I was called Jackie Chan 3 times in Austria.

It took me almost 24 hours to move from Austria to the new nest. I better not tell where the nest is on the blog, for the security of me, and moreover, for my host family.

I changed the trains for couple of times but I’m sure it was worthwhile.

I like European because they think much of privacy. In this meaning, I should have come to Europe sooner.

People in Germany and France are almost like Japanese but men are more emotional and expressive.
On the other hand, the women are less emotional and expressive.

Soon as I got out of the hotel in Austria I got lost – lol – and got headache from the cold wind.
I don’t know how I managed to get to the station, but anyway, I crawled to the main station and took the right train.

Stations, towns, everything was so different from what I am used to seeing. Less shops, less people, nobody checks my tickets, but can use credit card wherever I go.

I wanted to go sightseeing in Austria for a bit more but because I took too much time on changing the trains and it started snowing, I only visited a few museums but it was so much fun.

I didn’t have so much free time since I left there. Only train, train, and train. I have seen only 1 Japanese guy in Germany and a few Asians. I have never seen so many “gaijins” in my life. lol

The color of “blonde” differs from country to country. It was interesting.
In Austria, it looked almost white but in Paris it was more yellowish. In Germany, I saw some people with red hair.

The person in the same compartment was very fluent in English and knows much about trains. I was really helped.

In Paris, I stupidly tried to move from Est to Lyon by metro. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew there was least elevator and escalator.

I missed some stations because I didn’t know that I had to open the door by myself. lol
Same as in Austria. I didn’t even know how to get on the train. I was too spoiled in Japan. lol

But still subway is less complicated than in Tokyo, I managed to get to Lyon.

The train from Paris was so comfortable. The only thing is, some European never stop talkin on the train. I think I slept better if they were a bit more quiet.

Found a graveyard near the airport, so different from Japanese Buddhist graveyards.

Car drives on the opposite side.lol

so empty !

Bad Santas.

Got off the first train. 22:30. Almost 24 hours since I arrived at Europe. super cold.

Getting to my new mother land early in the morning. look so cold outside, but they say, it looks like Autumn.

My high school teacher used to tell he’s traveled around in Europe by train. The train has a lot of compartments and you sleep in each compartment. I have never thought I would do the same thing because of radiation.

Good morning.

Cold, early in the morning. The train on the left side is what I slept in.

From the front.

I have never thought I would be in here in my life. From here, my metro panic started.

Go South. It’s getting to look more colorful.


Train went in the rainbow.

    1. Talking about the health, we are living directly in a radiation hotspot in Japan, and i have seen no one single person, to have more health problems, than usual season cough. Me, my family – everybody in healthy and full of energy. I am definitely sure, it was not the radiation, but his state of mind…if somebody says, he is gonna get contaminated from slip in hotel, there is no doubt, there is something wrong – just definitely not with the slip…As you can read in this part – he got headache – but this time it was from cold wind outside – i am more sure, in Japan he would say it`s from radiation…that`s because everything he got was caused by his mind and not radiation. But he got much more sympathy and support to write it in that way, so I have to say this guy is not stupid and fooled everybody perfectly:-). BTW, air and water in Europe is much more polluted, than in Japan. Don`t forget, that fossil fuel power plants produce more radiation from the waste then pure nukes…not talking about hundreds of thousands of dead from the CO2 pollution every year…how many do die every year from radiation?

      1. FINE… from your message, I understand you never support or donate for this blog, so in the name of what are you interferring?

        Well then what’s the point ? Pollution of Europe ? Remember that Japan uses now a lot of oil power plants too, to provide you daily electricity, producing by the same way large amounts of CO2 and particles you will breath too, in addition of radioactives ones.

        Perhaps the real fact is just that you don’t bore others believe in a different way of yours…

        I suggest you to find out the real data from Hiroshima and Nagasaki fallouts (they were never communicate to Japanese people) and perhaps meet those people you negate even the existence, the pariahs of a wonderful technological world; and why not a trip in Chernobyl region, the radiations are so insignificant there that authorities organise tours and housings, but I don’t know if they dare organise children hospitals and orphanages visits as well (there you should see how harmless radiations are).

        So, let me wish you to enjoy your sushis and deeply breath to celebrate next spring, it will be full of radioactive pollens… but never mind, as the chosen ones (with a very very good state of mind), you will risk nothing, will you ?

  1. Remember not publishing pictures around the place where you will stay if you value your anonymity. Already, from some of the pictures (in the train station) one can infer how tall you are. 🙂

    1. Some eastern European country ,because it’s cheap. I only need 2 m2 space ,ok food ,and the internet.

      1. @Mochizuki
        Well, I live in the Netherlands, just a few kilometers over the German border. I can provide a temporarily home, if you are interested, just send an e-mail.

  2. been there throughout the 90s not since always at every station there would lots of JP women tourists. Most spoke English and I am also good understanding of English. took that Xpress change from Paris to Lyon, it was scary waiting or it back to Paris watching trains go by at 200++

  3. Hi Mochizuki-san,

    Glad to hear that you’re in Europe now, and you’re liking it so far!

    I really admire your guts, Mochizuki-san.

    I live in a country just across the channel from where I think you are.
    Do feel free to contact me via e-mail, as I might be of any help to you. (btw, my mother tongue is Japanese)

    Hope everything goes well! and don’t forget to wrap up warm!!

  4. You sound happy and relaxed now despite the fact that everything is alien to you. I am glad that you had the courage and strength of character to believe in yourself and your instincts. It must have been so difficult to go against the opinions and attitudes of friends and family. You have done what is right for you and your health. I admire you greatly and have an ongoing appreciation for your dedication to this informative blog.

