Column of the Day: July 30, 2011

Don’t trust the authority

I can’t understand people who still think in the paradigm of before 311.

“Getting sick,go to a doctor,doctor says it’s just flu.
come home and keep getting worse.”

“Believing their public announcement to say they only collect wrong information on the internet,not monitoring,
and have the bots send you malware.”

They have been deceiving us since 311.
Exactly speaking,even since before,they kept deceiving us and pushed us to hell.

I have no clue why still so many people think gov is honest and right.

It was time for us to move forward.

Gov is the liar.They are trying to kill us.
Whether it’s easy for you to accept or not,this is the reality.

I don’t want any more people to be deceived and die.

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