The Nuclear Agency manipulated testimony of Fukushima workers

Although 8 actual Fukushima workers, including former chief Yoshida, stated that the main steam isolation valves were closed when the 3/11 tsunami hit Reactor 1, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) recoded it as “It is unknown that main steam isolation valves were closed or not.” at the request of Tepco’s head office.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency made the report about the Fukushima accident in August and published it in September. They manipulated the testimony from August.

In August, 8 Fukushima workers testified that two valves were closed when they were question about the emergency condensers when tsunami hit the reactor 1. However, the head office of Tepco required The Nuclear Agency to record “The state of the valves were unknown”, the Nuclear Agency acquiesced to their “request” and made the false report about the accident.

The Nuclear Agency explains that they investigated on the assumption of that they will not disclose the report. They valued the request of Tepco.

There are 20 parts censored/redacted on their report too. The Nuclear Agency again said that it is at the request of Tepco.


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