Mission accomplished and the list of the missing nuclear workers

JP PM Noda is supposed to declare the accomplishment of Step 2 tomorrow. They managed a cold shut down supposedly, though there are no intact container vessels.

Anyway, there are 840 “missing” workers officially. Tepco is trying to look like they are looking for them and they published a list of 13 of them for some reason.

Tepco says they want to know the internal exposure dose of them.

Two of them are not listed even their Kanji names. It reveals the fact that they had no intention to manage the workers properly from the first place.

Tepco announced they even visited the registered addresses of them but they couldn’t find. We don’t know what they will do if they know the internal exposure dose of them somehow.

The 13 workers were in the plant from March to June at least.


Also, they finally announced that they stocked “low” level of radioactive materials in 174,000 drum cans at Fukushima site but that 1210 of them fell down because of the earthquake. 32 of them were opened but they say it is safe for some reason.



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