Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil “Tokyo is on the path of Kiev”

Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil, the chairman of German Society of Radiation Protection had a lecture in Berlin,and talked about Tokyo.

To the question about what we can do to minimize the damage of the accident, he answered:

“Nothing. There is no way to stop the nuclear fuel that has melted-through leaking. All we could do is to pray for the fuel not to touch the underground water vein.

We must avoid internal exposure from contaminated food. Authorities are trying to make Japanese eat polluted food for their twisted patriotism, but on the other hand, citizens are setting up independent labs around Japan. This is very important. However, lab facility costs are huge. Maintenance, recording the data costs too. Now, the best thing Germans can do is to support those independent facilities financially.”

To another question “How dangerous Tokyo is now?” He answered:

“Tokyo is not the safe area. Now Tokyo is in the similar situation to Kiev in Chernobyl. Ukrainian Government couldn’t define that densely populated area, Kiev, as evacuating area so they did not admit Kiev was threatened and manipulated the radiation map to look like Plutonium stopped just before Kiev.”

Around in Kiev, there were 11 million children in 1990, and now there are 8 million. However, the number of deformed babies is the same, which means the ratio of deformation is increasing. Low dose exposure obviously affects DNA. Only 10 % of babies sent to Kiev hospital can live longer than 1 year.


    1. Good people have known since the first day that this was meant to happen. Going to happen.

      In fact, Sellafield has been doing this for a long time, long time, only slowly. Fukushima has just turned up the volume.

      Gives the feeling that something more is known by the powers that be, or why would they allow this to happen?



  1. i am afraid of following worst case:

    reactor 1-3:

    fuel melted out

    cooling system and other water cooling attempts of tepco accelarete danger of meet of heatet corium and water

    they always say that groundwater is no danger according to china syndrome
    there is much rock under the plant, only first areal of the ground is mixture of sand & mud

    therfore i think the greatest risk are the cooling attempts of tepco accelarating the danger of explosion

    am i right?
    ( another problem could be: assumption of rainwater, seaside effects to ground)

    1. I was a civil engineer. From my view ,it’s impossible to think there is no underground water vein to touch the fuel. It’s beside the sea. I think minor hydrovolcanic explosions have already been happening. Just like pouring water onto the heated pan.
      Also,it’s as dangerous as hypervolcanic explosion that the spent fuel pool of reactor 4 may be damaged. It’s “hung” between the broken steel pipes. It contains 1600 assemblies of spent fuel rods and 200 news rods if my memory is right. Anyway,they can’t reinforce it ,but they can’t take it down because it’s over radioactive. If another aftershock hits the plants and the pool falls down,the entire area around Tokyo will be literally hot zone.

      1. Yeah I am actually amazed the spent fuel pool at Unit 4 hasn’t yet dropped down – there were so many quakes this year.
        May be they are trying somehow at some cost to take little chunks of the fuel rod assemblies from some time and that will allow them to make the inevitable fall less grave.
        Who knows they might have dumped a lot of the rods in the ocean and even burnt some on purpose cause they knew taht a fall of all those assemblies would cause even greater damage.
        How did they do this if they have done it?
        I don’t want to know or imagine the price the poor workers paid. And of course if they have tried to neutralize this way the spent-fuel pool of unit 4 this would have lead to more contamination… Just my theories.
        Keep your head up, Mochizuki-San!

  2. There might be one way to stop the problem, dry type elements pumped into the cracks underground byt the huge dredger that built the islands in the middle east it can pump thousands upon thousands of gallons of dry materials to the below caverns of radioactive blobs and seal them in a glass seal.

    sand dry
    crushed shuttle tile
    lead powder

  3. Holy Freakazoid! “Only 10 % of babies sent to Kiev hospital can live longer than 1 year.” I heard that there are similar problems with Iraqi babies now due to high levels of military depleted uranium. 🙁

    1. Apparently what they found in Iraq is enriched uranium, not just depleted uranium from bunker buster rockets (according to Chris Busby). They probably have a new type of nuke weapon. Most likely mini nuke were used in Iraq. It wouldn’t be surprising if you remember the Bush administration intent on making what they call strategic nuclear bombs… in other words mini nukes. The fact they’ve used it remains sealed under secrecy probably because they fear it would start a snow ball effect that would lead to the arrest and trial of all high ranking officials responsible for these war crimes.. the same way the Nazi were.

      1. If you look at “The Battle for Bagdad Airport” you may find potential sources of Radiation.


        “As can be read on various independent news sites on the web, e.g. here and here, the area around the airport became forbidden terrain for an entire nine months, a fence was erected around it and bulldozers took the topsoil to a dump next to the police station near Abu Graib prison. Not soon after, several police officers developed cancer”

        It is likely that Fallujah also had special treatment.

        However much one would wish for it, it is unlikely that anyone will be brought to justice.

  4. Aside from being poisonous, dirty, unstable and inefficient, the use of nuclear fission technology to boil water to make steam to produce electricity is utterly INSANE. In fact… nuclear fission technology is more than in insane! It is pure EVIL that the devil would not even do!

    People that promote nuclear technology are either psychopaths… or they are cows cheering the butcher!

    The nation and the culture of Japan has been forever tainted and maybe destroyed by the catastrophe and horror of Fukushima. Much of the sacred land of Japan… and the flesh of the people… has been poisioned for several centuries. Obviously… some Japanese policy makers are responsible for this evil, but much of it stems from the vicious, violent, war mongering capitalist/fascist culture of the Amerikan empire.

