Escape plan 12/15/2011

Leaving the apt finally – I got on the train to the airport.

Now I’m homeless so staying at a hotel in Chiba.

Leaving the apt was a little sad and made me a little nervous too.

I still feel like my home is there, but not actually.

I don’t really have good memories there – but it was absolutely a turning point of my life.

I’m in Chiba now where is famous to be a hotspot.

Obviously it’s irradiated.

Soon as I came here I got fatigue, muscle pain, stuffed nose, sore eyes and headache.

I can’t believe people are still living here. I want to fly away from here soon as possible.

Though this is the main airport of Japan, I have hardly seen any Europeans nor Americans.

I only saw 2 groups of Chinese. They were actually nice.

I learnt how to get disguised like a tourist and Kung-fu. lol

I’m staying at a Hilton class of a hotel but, believe it or not, it was only 3,300 JPY for one night.

I’m on the 6th floor now but there are only 2 people on this floor, including me.

It’s like a ghost hotel.

I don’t think I’ll come back to here. I want to use my slippers in the room but try not to use them because of possible contamination.

Though I’m leaving I’m aware that I’m going to die of cancer sooner than average.

I could have evacuated temporarily in March but I thought temporary evacuation won’t solve anything in this situation.

So I paid the tax of 9 months of exposure for a better chance but the “tax” will eat me up in decades.

Yet, better than staying here.

I’m telling you this because you’ll be in my shoes before you know.


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