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Submitted on 2011/12/04 at 5:39 pm
I think the people who believe this fukoshima diary mainstream line of thought can be classified as believers of well packed nonsense.

This diary is putting you on you wrong leg. It is scientifically unsound.

Some people would simply say

Liars or creators of nice humbug.

Although this article is fun. One potato is found like this (even bigger) in Colombia this week. Can the given theory in this article explain this? There is no extreme radiation or even nuclear technology in Colombia ? Or am I spoiling your game mr site moderator?

I find it ironic that I focus on pointless comments than more meaningful comments but I do want you to know I read all of your messages and I learn a lot from your information.

I often receive this kind of message.

What I can not understand at all is “scientifically unsound”.

I post articles like 200 tons of highly radioactive water leaked etc.. It has nothing to do with science.

I sometimes read comments like “You make up articles. You are baseless”.

I want to recommend those people to check the bottom of each article. I put “source” at every post.

I honestly think: “Are you ok?”

Anyway, my escape plan is going ok so far. Now I’m making backup plans in case I’m caught at an airplane. Since the time i visited an embassy, I gave up trusting any of them.

However, I receive donations from a lot of the people and I did notice some of them are corporation or incubator in Canada etc..
I wonder if I could post who donated how much.

This is purely from my appreciation.
The only thing I could give you is to let yourself believe you did the right thing for the truth.
I thought you may feel it even stronger if you find your name, company name, and how much you donated.

I won’t disclose everything of course. That’s our privacy. but if you have already donated to me and want the fact known well please let me know telling which information I can post.

If you kindly donate me money newly, I’d be glad if you leave a comment, if you want me to disclose your information. If yes, which information you want to be disclosed, such as your company name, individual name, amount of donation etc..

(Note: Essentially what Iori-san is saying is that people who are donating can OPT-IN to this – not that he will be automatically blogging people’s names – Nika)

However, please don’t forget, I equally appreciate your donation regardless of the amount you paid me.

For some people, 1 USD matters a lot. but some people don’t really care about 50 USD. I’m happy with your feeling.

  1. Maybe you could publish the names of people and companies supporting you like a kind of petition ?

  2. Just so people know the sorts of things that govenment and agenda’d shills are out there, and still distorting the truth to biblical proportions:

    the following is a response to a post on my Fuku blog… and my response to that response, now put that into context with the video headlining this particur post and thread…. the people of japan are being mislead…. post was from 5/12/11

    Anonymous said…
    The articles on this web site are very misguided, you seem to have a negative agenda towards Japan.

    Comparing Chernobyl to Fukushima is kind of misleading and Exaggerating because Fukusima Daiich Nuclear Plant reactors did withstand the attack of an earthquake (and Tsunami), shut down automatically and those reactor container vessels have stayed sound. The problem actually occurred when the electric supply for the emergency cooling system downed by Tsunami and stopped to cool the reactors of #1,2,3 and the pool water of radio active spent fuel of reactor #4.The radioactive pollutions followed by some hydrogen explosions and fires are not very high outside of the plant location. The evacuation is for the safety of residents.

    In the case of Chernobyl on the other hand, the reactor itself exploded and the burst caused severe high radioactive pollutions in wide areas. The evacuations were vital.

    All the conspiracy media are willing to see are the words “nuclear meltdown” and they immediately conjure and associate with Chernobyl.

    Japan needs help, a positive response from the rest of the world, web sites like this do nothing but hamper with the rebuilding of peoples lives.

    I hope the donations you have received, from simply copying and pasting all the negative stories you can find, are going to the people in Japan who have lost everything, Families, friends,homes, jobs and all their possessions.

    4 December 2011 21:42
    citizenperth said…
    In response to your response.

    the reactors indeed exploded (hydrogen or other), as evidenced on the fukushima cam

    the spent fuel pools were above the reactor and were thrown far and wide (not unlike chernobyl)

    it is your response that is typical of the government and tepco, in that it is misleading, and underplaying the enormity of the disaster and beguiling the world into believing the situation is far less greivious than it is

    further, you are contradicticing your self when nowehere do you addmit to the tragedy that is still unfolding, whilst asking for the world to empathise and help with the situation. the world from the outset offered aid, and the government declined? why? what did they not want the world to see?

    as to meltdowns not occuring? pull the wool from your eyes, sir/madam, it is now reporting on the msn as i have documented all along, and the latest being a report on the NBC, so am i less credible then them when i stated it many months ago?

    further, i have nothing but sorrow, and hope for the stoic japanese people, and have nothing but contempt for the government and tepco, who are nothing more that capitalist depopulators, who cleary have no compasion for the people of japan

    i have received no donations and removed the button, in response to people seeing this as unkind, whilst i thought it was only appropriate as to the hours i invest documenting.

    as to cut and paste, if the main stream media were correctly reporting, then pages like this would not exist. indeed as the next few months go by, pages like this will slowly disapear, as they will no longer be required as the main stream media begin to tell more of the truth.

    also as to the cut and paste, yes, i track down articles and paste them here, so what. some of us documenting agreed to open information sharing theory, for fear of being sensured and shut down as was the case in the opening weeks of the disaster, in an attempt to keep the news alive.

    this site is nothing more than a chronological documentary of the disaster, that continues today and only worsens but in a more insidious way.

    come back and tell me i am wrong in six months time, and i will publicly write an appology.

    to sublinally state i am racist i take offense at.

    i thiankyou for you thoughtful and sincere reply, it is appreciated.

    The post was about the skiing season being down 30% for fukushimna this winter… wonder why.. and why are the other 70% willing to risk their lives?