    Japanese who trust Amerika are only fooling themselves. Amerika is the enemy! It is a beast!

    1. Dear Richard. No truer comment was ever written. My appreciations and thanks.

      The Japanese are lovely people, and their charming culture one of the finest in all of human history.

      Japan has suffered massively due to its erroneous relationship with the United States … an entity that deserves annihilation 20 times over. Amerika is without question a garbage country, peddling garbage values, and encouraging garbage behaviour worldwide. Please research the Tavistock Institute (in London) in order to identify many of the reasons why.

      Either Amerika (i.e., the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) gets consigned to the dustbin of history, or humanity is finished. The two are mutually incompatible. It is that simple.

      And when ‘Amerika’ has been erased and its assets and land returned to the people restored as a Constitutional Republic, London (my own capital city) must be next as it is the secret source of all evil in this world. No mercy should be shown. Wipe that so-called financial centre (headquarters of the Rothschild Empire) right off the face of the earth. A Fukushima-type solution would be more than appropriate for central London.

    2. Amen to that.

      The course of action should be:
      Find and arrest every senior TEPCO Administrators (CEOs and Shareholders), Government Employes (Ministers and their immediate Aides concerned), Scientists implicated in the cover-up and Pro Nuclear Lobbyists.
      Place them in isolation.
      Interrogate them until inquest is over.
      Find the truth and tell the FACTS to the concerned persons, the Japanese People without delay. This Circus has been running on for FAR TOO LONG.

  5. Well actually it is incorrect to say that nothing can be done to stop a meltdown and bring the melted fuel to a steady state or cold shutdown where it no longer can fission sponstaneously and is cooled down enough that it no longer gives off radioactive metal fumes. The Russians discovered their melted fuel in the basement of the Chernobyl sarcophagus, mixed in a matrix of corium or vitrified pahoehoe lava composed of melted or vitrified sand and uranium oxide. This sand came from the sand insulation within the collapsed walls around the reactor. The reactor vessel completely emptied of fuel. The glass from melted sand separates the hot uranium enough to prevent chain reactions occurring and stops the melt through concrete. This is proven by what the Russians found, big elephants’ feet of corium spread out on the concrete basement floor. The corium being a steady state did not melt through the floor. This is the ONLY cold shutdown ever discovered for a nuclear meltdown and is the route that Japan should have taken immediately on the day of the disaster as they knew within hours their fuel was melting. Pouring water on the melted fuel has been totally wrong and the stupidity of the Japanese response has cost them their health for the rest of time.
    One commenter above (Markww) confirms there is a solution to meltdown and it is DRY not wet. This poster mentions the sand and boron that could be batched to vitrify the melted fuel in situ, the only sensible solution.
    The entire site at Daiichi should be massively buried under dry sand now and the fire hoses turned off. Japanese citizens need to mobilize to demand entombment of Daiichi Fukushima immediately and their government needs to intervene and replace Tepco management with someone who will bury this goddamned mess finally the way it should have been done back in March before they rained out all the radiation on Tokyo and northern Honshu. This thing continues to belch radioactive steam from the insane practice of pouring water on melted fuel to sustain prompt criticalities.
    I see today the Japanese all crashed their Ferraris together. Do Japanese have a clue at all? This is a clear indicator of people who need immediate INTERVENTION to straighten themselves out. It may be way too late.

  6. Nine out of ten babies born in a Kiev Hospital die within one year? Surely the German scientist has been misquoted! Can you imagine sending a woman to a Kiev hospital to give birth? This must be a mistake.

    The entire Nuclear industry must be shut down. One possible replacement is Thorium. I understand there are several Thorium reactors. This is more abundant than Uranium and cannot be weaponized. It cannot harm life as can Uranium/plutonium and a lump the size of a man’s fist can power a city for a year.

  7. Video shows tschernobyl solution of possible china syndrome


    Point is: That , related to latest research, 90% of partiell melted material was thrown out by first explosion in tschernobyl

    therfore temperature and mass of core did not reach ground water? ( it stopped right above dugged tunnel)

    In Fukushima we have mainly Steam Explosion (except reactor 3) , so nearly 100% of molten material , with higher temperature than core of tschernobyl, and more mass could reach groundwater.

    so total energy in at least 2 cases ( reactor 1 and 2) is much higher than in tschernobyl related to possibility of second and much bigger explosion

    they are talking about something like 15 feet (surface of sea)
    they are talking about something like 1 feet left through meltout ( whatever this means and could be measured ?, political simulation i think)

    question is: how fast wents core throug layers ?
    i think we do not have to talk about the rock layers because groundwater is above.

    how long will molten core take to reach groundwater (sea level) from edge of vessel (containment) through layer of sand & mud?


  8. G.E.’s design for this BWR Nuclear type Design Plant, wherupon 3 Engineers warned G.E. (in 1973) of the safety breaches in this Nuclear Type Design, that was built for the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant (near Tokyo Japan). The Engineers (3 of them resigned) in protest of the warning they gave G.E. for the poor safety design in cooling the rods in that type of plant, and not much redundancy in that BWR Nuclear Plant Design. G.E. is fully culpable for this meltdown and beyond, and should share fully responsibility for the costs, that this will totally occur.

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