Escape plan 12/15/2011

Leaving the apt finally – I got on the train to the airport.

Now I’m homeless so staying at a hotel in Chiba.

Leaving the apt was a little sad and made me a little nervous too.

I still feel like my home is there, but not actually.

I don’t really have good memories there – but it was absolutely a turning point of my life.

I’m in Chiba now where is famous to be a hotspot.

Obviously it’s irradiated.

Soon as I came here I got fatigue, muscle pain, stuffed nose, sore eyes and headache.

I can’t believe people are still living here. I want to fly away from here soon as possible.

Though this is the main airport of Japan, I have hardly seen any Europeans nor Americans.

I only saw 2 groups of Chinese. They were actually nice.

I learnt how to get disguised like a tourist and Kung-fu. lol

I’m staying at a Hilton class of a hotel but, believe it or not, it was only 3,300 JPY for one night.

I’m on the 6th floor now but there are only 2 people on this floor, including me.

It’s like a ghost hotel.

I don’t think I’ll come back to here. I want to use my slippers in the room but try not to use them because of possible contamination.

Though I’m leaving I’m aware that I’m going to die of cancer sooner than average.

I could have evacuated temporarily in March but I thought temporary evacuation won’t solve anything in this situation.

So I paid the tax of 9 months of exposure for a better chance but the “tax” will eat me up in decades.

Yet, better than staying here.

I’m telling you this because you’ll be in my shoes before you know.


  1. Iori kun,you re leaving? Otsukaresama desu.
    Narita s hilton is big , empty and cheap (I paid 9900Y) 3-4yrs ago.
    There s somewhere bettet for you, good luck and take care.

  2. French translation by Jeep
    Good luck

    J’ai enfin quitté l’appartement – j’ai pris le train pour l’aéroport.

    Maintenant, je suis sans-abri aussi je séjourne dans un hôtel à Chiba.

    Laisser l’appartement était un peu triste et m’a rendu un peu nerveux aussi.

    J’ai l’impression que c’est encore mon chez moi, mais pas vraiment.

    Je n’ai pas vraiment de bons souvenirs de là-bas – mais c’était absolument un tournant de ma vie.

    Je suis à Chiba maintenant qui est connu pour être un hotspot.

    Evidemment, c’est irradié.

    Dès que je suis venu ici j’ai eu de la fatigue, des douleurs musculaires, le nez bouché, des maux d’yeux et des maux de tête.

    Je ne peux pas croire que les gens vivent encore ici. Je veux voler loin d’ici, dès que possible.

    Bien que ce soit le principal aéroport du Japon, je n’ai guère vu d’Européens ni d’Américains.

    Je n’ai vu que deux groupes de Chinois. Ils étaient vraiment sympas.

    J’ai appris comment me déguiser comme un touriste et un Kung-fu. lol

    Je loge dans un hôtel de classe Hilton, mais, croyez-le ou non, il est à 3300 JPY la nuit.

    Je suis au 6ème étage aujourd’hui mais il y a seulement deux personnes à cet étage, moi compris.

    C’est comme un hôtel fantôme.

    Je ne pense pas que je reviendrai ici. Je voulais utiliser mes pantoufles dans ma chambre mais je ne les ai pas utilisées à cause de la contamination possible

    J’aurais pu évacuer temporairement en mars mais j’ai pensé qu’une évacuation temporaire ne résoudrait pas le problème.

    J’ai donc payé le tribut de 9 mois d’exposition pour une meilleure chance mais la taxe me mangera dans des décennies.

    De toute façon, c’est mieux que de rester ici.
    Je vous dis cela parce que vous serez dans mon cas avant que vous ne vous en rendiez compte.

    Faites attention à vous.

  3. You can detox yourself with clays. I know the situation seems hopeless but a positive mental attitude IS key. Taking charge of your own health is also key. There are many herbs and methods of detoxification to make you feel better than ever. Best of all this is inexpensive, not like a “real doctor” who is going to prescribe more radiation for your tumors anyway. Madness. Keep in touch an keep us informed of what’s happening to those who stay.

    1. And don’t forget vitamin C. 2:1 ascorbic acid:bioflavinoids at around 2000-3000 mg/day should help.

      It certainly doesn’t make you radiation-proof but it’s better than nothing.

  4. You better have a good respirator mask for your flight. I had symptoms I’ve never had before in my life after a 3 hour flight in April ’11. Always go for prevention! It’s like you now have to reduce the toxic load you’ve taken on and everything counts to that end!!

  5. I am so, so glad you are leaving, I cannot express it. I know you will be healthier somewhere else.

    But I was very sad to see you write, “Though I’m leaving I’m aware that I’m going to die of cancer sooner than average.”

    Do not accept this. We do not know the future. Resolve to do the best job you can to take care of your health, to get the radiation out of your body, to build up your system to fight of any disease that tries to start. There is no reason to be certain you will fail.

