ICRP underestimated the low dose symptom risk by 85%

NHK is starting to change its attitude to the truth. It’s finally starting to broadcast what is actually true.
On 12/28/2011 ,NHK reported ICRP’s manipulation in late 80s.

In this TV show ,NHK reported that ICRP manipulated the actual data for the political reason.
After Chernobyl ,the cancer rate in Sweden has gone beyond the estimation of ICRP.
In USA ,radioactive tritium from a nuclear plant increased cancer rate. ICRP standard has been known as a false “science”.

ICRP honorary committee “Nobody would know the actual risk of low dose..”


“Even if you underestimated it to be half as actual ,it wouldn’t matter anyway.”


“There was no scientific basis. We just decided for our own good.”


In a area of Sweden ,where is affected by Chernobyl ,cancer rate is increasing but the annual dose is only 0.2 mSv ,which is one in fifth of ICRP standard.

Cancer risk increased by 34% annually.


Cancer risk is increased even if it’s only 10mSv unlike ICRP states.


A girl who got a brain tumor at 14 years old. Now she’s 18 but stopped growing since them. She lives near a nuc plant. She used to use the water underground. “Everyone died. Just I’m alive. It’s killing me.” Government kept telling them it’s safe based on ICRP standard.


Brain tumor and leukemia increased by 30%.


Childhood cancer increased by 200%.


“If they add facility modification ,it would need additional 369M USD investment.”



Janitors of a nuc plant,”We were guinea pigs. We were not informed of any risk.”


ICRP is supported by variety of countries of nuclear mafia.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission USA: $250,000 USD

Commission of the European Communities: $130,455 USD

Department of Nuclear Safety  Germany: $115,021 USD

Japan Atomic Energy Agency: $45,000 USD

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission: $40,000 USD


Total: $617,168 USD

“We want them to know we are not just a number on the statistics.”

ICRP “honorary” committee, “Nuclear plants or nuclear labs asked us to lower the safety limit of the labors. so did the ministry of energy. If we apply the honest safety limit ,they thought they may not be able to handle the plants properly. Nuclear counselors in US insisted that we need to lower the estimation of the cancer risk in low dose occasion. It was to oppose the counselors who tried to raise the safety limit.”

At the first ,ICRP studied the radiation effect from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They thought 1000mSv of exposure raises the cancer risk by 5%. However,for the additional study of Japan and US government ,actually 500mSv of exposure raises the cancer risk by 5%. However ,ICRP decided not to raise the safety limit under 100 mSv of exposure. Moreover ,they decreased it by 20% ,so the low dose symptom is underestimated by 85%.




低線量被ばく_揺らぐ国際基準_追跡!真相ファイル par gomizeromirai


  1. I have been spreading your post here around. Do you have access to this video? People are very interested in gaining access. Do you know if video is in english?
    Either way, it be great if you would be able to post video on you site, or at least a link to it. Thanks a lot!

  2. This data is for external exposure and for a limited time: “500mSv of exposure raises the cancer risk by 5%.”
    For Japan, limited time external, internal as well as inhaled and long term external exposures need to be added to each other. It amounts to more than 500msv.
    Internal exposure of more than 50 bq are enough to cause DNA mutations.

  3. Hello Mochizuki-san, congratulations for getting out of Japan and running as far from Fukushima as possible. It is a rational response no matter what anyone says. There is lots of pressure to act”normal” which comes from all directions in society, as if you are crazy to worry about nuclear stuff. But it is rational to be scared as hell and run. And it goes against that Japanese cultural pattern of ‘lets all die together’.
    I live in Sydney, Australia and have just spent 6 weeks in Japan visiting family in Yokohama. For your information a doctor friend of mine told me of a conversation she had with a gynaecologist who is practising in Yokohama. I don’t know the gynaecologist’s name and can’t confirm the details. She told my friend that in her practise the still-birth rate over many years varied between 2 and 10 percent. Her practise is small with only 3 hospital beds and only in Yokohama. However in 2011 women who conceived at about the time of the accident have had a 50% miscarriage or stillbirth rate. And that is just in Yokohama! And yes my family are staying in Yokohama and Tokyo and Saitama…..Each day I wonder what will happen to them.
    As a one year old child I was also exposed to nuclear fallout from nuclear tests conducted in the state where I lived at the time (Maralinga in South Australia). And yes I had asthma and swollen glands and infections and nose bleeds. It has been shocking to be reminded of it when I read some of the tweets from Fukushima mothers. THe levels I was exposed to were measureable, but very low, unlike Fukushima today.
    I appreciate the work that you and some other bloggers have done and the information you have provided to everyone around the world. I look forward to your blogs in 2012. Best Wishes, Dean Brown

  4. Thank you for this information! Your article is very important to understand why radiation is so dangerous considering we have no way to destroy the waste we create in nuclear plants and all plants have leakage events (often considered ‘normal’ or ‘not significant enough to impact health’ = pure B.S., IMO).

    Mostly people talk about external exposure alone. Internal internal exposure by absorption through skin (especially when ‘wet), inhalation, or ingestion of radiation adds to the total exposure and therefore, increases risk of getting cancer. The following link is more evidence from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences’ risk model shows higher vulnerability of children in an article: ‘Nuclear Chivalry: Women and Children first to the graveyards.’ Overall, there is NO safe threshold for radiation dosage. Low dose radiation does effect the body although scientists don’t know exactly how damage from radiation occurs at the molecular level. One graph shows increased cancer risk of women and children at different ages compared to men given a 20-mSv exposure. There’s another graph that shows overall increased fatal cancer risk of women and children compared to men: 100%/21%! Good links on low-dose radiation at this site too:


    1. It’s been longer than 9months since 311. If someone still can’t distinguish internal exposure and external exposure ,the person is a totally idiot.

  5. I never dreamed there would be a nice surprise from NHK in the end of the year. Surprise in itself is a nice feeling since no bad news seems to surprise me anymore.

    Do your best as always! I’ll be rooting and will be more active on the point once I get away from Japan.

    For various reasons my Escape plan will be executed in February.

    And, since I hadn’t contacted you about this before, it is good to know you are safely out of the country.

    Happier New Year!

  6. The ICRP which evolved from the 1928 International Committee on X-Ray and Radium Protection, was set up in the fifties to explore the health effects of radiation and [theoretically] to protect the public from it. In fact, both organizations have come to serve the industry rather than the public. http://ratical.org/radiation/NAvictims.html

  7. A relative of mine is an obstetrician/gynecologist in Australia. I have asked her to look into this by means of a formal request to RANZCOG to make formal inquiries of their Asia-Pacific medical specialist affiliates.

    I just hope that the World Health Organization does not have power of veto over what questions Aussie obstetrician-gynaecologists are allowed to ask their Japanese colleagues!! The world’s doctors should demand an honest answer on this. It is over NINE MONTHS since Fuku blew up.

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