Though I was outside only for a couple of hours today, I got a sore throat and can’t stop coughing now, got sore eyes too.

Even though we victims are trying this hard to survive, Tepco still keeps feeding us bunch of bullshit.

The other day they announced 220 tons of contaminated water was discharged to the sea.
but today’s NHK news says 150 “liters” of water was discharged to the sea.

Do they ever think we don’t notice it? I can’t even be bothered to follow their nonsense-ness so I didn’t post it on the blog. Maybe Ex-SKF likes this kind of official announcement. lol Anyway, I think it’s waste of time for me and for readers.

I sometimes receive messages why I don’t just ignore negative comments, not post them on a column.

Let me explain..

There are 3 types of negative comments.
1) When I’m wrong.
2) When someone is hired by Tepco or METI or other nuclear industrial company.
3) When someone thinks I’m baseless.

I welcome the case (1), of course.
I pick up comments of (2) on the column to play with.
Actually, hateful messages of (2) are obviously decreasing by doing it.

(3) can be described as the comments of “first-class student”.
For example, when I post a picture of mutation, those people tend to say, it’s not a mutation, it’s just too much fertilizer etc..

In a normal case, that’s right.

Here I would like to introduce 2 cases.
I didn’t post them as articles because the source is weak. But I believe that’s true for various reasons.

@miho14 福島市積算放射能測定・子ども用ガラスバッジ、1カ月ごとに回収して結果が通知されるが、提出していない子どもに「0.2mSv」という結果が送られてきた。友人激怒。信用できるのか、市や県の調査”

Fukushima local government distributes dosemeter to children and collect them every month. They are supposed to check the radiation dose for one month and send back the results to the families.
However one family who didn’t sent the dosemeter to Fukushima local government received “a result” and it said “0.2 mSv/m

…It reveals 2 important facts.

1) They ignore internal exposure.
2) They don’t check dosemeter at all. They only return random numbers.

2)Tokyo newspaper
11月のマラソン大会 熱中症で死亡 公表せず

2011年12月7日 朝刊



A guy died of “heat stroke” at a marathon race but it was only 20.8C.

On 11/20/2011, they held an Kawasaki international Tama river marathon. A man (38) from Tsurumi Yokohama attended 10km course. When he caught up with his coworker, he fell down and sent to the hospital by an ambulance. He was conscious at first, but died on 11/21/2011. Doctor diagnosed it was “heat stroke” but the temperature was only 20.8C.
Even before the marathon race he used to run for 5km everyday.

For people (3), I want you to know – will you still support them ?

Since this summer I have been telling “heat stroke” news is unusually many this year and the symptom is sever. People (3) used to tell me, I will cause cry-wolf syndrome. Do you still think so? It was 20.8C and he died. I’m sorry for you. I want you to know they take advantage of you.

What we are fighting against is not a normal organization. It’s the international nuclear industry.
Tepco, JP gov, US gov, IAEA, UN, they are all tied up under the industry.
They mine uranium, enrich it and make plutonium with our bills of electricity. They make nuclear weapons. Recently it’s fashionable for them to make depleted uranium ammunition.

They are troubled if they can’t sell their products.

US is falling apart from their bad economy. They use Obama as a sales mascot and try to sell weapons and nuclear “technology” all over the world like India. Same as Japan.

Therefore if we report Fukushima as it is and if they fail in downplaying it they have trouble to increase their sales.

People (3), I want you to know you are supporting them whether you know it or not.

I know you are fair and cool people. but I just want you to think, who gets what by reporting the news in that way.

  1. Iori-you keep doing what you are doing. Work from the heart and feel the vibe. You are THERE. You see more than we do. You feel more than we do. If you are wrong? No matter. But if you are right? And you save one person it means everything because the truth prevails and a life that may have been lost is saved. You work hard and there are many of us who support you all the way. No matter what. Keep the faith and keep your mind clear and your eyes open.

  2. You do a great job, we take your feed repost on our site and the title length and content is perfect for twitter. All you can do is warn people until you look almost crazy. We should all be acting crazy in an effort to stop this and other forthcoming disasters but we all do what we are able. Thank you for your hard work and honesty.

  3. Dosimeters with kids… measure outside radiation, not what is in food, air or water, absorbed internally.

    Also, to measure true exposure to outside radiation, they would have to put dosimeter on soles of feet, where radiation is highest; in dirt. Dirt gets on everything with kids, their fingers, their mouths, their drinks, in their food, etc..

    Instead, the dosimeters are put up high off the ground, where radiation levels are much much less and exposure is ‘low’, by comparison with dirt put in mouth or hands on shoelaces or shoes and then touching eyes, etc. The dirt might measure 1,000 times higher radiation levels than 1 meter off the ground. A dosimeter can show ‘safe’ readings, when actually the radiation exposure is very dangerous.

    Using a dosimeter to measure total radiation exposure is kind of like saying; lets divert some river water into this small tube, and measure that.. Then announce the result of what is coming through the small tube and say that is what is coming down the WHOLE RIVER. Worse than that, this little tube reading is also the total amount that is accumulating behind the dam slightly downstream.

  4. I think they distinguishing between the volume of water and the volume of radiation that’s in the water.

  5. People want it to be alright, people want to be blind , that is how the nuclear industry ir getting away with murder! Mochizuri, can it be fixed now? Maybe we too should become blind??