  5. Congratulations

    And there are some news of the USA and Japan.
    Glad you’re out of all of this.
    Good lick from Canada.

    14,000 additional deaths in the U.S. linked to radioactive fallout from Fukushima



  6. Nice adventure. Remember to try to start eating things that celate the heavy metals (radiation) and take it out of you. Things like brown seaweed kelp extract, cilantro, chlorella (not from Japan), bentonite or zeolite, apples, miso soup, etc. Stay on that kind of a regiment for at least a year. Breath a lot of clean air there too, like with daily walking. Take epson salt and baking soda baths too. Good luck.

  7. Yes, take care of yourself! But, remember, we’re still getting a small dosage throughout the N. Hemisphere. It might help to go to a NO dosage place initially, so your organs, especially your liver, can catch up on the filtering process with nothing new added!… That’s the philosophy of detoxification, anyway. Unload before you can reload!…

  8. Hi Mochizuki,
    I’m happy to know you’re in Europe now…..I’m in Germany, I can assure you it’s going to be warmer for Christmas.
    I hope you get some rest and can adjust to your new home! Please keep us updated – we are interested to hear what you’re up to!

    You made a good and brave choice. Welcome to Europe 🙂

  9. Come to Britain, it’s great here! OK, the weather’s terrible and our public transport is horrible but we’ve got so many different races that you’re unlikely to run into problems, free health care (visitors may need to kick something in though) and we drive on the same side of the road too! If you like the countryside it’s especially good outside of London, and if for some reason you like dirty, claustrophobic cities full of weirdoes and crazed police, then London’s good for that too! We cover all bases! 😀

  10. a bit confusing where your “ultimate arrival” will be…a pity that it seems quite that austria was only a temporary station (alltough still surprised about it..)as i live in austria (vienna to be more precise) so it would have been interesting to meet in person..perhaps also to “help out” a bit in whatever form. its not a new discovery that only few japanese are escaping from their land, as the “otaku culture” (not only..an entire industry which relies on them) can never abandon their material goods..(besides the usual reasons: money,family,friends,etc,)of course its not in the official interest of “japan” as it would become a sort of “ghost”-country…actually a small island part of japan called “Gunkanjima” is in this state since around 1974,a sign of the present but perhaps(??) also the future..
    from a german site:
    “sie ist ein Symbol für die Vergänglichkeit der von Menschenhand geschaffenen Dinge sowie ein Symbol der Industrialisierung Japans.” roughly translated: Its a symbol of transcience by man created things, as well as the industrialization of japan

  11. Mochizuki-san, I’m happy for you & it’s a relief to hear you say the sore throat that plagued you is gone. I envy you in a way for being able to leave your homeland & walk away from everything that kept you stuck there for nine months knowing that time “may” still have put your ultimate fate into motion,albeit on a long,slow-burning “fuse”-the keywords being “may have”. For me,the only long,adventurous journey through strange lands & sights will be in the afterlife!!lol! But you did it! I’m suspicious of the poster of the comment that sounded like either a struggling Japanese travel agent trying to promote tourism to Japan,or a cheerleader for the nuclear industry-maybe both!!lol!Either way they sound nervous about the prospect of your intelligent decision to leave might be contagious & scores of young,intelligent hibakusha might follow suit & break free from the corporate enslavement they’d otherwise spend their now “abbreviated” lives there criticizing those who choose to at least attempt to extend their lives and/or at least not feel like they’re bound by honor to live in a toxic environment as an experimental test subject for a truly grotesque industry!What a relief it must be to eat,sleep and feel the illusion of freedom again-far better than the anxiety of living in a place that has a government that takes no protective action for its people & has no remorse for allowing innocent young children to die as long as their own ambitions are fulfilled?!!The person from Chiba will keep telling themselves,their children,co-workers,etc. that they are healthy and when sickened that it’s “the weather”or anything else EXCEPT Fukushima radiation,domestic food products & water supply-but one day in the not too distant future-they won’t be able to “smile away” the radiation sickness or explain away the symptoms by bullshitting themselves & that person will have to live with themselves if they were to know that someone else who might’ve done the same thing you bravely & wisely chose to do under the circumstances,& they will be as responsible for the rest of the long list of guilty parties from TEPCO,Govt. of Japan,G.E./Toshiba,NISA,METI,the US Govt.,NRC,etc.,etc.,etc. for their part in the death(s)!! Positive thinking,Detoxifying/Chelating,healthy(er) food,water & lifestyles is great! But first one has to get the hell away from the ongoing source of radioactive releases before anything else can have a chance of working to cleanse the body,mind & spirit-you’re on the right track my friend & I wish you Good Health & the Best of Luck in your new home & life!Congratulations & Happy Holidays to you!! 🙂 ~PEACE~

  12. That was funny about Austrians saying you look like Jackie Chan Well, here’s someone from the West Coast USA who says you look like Harry Potter, for sure! You are fighting evil propagandists and dependent social mindsets to tell the truth about ionizing radiation. Uncovering the biggest lie of the last century that nuclear energy is ‘safe’ and ‘efficient’ to provide energy for the entire world is imperative for our future survival. Many people do not understand this threat but they will in the next 10 years when the Japanese kids to teens, old people, and damaged pregnant women become obviously sick and impaired, when lung, skin, and intestine problems show up on the U.S. West Coast, and masses of disabled and dying marine animals show up beached all over the Pacific Ocean. It takes strength of character to be truthful in the face of global denial, your family, and your cultural heritage. You may not know it but you are a hero to many people for taking a stand. Your adventure is very exciting as it is truthful!

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