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Submitted on 2011/12/04 at 5:39 pm
I think the people who believe this fukoshima diary mainstream line of thought can be classified as believers of well packed nonsense.

This diary is putting you on you wrong leg. It is scientifically unsound.

Some people would simply say

Liars or creators of nice humbug.

Although this article is fun. One potato is found like this (even bigger) in Colombia this week. Can the given theory in this article explain this? There is no extreme radiation or even nuclear technology in Colombia ? Or am I spoiling your game mr site moderator?

I find it ironic that I focus on pointless comments than more meaningful comments but I do want you to know I read all of your messages and I learn a lot from your information.

I often receive this kind of message.

What I can not understand at all is “scientifically unsound”.

I post articles like 200 tons of highly radioactive water leaked etc.. It has nothing to do with science.

I sometimes read comments like “You make up articles. You are baseless”.

I want to recommend those people to check the bottom of each article. I put “source” at every post.

I honestly think: “Are you ok?”

Anyway, my escape plan is going ok so far. Now I’m making backup plans in case I’m caught at an airplane. Since the time i visited an embassy, I gave up trusting any of them.

However, I receive donations from a lot of the people and I did notice some of them are corporation or incubator in Canada etc..
I wonder if I could post who donated how much.

This is purely from my appreciation.
The only thing I could give you is to let yourself believe you did the right thing for the truth.
I thought you may feel it even stronger if you find your name, company name, and how much you donated.

I won’t disclose everything of course. That’s our privacy. but if you have already donated to me and want the fact known well please let me know telling which information I can post.

If you kindly donate me money newly, I’d be glad if you leave a comment, if you want me to disclose your information. If yes, which information you want to be disclosed, such as your company name, individual name, amount of donation etc..

(Note: Essentially what Iori-san is saying is that people who are donating can OPT-IN to this – not that he will be automatically blogging people’s names – Nika)

However, please don’t forget, I equally appreciate your donation regardless of the amount you paid me.

For some people, 1 USD matters a lot. but some people don’t really care about 50 USD. I’m happy with your feeling.

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