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The next day when Gunma University served a written warning to Prof Hayakawa Yukio, he held a press conference in his lab.

Before starting it, a department chair of faculty of education tried to stop the conference.

The department chair said:

  • 1) Prof Hayakawa offered time-off from 2PM – 4PM, he mustn’t be in his lab.
  • 2) The facility is for education. Press conference is disturbance for other staff.

  • 3) Because Prof Hayakawa is his time-off and the conference has nothing to do with the facility purpose, they mustn’t use electricity.

Prof Hayakawa turned off all the lights and PCs and the journalists submited their ID to the department chair to manage to open the conference.

Having this conference, one of the major newspaper companies Yomiuri wrote this article.




(2011年12月9日01時53分 読売新聞)


Verbal abuse of Gunma University’s professor “Fukushima farmers are the same as “Aum shinrikyo” ‘s adherents.” (Aum shinrikyo = A Japanese cult group, which contaminated Tokyo subway with Sarin gas in 1995.)

12/7/2011 Gunma University served a written warning to Prof Hayakawa Yukio (55), who made radiation map for Fukushima nuclear accident. He tweeted comments to describe Fukushima farmers as “Aum shinrikyo” ‘s adherents.

According to Gunma University, the issue is about his tweets,
– Growing rice in cesium rice field is the same act as spreading Sarin gas.
– Fukushima farmers are trying to kill me.

Prof Hayakawa held a press conference on 12/8/2011 to state “In order to inform as many people as possible of radiation risk, I tweeted controversial comments on purpose. Gunma University’s warning against me is a suicidal behavior for academic freedom.”

Horikawa Mitsuhiro, Administrative Manager of Gunma University says “It’s not an academic achievement. It is not gag. A lot of complaints came to the university.”

The University is going to consider to take disciplinary measures if he does not stop verbal abuse.

Mt. Unzen, showing extensive pyroclastic flow and lahar deposits
Mt. Unzen, showing extensive pyroclastic flow and lahar deposits

In the conference, Prof Hayakawa said, in 1991, Unzenfugendake (A volcano in Kyushu) erupted. 43 people died and his friend was a victim too. He knew where his friend was staying was dangerous but he thought it was his own choice and didn’t warn him. He deeply regreted it and decided to warn everything he knows before something happens.

In March and April he bashed the Japanese government and Tepco but he thought it would take too much time to change them. He wanted to protect his family and himself too so he targeted something closer to him: “Fukushima farmers”. He thought he could stop them growing and selling cesium rice by bashing them. At least he wanted to discuss if 500 Bq/Kg is acceptable or not.

Additionally, Gunma University is co-operating with the Japan Atomic Energy Agency since 3/5/2010. It is to study nuclear energy co-operatively and exchange staff with each other.


Japanese TV news reports that vegetables from Kanto area, such as Chinese cabbage or green onion, are unusually gigantic and cheap this year. They stupidly recommend to buy them more and consume.

  1. If you watch carefully the video where they present the vegetables, you cannot find any evidence that the person really ate them. Between the moment where the woman put some food in her mouth @02:06 and the moment where she pretends it taste amazingly good @02:12, there is a cut. If you look attentively, you will see that it is not the same scene at all (the video editor didn’t do a perfect job, and you can see the woman raising her head twice while having a slightly different head angle). Something happened in between and the 2 scenes were connected together by a video post edition.

    I bet that she pretended she ate the food on the first scene, then removed it from her mouth between the 2 scenes, then pretended that she swallows it on the second scene.

    If you watch the whole video from the beginning to the end, you will see that they shown this first scene many times. Always the same one. How come they didn’t shot more that 1 if it was so good to eat and easy to shot ?

    Also, you can see that the man from the shop @02:55 is not very happy to present his “amazingly good” vegetables. He even look nervous during the first 2 seconds he is shot by the camera. Maybe some remorses ? Maybe he knows that people should not eat those vegetables, and that’s why it is so cheap?

    1 thing that I am 100% sure (instead of 95%) is that there is no evidence in this video that anybody from the reporter’s team dared to eat those vegetables.

    1. Unfortunately, that lady probably really did eat that food. I have been living here for 2 years and it always amazes me how ignorant these people can be about radiation poisoning in their food now. This country is bent on suicide. The question is: Who are they committing suicide for? My guess: the Nuclear power agency. So sad…..(;_;)

  2. I hope none of the Aum/Aleph cult members aren’t employed by TEPCO!!!(?) The terrorist acts they did in 1995 will be completely forgotten when compared to the devastation continuing to be seen and especially when the true death toll is known in the aftermath of Fukushima and now perhaps the OTHER nuclear power plants who “claim” small leaks which posed no danger to public?!! The latest news from Genkai suggests another big meltdown & disaster underway when you “read between the lines”!! I guess when only one or two nuclear reactors start deteriorating they don’t mention it at all while they can still conveniently blame radiation level “spikes” on Fukushima?!! The fact that they even admitted ANOTHER NPP had ANY problems at all=”another “BIG ONE” going on right now!! The Govt. of Japan should never attempt to arrest or punish another criminal again until they punish themselves first!! Good Luck Mochizuki! I hope you get the hell out of there soon!! ~PEACE~

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