I was called Jackie Chan 3 times in Austria.

It took me almost 24 hours to move from Austria to the new nest. I better not tell where the nest is on the blog, for the security of me, and moreover, for my host family.

I changed the trains for couple of times but I’m sure it was worthwhile.

I like European because they think much of privacy. In this meaning, I should have come to Europe sooner.

People in Germany and France are almost like Japanese but men are more emotional and expressive.
On the other hand, the women are less emotional and expressive.

Soon as I got out of the hotel in Austria I got lost – lol – and got headache from the cold wind.
I don’t know how I managed to get to the station, but anyway, I crawled to the main station and took the right train.

Stations, towns, everything was so different from what I am used to seeing. Less shops, less people, nobody checks my tickets, but can use credit card wherever I go.

I wanted to go sightseeing in Austria for a bit more but because I took too much time on changing the trains and it started snowing, I only visited a few museums but it was so much fun.

I didn’t have so much free time since I left there. Only train, train, and train. I have seen only 1 Japanese guy in Germany and a few Asians. I have never seen so many “gaijins” in my life. lol

The color of “blonde” differs from country to country. It was interesting.
In Austria, it looked almost white but in Paris it was more yellowish. In Germany, I saw some people with red hair.

The person in the same compartment was very fluent in English and knows much about trains. I was really helped.

In Paris, I stupidly tried to move from Est to Lyon by metro. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew there was least elevator and escalator.

I missed some stations because I didn’t know that I had to open the door by myself. lol
Same as in Austria. I didn’t even know how to get on the train. I was too spoiled in Japan. lol

But still subway is less complicated than in Tokyo, I managed to get to Lyon.

The train from Paris was so comfortable. The only thing is, some European never stop talkin on the train. I think I slept better if they were a bit more quiet.

Found a graveyard near the airport, so different from Japanese Buddhist graveyards.

Car drives on the opposite side.lol

so empty !

Bad Santas.

Got off the first train. 22:30. Almost 24 hours since I arrived at Europe. super cold.

Getting to my new mother land early in the morning. look so cold outside, but they say, it looks like Autumn.

My high school teacher used to tell he’s traveled around in Europe by train. The train has a lot of compartments and you sleep in each compartment. I have never thought I would do the same thing because of radiation.

Good morning.

Cold, early in the morning. The train on the left side is what I slept in.

From the front.

I have never thought I would be in here in my life. From here, my metro panic started.

Go South. It’s getting to look more colorful.


Train went in the rainbow.

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