyone as well as physical movment. Make sure you have something like that each week.

    Yes we say that for kids and it’s the good reason why it’s good for adults!

    Au revoir et à bientôt
    Buenos Dias
    Have a nice day

  12. Dear Mochizuki-san

    I have followed your blog from the start.
    Thank you for your work with Fukushima Disaster. It is of great importance, not only at the present moment, but also in the future when people are trying to understand what happened.
    I hope you strength to carry on with it.

    I have spent a couple of last years learning different aspects of japanese mind society.

    Now, as you are moving from your japanese life to a new one, I thought you might find this useful:
    It is written by Osho, an indian professor of philosophy, who later became a spiritual guru.

    As far as I’ve seen, it is in general very difficult for Japanese to adjust to a non-Japanese culture.
    It’s not impossible, but you have to let many things die inside you. ( I say letting them die, but it is not a sad thing. It is just looking at reality absolutely truthfully. )
    Essentially, you have to forget about being a Japanese. If you manage to do this, you can see things more objectively.
    It is a difficult and often painful process, but stay brave.
    Don’t be afraid of going crazy or losing yourself. The craziness is a transition phase to greater sanity, and there is nothing to lose.

    Also, please take your time to adjust in the new environment. It takes time to adapt, don’t push yourself.
    If you feel like it, forget everything about Fukushima for some weeks.

    Have fun
    If there’s something I could help with, please contact me.

  13. Congratulations on the great escape!!! I live in the US near NYC so I doubt I can be of much help. I want you to remember a few things though. First, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE European women OMG! Second, don’t feel guilty for one second about leaving Japan. Those who are still there will be resentful of you because they don’t have the GUTS to leave that hellhole. Third, you are a brave warrior and an inspiration. Not many people do what you do!

    If for whatever reason, you come into NYC I can pick you up from JFK or EWR(Newark) and help you out. Only, we don’t have European women. 🙁 Just a shout out to those gorgeous Germans inside and out! Boy, that sounds bad. haha

  14. Dude (Mochi),

    What’s the ole saying, “Never give up.”

    Never give up!

    Fukushima is one big crime scene.

    There are many powerful forces (Dragon societies, elite elements of the U.S. military and intelligence services of various nations) at work as we speak identifying those inbred, satanic miscreants who committed this crime.

    These depraved creatures should be arrested and punished appropriately.
    Humanity will expect it. (The PRC method of punishment is quite swift. They should be applauded. The only problem is, why waste all that lead?
    The French had a much more efficient solution: The Guillotine.)

    (Re: Youtube – Max Keiser, Alex Jones, Benjamin Fulford, Bob Chapman, Jeff Rense, et al)


    The following article is on neutralizing the effects of radiation.

    “Brown’s Gas and Radioactivity”

    Link: http://www.eagle-research.com/cms/node/456

    Never give up!

  15. Some divine intervention gave you the guts to leave. Now there are new adventures. You were meant to leave. Remember that as you journey. Love and prayers.

  16. congrats on leaving! you are in a maybe slightly better feudal society now. 😉 really russia? visit or move? well, enjoy, and hope you have a great adventure!! will keep checking in. ty 4 doing the fd blog this year…otsukaresama…

  17. I have a slightly different perseption.

    Breath, lett the place gett into you. And the realy best part is the “ingognito”, the oportunety to be your true self.
    In a/any European city, you are brand new, use it, use the fact that for maybe the first time in your life, you can start to defind your self and live acordingly on a New place.

    Racism, hell I have problems in my country because of my dialect, not my apearance.

    A fresh start, is always a challange, but also freedom.

    PS: dont underetstemate the gutt fealings we all have from time to time, it can also be usefull. Are the fealings bad, leave the site/place/people imidiatly. My only advise to our Teenagergirl when she left for a roundabout in Europa for the first time in her life, and had to rely on her own judgments. Stomacs are wery uselfull, sometimes.

    Eat, drink and madicate your self, first.
    And I bet that in almouts all of the bigg citys in Europa have a/many Japanes meetingplaces or forums.
    Check them out and maybe they can provide help.


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