Biological concentration is coming up to human.


Even from the worst trustworthy report of Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry, the situation of biological concentration is becoming clear and it is progressing.

They actually measured Cs-134,137 from boars in Fukushima.


Sample taken 10/7
Test result 10/20
Cs-134, 137 1,146 Bq/Kg

Sample taken 10/7
Test result 10/20
Cs-134,137 1,010 Bq/Kg

Sample taken 10/13
Test result 10/20
Cs-134,137 1,284 Bq/Kg

Sample taken 10/17
Test result 10/20
Cs-134,137 4,120 Bq/Kg

The reason why they don’t measure Strontium or other materials are not announced.

However, it is rational to assume they are contaminated by Strontium at least.

Boars do not eat meat.

Considering the diet, we human might be as contaminated as them, sooner or later.


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