    You are doing the #1 most important thing to do in a radiation contamination situation – getting out of the contamination. Next stage is detox and recovery by having fresh air, fresh water, daily exercise, and lots of good, healthy veggies. Hopelessness is not a part of this. Nobody guarantees you cannot be healthy and live to be a very old, wise, and happy man. Be strong, Mochizuki, and look forward to a bright and long future ahead! You do not know yet what joys lie around the corner for you…

  6. Godspeed, Mochizuki-San.

    I myself far away of Japan was quite worried but not enough to spend my war treasury in march. I started spending on detoxifiers and blockers only in june and more seriously in september.
    Actually many supplements can be dangerous themselves – you never know. I suspect a Chlorella supplement purportedly from Finland to have been grown in a country badly contaminated from Chernobyl. Caused me a nasty herpes. Trying to find out the date of production is a good startegy to a certain extent. But things are far from ideal.

    Sometimes I indulge in meat despite Ce 137. And I almost think I can feel it. I try to stay away bravely from milk.

    I hope the doctors who checked my blood didn’t hide anything from me.

    Take care. And fly away.

    Sometimes the retreat requires courage and strength much more than any effort to stand and die meaninglessly on your position.

  7. Good luck – but remember:it’s a nuclear world now. Leaks in Korea reported this week and earlier, leaks in the US, leaks in UK, leaks in Sweden with a radioactive cloud over Europe detected by AIEA, probably more leaks in Chernobyl and France.

  8. We know it’s scary.

    It’s always hard to leave a home. Future is uncertain: there might be financial problems, cultural problems, paper problems, loneliness…

    But you are now a grown-up man and you have made the right decision. This IS responsibility: you’re not willing to be abused because of other people’s lies and foolishness. You also don’t want Japanese children to be abused. That is an honorable man’s decision. Don’t be ashamed; be proud.

    Listen: If there is a problem at the airport (there won’t be, but you should know), or if you are stuck in Japan in the future, remember that there is a ferry to Korea. Flying isn’t the only way out, you can also take a boat.

    Don’t worry so much about death. It will come to all of us. Young people die too — in accidents, or in wars, or of diseases.

    Instead, try to live a happy life, without a lot of pain, and continue your fight for the Japanese people and children.

    Who knows? Maybe in twenty years there will be a lot of Japanese children in some country in Europe or South America and you will be their teacher of the Japanese language, preserving your culture and tradition. That would be wonderful.

    Best of luck and much love from many of us.

  9. Yo Mochizuki-san,

    Keeping your spirits up and a positive mental attitude is key to staying healthy. Plus anyway it’s pointless to worry about what will happen to you in a few decades…might as well not be living at all!!

    Take care…you’re nearly there.

  10. It’s great that you are able to leave and protect yourself. A high-quality zeolite supplement can help remove the radioactive particles from your body and prevent development of cancer. Chorella can also help. Good luck.

  11. You didn’t have a home in Tokyo, you had a grave.

    You had the courage to stop, and go.

    after tomorrow it gets better.

  12. Best of luck to you, you’ll get better, I hope! Unfortunately some of my j-friends are hopelessly drinking the propaganda koolaid and won’t move. I guess most of them.

    Can you go to Kansai? It’s not much warmer, and they have nukes too. Maybe south america 😀 That’s where Prez Bush went after all! The Aztec gold has moved down there too!

  13. God bless you on your journey yes you can detox! go on the internet and search! never give up! i was there it was so hard for me to leave i love japan. ill be back a few days in a month or so but that journey for me is over, please do not give up i will pray for you

  14. Mochizuki san.

    Cheer up man. You are not dead or dying. You made a wise choice and moved. Life is exciting and a bit scary at times but you are young and you are wise and you can surely make the most of a bad situation and over come all obstacles. Do not let your mind go into a space of negative energy.

    Just by getting away from the danger zone will cause your spirit and mind to elevate to a higher level of awareness.You are important to this present reality because you have spoken the truth as you recognize it and you are speaking and taking right action. This will strengthen you and always be mindful Truth always triumphs over lies and liars. You have exposed much and you can count on yourself being blessed so take heart, cheer up and continue your important mission with out ceasing and expect miracles and you will have them manifest in your life. doubt not, only believe.

    Do not give in to fear or worry. have faith in yourself and in the higher powers that have been with you in this mission from the beginning. You are not alone and never will be. Believe that as fact and watch what happens.

    All the best to you and much respect and love is flowing your way from all those who are being enlightened by your work.

    Respectfully, Your friend in spirit and truth.

  15. Mochizuki-san, Chris (above) is on the right track. For starters, look up rosemary as a herb for detoxing. It’s the kind of thing you won’t hear mentioned by those trying to make a buck out of the situation.

  16. Mochizuki-san, Don’t be such a grump. Don’t you know how delicious the food is in Tohoku? Today, in Sydney, on a late morning tv news programme hosted by a glamorous, sincere lady,the delicious soba and wasabi traditions of Date were introduced. For the Date coverage, a sensitive, cultured foreign male was featured experiencing the fine food traditions offered by the region. He demonstrated to the viewers how you should suck up the soba noodles for longevity. He sampled every variety of exotic wasabi-flavored foods that Date can offer. If you go to Date and suck up the soba, you will live a long, healthy life. This is correct information.

  17. 望月さん、どうぞ新しい地で新鮮な空気の元で生気を養ってください。

  18. So you have escaped Japan… Perhaps it was good timing. I wonder what a hydrovolcanic explosion can do in these circumstances… It’s a good thing you’re not around to find out.

    Good luck in your new home. I realize it’s going to be quite an adjustment to the climate, the people, places and its history. It won’t be the same. You sound like you could use some adventure in camping in the countryside, wherever you are.

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