Though I was outside only for a couple of hours today, I got a sore throat and can’t stop coughing now, got sore eyes too.

Even though we victims are trying this hard to survive, Tepco still keeps feeding us bunch of bullshit.

The other day they announced 220 tons of contaminated water was discharged to the sea.
but today’s NHK news says 150 “liters” of water was discharged to the sea.

Do they ever think we don’t notice it? I can’t even be bothered to follow their nonsense-ness so I didn’t post it on the blog. Maybe Ex-SKF likes this kind of official announcement. lol Anyway, I think it’s waste of time for me and for readers.

I sometimes receive messages why I don’t just ignore negative comments, not post them on a column.

Let me explain..

There are 3 types of negative comments.
1) When I’m wrong.
2) When someone is hired by Tepco or METI or other nuclear industrial company.
3) When someone thinks I’m baseless.

I welcome the case (1), of course.
I pick up comments of (2) on the column to play with.
Actually, hateful messages of (2) are obviously decreasing by doing it.

(3) can be described as the comments of “first-class student”.
For example, when I post a picture of mutation, those people tend to say, it’s not a mutation, it’s just too much fertilizer etc..

In a normal case, that’s right.

Here I would like to introduce 2 cases.
I didn’t post them as articles because the source is weak. But I believe that’s true for various reasons.

@miho14 福島市積算放射能測定・子ども用ガラスバッジ、1カ月ごとに回収して結果が通知されるが、提出していない子どもに「0.2mSv」という結果が送られてきた。友人激怒。信用できるのか、市や県の調査”

Fukushima local government distributes dosemeter to children and collect them every month. They are supposed to check the radiation dose for one month and send back the results to the families.
However one family who didn’t sent the dosemeter to Fukushima local government received “a result” and it said “0.2 mSv/m

…It reveals 2 important facts.

1) They ignore internal exposure.
2) They don’t check dosemeter at all. They only return random numbers.

2)Tokyo newspaper
11月のマラソン大会 熱中症で死亡 公表せず

2011年12月7日 朝刊



A guy died of “heat stroke” at a marathon race but it was only 20.8C.

On 11/20/2011, they held an Kawasaki international Tama river marathon. A man (38) from Tsurumi Yokohama attended 10km course. When he caught up with his coworker, he fell down and sent to the hospital by an ambulance. He was conscious at first, but died on 11/21/2011. Doctor diagnosed it was “heat stroke” but the temperature was only 20.8C.
Even before the marathon race he used to run for 5km everyday.

For people (3), I want you to know – will you still support them ?

Since this summer I have been telling “heat stroke” news is unusually many this year and the symptom is sever. People (3) used to tell me, I will cause cry-wolf syndrome. Do you still think so? It was 20.8C and he died. I’m sorry for you. I want you to know they take advantage of you.

What we are fighting against is not a normal organization. It’s the international nuclear industry.
Tepco, JP gov, US gov, IAEA, UN, they are all tied up under the industry.
They mine uranium, enrich it and make plutonium with our bills of electricity. They make nuclear weapons. Recently it’s fashionable for them to make depleted uranium ammunition.

They are troubled if they can’t sell their products.

US is falling apart from their bad economy. They use Obama as a sales mascot and try to sell weapons and nuclear “technology” all over the world like India. Same as Japan.

Therefore if we report Fukushima as it is and if they fail in downplaying it they have trouble to increase their sales.

People (3), I want you to know you are supporting them whether you know it or not.

I know you are fair and cool people. but I just want you to think, who gets what by reporting the news in that way.

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