News: Fukushima heart

A report tweeted.

Naoki Watanabe

“Maybe this is “Fukushima heart” to follow Chernobyl heart.
got pregnant in March, premature birth, and the baby got a hole in the heart.
sounds like Chernobyl heart. can’t post any more details but I couldn’t help posting this info.”

It might be hard to associate this just one case with Chernobyl heart.

However,according to the report published by Riken bunseki center, which measures breast milk and urine, Cs-134, 137 are measured even from the urine of the infant living in Chiba.

It is 7 months old infant.
Cs-134 0.46 Bq/kg
Cs-137 0.85 Bq/kg

Tested 9/20/2011

No wonder Cs-134 and 137 are measured from infants in Fukushima too.

One year old infant.
Cs-134 0.55 Bq/kg
Cs-137 0.57 Bq/kg

Tested 9/6/2011~

Three years old child.
Cs-134 0.39 Bq/kg
Cs-137 0.53 Bq/kg

Tested 9/20/2011

It’s our babies to pay the price.



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