    Original Post:
    [link to fukushimaemergencywhatcanwedo.blogspot.com]

  3. If I’m not mistaken, mutations can occur without radiation. What we need to watch for is a sudden increase in such incidents, and how frequent they are. Every article should be read with this in mind. As has been said many times on these kinds of blogs, “perhaps these things occured before and nobody paid much attention”. It’s specifically because there is much doubt about the nuclear accident that people are paying attention now. You can’t blame them for being suspicious when Tepco is constantly backpedalling on everything they say. To isolate a single incident and then use that to debunk everything else is ridiculously simple-minded.

    Perhaps my understanding is wrong, but I think there’s also the possibility that radiation from elsewhere may have contaminated other areas in the world throughout the past century. It’s not like we’re able to keep a constant track of all movements of any given kind of radiation. I’m not saying it has to be significant contamination, either. I’m under the impression that mutations caused by radiation aren’t consistently predictable, they’re a matter of chance. The more exposure, the more evident the effects, but there’s still a small possibility of mutation from minute exposure.

    Anyway, I’m not an expert, so it’s fine if other people correct me, as long as they aren’t outright dismissing the possibilities with no reasonable evidence whatsoever. I just want to know what’s really going on.

  4. some people are so self- convincend in their technical thinking that they could not bear that things are going worse…

    they always trie to find arguments for nuclear energy.

    they are waiting constantly of mistakes of opposition, often banal things like your artickel with the potatoe.

    it is right that often this kind of potatoes get uncasionally huge.

    the person who wrote to you needs this gratification for is ego because he can not bear that he is wrong.

    this point makes nuclear energy so dangerous. the ethic thing. we are talking about a sum of bad proven effects. whe can not see it, hear it. mr. pflugbeil said something related to this, which is the point: worst people, or most dangerous thing is in his opinion not the technology itself, as the insane characters representing it.

    whole world has problem whit this. called cynism, ignorance, gratlessness & demoralisation
    nuclear energy is dangerous media for it

    the person who wrote to you above, poor person, does not see facts anymore… most important thing for him/ her is to be faultfinder

    1. I wonder, three-eyed, if you’ve read or heard of the book entitled, Ishamel, the gorilla.

      Therein, the point about our belief and/or reliance on technology saving us is explained and debunked quite eloquently.

      In essence, our cultures have taught us that humans are outside of, or above, nature, and thus we will through technology overcome any obstacle. Obviously, I’ve bastardized it, but I hope you catch my drift and/or read the book. It’s a fantastic read.

  5. The problem with science and a scientific base is that some scientists distort the public opinion about nuclear energy and dangers from radioativity, in order to protect the nuclear industry and their field of study.
    For normal people it is difficult to differentiate which scientist is biased and which one is telling the truth.

    In comparison, I can give an example about science in Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany used scientist to back up their racist ideology.
    Now of course the majority knows that the scientific racism is baseless und unscientific. But at that time the majority of the german population must have thought: He is a scientist which means, his “findings” must have a scientific base!

    In my eyes the same story will be told about the nuclear scientist, who still claim that nuclear energy is safe, cheap and no harm will ever come from low level radiation.

    1. Amen, let’s hope so.

      I would like to see nuclear nonsense on the same page as phrenology!

      There is a universal cult of natural science in our world, especially the “useful” one which can be converted into cash.

      But science is not something outside of us, it’s also subjective, and scientists are just as (in)human as everyone else.

  6. Thanks for debunking me as believer. I believe the sun will ascend tomorrow though being told it’s a fixed star.
    I have trust in people to be honest by disclosing and providing their sources to easily enable me to work out my own conclusions. No need to fall for a big potato.

    Dear Mochizuki ~ thanks for being here and thanks for sharing your precious lifetime and all your helpful efforts … and bearing various offences.
    Above that I have no doubt you’d pass on a surplus of donations to others in need.

  7. In ’99 I started running a website. At first the comments
    were supportive, and I felt great.

    Then the negative comments came in and I felt bad.

    Back and forth it would go, for many months.

    Eventually I realized those comments said nothing about
    me nor my site, but everything about those commenting.

    Eventually I learned to ignore them.

    You will learn to ignore bad comments also.

    When you ignore those comments you’ll be a better writer
    because you’ll post what you think you must, no matter what
    someone will say.

    Keep up the good work, we are grateful for what
    you do. Don’t loose heart. Keep up the good fight.


    Please do not reveal your supporters. You should
    protect them from the same fools who are after you.

  8. For short stay, you don’t need visa in Thaïland, Nepal and Sri Lanka as far as I know. At your arrival in one of those places, you get a stamp on your passeport and you can stay for 30 days, then ask for extension in Thailand is possible, but maybe not in Nepal… Cheap places for a time off. About 1/10th expense compare to Japan. Can be extremely cheap if you don’t bother about comfort. Not everywhere good electrcity supply, nor fast internet connections, but you still can always manage to find what you need.

    I don’t know if some other countries practice that type of visa too. Call them directly. Get out of Japan first, for a time of relief, after that you can see much clearer where you need to go, to do,… what you need to accomplish.

    Take care and go on.

  9. been a silent reader. THANK YOU so much for your site. It’s really useful. As for readers, it’s up to you to believe or not. As this is Mochizuki-san’s site, it’s UP TO HIM what he wants to post. As for me, family comes first. We left japan one week after the quake & came back mid May. After reading & researching & also the unstability of the quakes, but mostly due to the fact we have 2 young kids, we just couldn’t take the chance with radiation. We left Japan for good early October.Not coming back. Just hope the kids are not affected in any way since our place nearby tokyo is also a hot spot. Sadly, my country does not ban imports from japan. But with this info, I am now off ‘MADE IN JAPAN’. It is possible. Dear Iori, please take care & God Bless.

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