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Prof Hayakawa from Gunma university got served a written warning by the president of Gunma university.

Though Gunma university is almost meaningless for the world ,Prof Hayakawa has been doing the great job by making the detailed radiation map.

He is an expert of volcanic ash. He used his knowledge ,he estimated the flow of the plume and made the map which is more accurate than the one of the government.

He also warned about eating vegetables from eastern Japan based on his own map ,which is very rational.

Stakeholder of the farmers or Tepco complained to Gunma university and had the president warn Prof Hayakawa.
It’s becoming harder and harder to tell the truth. (Source)



Our university is a national university run by government’s tax. However,Prof Hayakawa’s comments on the internet have been hurting Fukushima people or farmers. It violates the employment regulation not to damage the name recognition of Gunma university. We expect you to refrain yourself on the internet.
If you repeat this kind of inappropriate speech ,we will take any disciplinary action against you.


  1. truth will win in the end. THANK YOU to people like Prof Hayakawa. a person of honor hopefully. I LOVE YOU.

  2. WOW this is just plain crazyness. The main culprit is Tepco plus the japanese governmemt and not a Professor who is doing some research on the fallout.

    1. You know that is the thing I most dislike about the japanese culture. Hammer down the nail that stands out. Even if the nail is speaking the truth.

  3. Yet more Japanese media control from the Government!

    So much for free speech in Japan!

    What ever happened to the Manager of the Fukushima site that was “put in the hospital” by TEPCO who was talking out of school!

    Maybe some Japanese readers can find out if he is OK or being kept under sedation to shut him up by TEPCO!

    Good Luck Japan!

    Seen this:
    or this
    or this

  4. Japan you will have to fight your corrupt and insane government and its corporate attack dog Tepco. They are working for the Great Shaitan. Shaitan=titan. They are too big to fail, to big to be wrong. They are titans of Tokyo and Honshu, this is Tokyo POWER baby destroying the whole nation for nothing. They rule Honshu dictating to the people while causing their overt mutation and depopulation. They are stealing Japan right out from under the feet of the Japanese. You poor unfortunates need to learn to overthrow something that insane and evil. You need some giant Komatsu to take a dump of some good Japanese volcanic sand right ontop of Daiichi. Once you take a big dump on Tepco and your government too and bury all that phony crap you will feel so much better about things.

  5. Edmund Burke once said “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    Kudos to good men like Prof Hayakawa and the editor Mr Iori Mochizuki and his support team at Fukushima Diary who are here to ensure that evil does not triumph in Japan.

    Let the truth be known to all.

  6. Infant mortality is climbing in the US. Can we as humans ever gain some consciousness of what we as a species are giving away in tacit consent to Tepco by not speaking up, by allowing Tepco to keep a meltdown open and spewing? Can’t we politically in protest and demonstrations force them to entomb this entire site to stop the releases? This is urgent. Is there really no political will in Japan to save itself from annihilation from the Daiichi nuclear steambath? No shame for nuking the rest of us downwind? Our patience is UP already in places getting hit by Fukushima radiation.
    ACT to entomb Daiichi rapidly, Japan. We are downwind of you throughout the world. The rainouts in North America have been pretty horrendous with people getting skin rashes from exposure to rainwater. Follow the citizen videos on Japan bears a big responsibility for this disaster in not swiftly burying the meltdowns which they knew very well were occurring with the high temp data and other phenomena confirming the reality, as if hydrogen explosions of the plutonium reactor did not give Tepco some little clue. The entire site is highly contaminated and needs to be buried deeply under sand and large aggregate with possibly a cap later on, used in the Marshall Islands devastation. Nothing else will work and is a complete waste of time. Pumping water in is a fiasco and helps sustain prompt criticalities. How much fuel has melted as of now?
    It is criminal that officials have lied to Japanese and not performed the only remedies known to swiftly end meltdowns, which eventually will have to be used anyway as the site cannot be remediated, only buried. Tepco will never regain control there using the absurd treatments they have so far come up with. I believe they are not even serious and just putting on space suits for money. They are all walking zombies from the radiation apparently and disappearing fast with rashes breaking out. The radiation level at the site is so frikking high it is offscale.
    Entombment will be too late for many I guess. Tepco really hosed Japan, that’s for sure. Daiichi needs to be buried as soon as possible…as deeply down under a big pile as possible.

  7. He do the right and published this Letter,
    this is consequent and much more honorable than to run away!

    I really hope for Japon that they are able to change this,
    there is too much obedience and not enough Responsibility!

    1. Great Comment!
      But will the Japanese people demand change or just bow to TEPCO’s version of fate?

  8. I teach at many colleges in Tokyo area and wrote an academic type paper a few months ago that one college rejected because broaching the nuclear issue is considered too “sensitive”. What balderdash and cowardice. The article in Spiegel online sometime ago was excellent, I think it was called Japan’s Nuclear Cartel, it outlined the tight grip of censorship and control TEPCO has over most important organs of power in the country. SHUT UP AND EAT!!! The worst problem in Japan is self censorship and denial. When I broach the topic with students they don’t want to talk about it or acknowledge that they are eating radioactive food. One student is giving a presentation about Acid Rain regarding the issue that occurred thirty years ago in Germany! I said why don’t you do something on radiation issues here and now? He just stuttered and couldn’t answer!!!

  9. Everyone of us that seeks truth about Japan is part of the problem. Why are we not forming groups to get out the word? By now it is apparent that world govts are knowing and waiting for the right time to announce the end of the world. Each one of us needs to start shouting the truth and not stop until they haul us away. Who will rule when 95% of the people on the earth are dead? Is this the reason for the Camps and caskets that have been prepared? We had better get some backbone and “Lets Roll”.

  10. We may be able to save some children. At least this 70 year old can die telling the truth and not be a sheeple.

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  12. It is very well known in Europe and the US that nuclear energy can not exist without the suppression of free speech. It is a hard fate that awaits Japan in the coming years: the loss of lives (most thrugh the earthquake and tsunami for now, due to radiation in the more distant future only) and to the degree that the disaster becomes apparent free speech and civil rights will have to be curtailed. It is high time your monarch spoke up as he did after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  13. 12~17~5993 Happy Hanukkah!
    Thank you Prof. Hayakawa for sharing your truth!
    Taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Boron capsules will help clear our bodies of the bad effects of radiation. Sadly, we will have MORE to deal with shortly from Russia and Iran (Persia),Ezekiel 38,39, Psalm 91 (Same event at same time on one of Yahweh’s Appointed Days. The next one is the New Moon on Xmas, 2011!) Be saved in the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua)to survive forever! Revelation 14:1 Yahshua is returning SOON and no New World Order can stop Him! HalleluYah!
    This ancient Hebrew word means, “Praise ye Yah!”.

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