Settlement report 5/25/2012

Donation : 14.50USD

Expense : 9.60USD

Left in hat : 4.90USD


Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost)

Current total : 2,106.40 USD

To go : 893.60USD


Thank you for your donation as always. Today, (25th of every month) is a pay day of many of the Japanese companies. Mine was too.


Anyway, I’m pretty much aware that there are a lot of flaws in FD. The category is random, tabs are not quite accurate, this report is sent by FEED etc.. That’s all because it grew too fast. We did not know how it was going to be, we had no chance to adjust the skin etc.. Now we are trying to transfer the server, so we can arrange the pages, tabs and whatever. Please hold on.


Today Japanese journalists will enter Fukushima plants again. Last time, Mr. Iwakami was irradiated and he’s still suffering from diarrhea, fever, fatigue etc.. This time other staff of his company is going to enter. I really hope they will be ok..



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