  6. Interesting, but I noticed that a number of athletes in America have died instantly from Marathons this year!… Having 3-4 ultra-healthy runners die from routine sports event is not normal here!! Those news briefs freaked me out. Usually, one runner will pass out, but having multiple people DIE??! Think of how much air they have to take in to train and run almost 30 miles outdoors, rain or shine, and what the cesium particles due to their hearts…
    This article highlights the fact that the weather was “ideal” for this run!! Keep in mind that although Philly is East Coast, not West, it had elevated levels of radionuclides in its water, since March 2011, per US EPA data! Also, doctors and medical researchers have published that there has been a statistical spike in infant deaths in Philly since Fukushima began. (over 35% higher mortality rate!) And there were constant, heavy rains in the spring there during Jet Stream passage. I had produce from rural PA tested and it wasn’t bad though. Philly seems to be a hotspot?
    This young man died and it was the first death at the Chicago Marathon since 2007, when the athletes had to run in sweltering 90 degree weather. Here, his autopsy was inconclusive, no known health defects… 🙁

    If you know anything about what’s happening, it’s just NOTadvisable to run around outside for hours. I know I’ve had to curtail my activity. I would not even walk for over 40 minutes outside these days, and I’m a serious hiker. I used to do 6 hour hikes.

    Thanks again for your analysis, M.!!

    1. p.s. I bet that you are a fantastic, top-notch engineer, not just a blogmaster! I appreciate your observations and mental clarity! Keep it up, for the world! 🙂 Certainly, far more dull phenomena have been studied!… 🙂

    2. You know the recent EPA survey shows that E. Pennsylvania and Idaho has the highest radioactive in the Nation. I conjecture is that the Three Mile Island effect has not ended yet, and The National Laboratory is located in Idaho.

      1. Yeah, we still have some background radiation in our milk from the bomb testing in the 50s, but what’s going on now is a whole new ballgame.

        It’s pretty shocking that several marathoners have dropped dead. They’re not exactly a bunch of wimps! I don’t know if you read the articles I posted, but instant death doesn’t happen during ideal weather conditions, such as they had for temperature, humidity, wind, etc.. (not to include long-term nuclear fallout!!!)


    This death of a marathon runner just happened in California during a bad wave of radiation around Halloween/late October (after Japan began with the burning of nuclear waste and there was suspected re-fissioning at Fukushima Daiichi) Most people who have been keeping track of radiation levels noticed an uptick stateside. Ergo,….. 🙁

    The sad part is that people are not being warned or advised at all.

    1. If you’re not keeping track, that’s FOUR (4) marathon guys have died from an outdoor marathon, post-Fukushima, in 2011, in the US of A. 🙁

      However, if you are callous enough not to care what’s happening in Japan since the grievous earthquake, tsunami, and meltdowns because it’s not your backyard, you are not Japanese, you don’t go there on business, well….maybe you’re due for some payback. 🙁

  8. I’m also aware that Fukushima is a thorn in the side of the nuclear industry and that they are likely involved in downplaying the true scale of the disaster.

    Sadly, I think most people are incapable of comprehending this. They’ll probably start hurling accusations of “conspiracy theories” because the concept of people working together for a common interest is too difficult for them to understand and accept, despite its occurence in every aspect of our daily lives.

    People also seem to never consider that their leaders (or people in general) often don’t act with the interests of the general population in mind. I often hear people say, “why would they do that to their own people?” The fact is, most people don’t care about anyone else. They don’t care about future generations. It’s only in times of need that they’ll reach out to their own people, or race, or gender for support.

    When it comes down to it, the only things that people really care about are their own happiness, and the happiness of their family and friends. To some degree, it can’t be helped because as human beings we’re inherently selfish, but I try not to be that way. I’m not saying these things in reflection of myself. I’m saying it from personal experience in dealing with others.

    If nuclear disasters were to contaminate the entire planet, the people who profited from the nuclear industry (and other similar industries) will probably be the only ones able to afford protection/cures against radiation, ensuring the safety of their family and friends.

    It’s similar to how our leaders send us to die in the wars they create, while their own families stay safe at home and prosper, reaping in the profits from the war industry. It’s “survival of the fittest” and “ensuring the survival of their own gene pool”. I’ve never understood how other people can dedicate themselves to dying in battle while their leaders sit at home, throwing expensive parties.

    Anyway, the only thing I can ever do about all this is to complain about the current state of affairs. If I could, I’d just go far away and live in peace, leaving all the idiots to blow themselves up. It sucks that the rest of us are constantly dragged into their stupidity. Damn them.


    when you Run there is a high possibility that you die
    by an Heatstroke even it is much colder than 20c.!

    This is not depending on the outside temperature,
    this happen because the body failed to deflect the heat!

    1. Shill Alert! Human0815 is a pad shill he is often found on ENENEWS pimpin his BS for Nuke Industry…..

  10. I always have interest in your messages and I always agree with you, generous, human, intelligent analysis ; well I am french and my english is approximative, do you however understand me I hope so. I think that some people are not able to face the reality, or not willing to know the truth because their don’t want to be afraid ; in fact, nuclear truth is very violent. My friends and I notice that when we try to give information to relatives, their suddenly become agressive. It’s a fact and we don’t obtain any explanation about their reaction, just one thing sure : they don’t agree with us. But how can they “agree” or not with facts (for example cancers, sick babies, etc) ? truth is, you can’t disagree with truth or evident facts…
    people tell me that I am a fool. It’s sure that they are not fool but blind ! blind in their mind. Why ?…

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