Fukushima local government only check 2.9% of all the rice

Following up this article http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/11/russian-roulette/

Though it is obvious that Fukushima rice is contaminated ,Fukushima government has been trying to sell their cesium rice whatever happens.

Every time Fukushima rice exceed the emergency safety limit ,Fukushima local government re-declared “safety” with zero basis and tried to push their cesium rice to the market.

They say,they sell only rice which have passed their safety test.

However,it turned out that they only check 2.9% of all the rice.

There are 60,000 farmers in Fukushima ,but Fukushima local government only checked 1724 lots of rice.
but they state it is more than double as what the government required them to check ,other local governments conduct even more meaningless safety check.

Additionally ,even around Onami chiku ,where they measured 1270 Bq/kg from the rice , they check only one of 50 bags,which means 2 %.

We definitely should not eat rice.


  1. Why do they even bother? At the rate they’re going, they should just pretend it never happened-??

  2. No offense, but I really don’t understand the complete passivity and acquiescence of this culture during a life-threatening emergency…???

    I’d be saying, Ah hell no!!! (especially when it’s mucking up in your backyard) 😛 Yeah, it’s going everywhere, but Japan is on the front lines and should act accordingly.

  3. I wouldn’t blame the culture so much as it is the government. The government and industry control the media and the education system. People are either brainwashed into thinking there is nothing to worry about and that radiation is safe or they know the truth and can’t do anything about it. We are all slaves on this planet. So don’t blame the people, for most know no better. You think America would be any different? They don’t even test for radiation imported from Japan through food, air, or water. The only way for change is an uprising and forcibly removing every position of power in government and industry. This will never happen of course because most people are stupid and believe the lies they are told from child on up.

    The excuses of culture and shame and secretiveness are just that…excuses. They are excuses espoused to limit the government from being accosted for its lies, manipulation, and outright murder. Japanese gov’t and industry is just as bad as America’s.

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