School can’t kill students enough

Following up this article

The rice distributer Kenbeimiyagi association is going to receive administrative punishment for selling Fukushima rice as Miyagi rice .

Having this issue ,Miyagi school lunch association decided to cancel their contract with Kenbeimiyagi by the end of November. Kenbeimiyagi withdraw from the contract on 11/21/2011 spontaneously. However,the association let Kenbeimiyagi supply school lunch or catering services with rice even after canceling the contract.

As a result ,this false company ,Kenbeimiyagi kept supplying school lunch with rice from 11/21~11/30/2011.
School lunch association did not conduct any measurement for the rice supplied from 11/21~11/30/2011.

Today ,another batch of rice from Fukushima turned out to excess their safety limit ,500 Bq/kg.
A citizen brought the sample from Nihonmatsu shi to a lab and they measured excessive amount of radiation from the sample several times.
In the prefectural test of September ,rice from this area had passed their “test” so it has already leaked to the market. (Source)

In short ,Fukushima rice must be banned to sell.

Additionally ,11/18/2011 ,they measured 17.9 Bq/ kg of cesium from milk served for lunch at a nursery school in Chiyodaku Tokyo.


From looking back Chernobyl ,milk is the worst thing to have after nuclear accident. Also ,not to mention,Fukushima rice is contaminate for 100 % sure.

If parents want to save their children,they should stop having them going to school otherwise they will kill your kids by ignorance of teachers,and school administrators.

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