[Photo] “The one-woman protester surrounded by authorities”

On 7/8/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “[Photo] “A woman stands alone to protest against nuclear policy in Fukushima” [URL]”

2 days later, the photo of her surrounded by several authorities were posted.

Her board reads “Isn’t it you Prime Minister Abe who caused Fukushima Accident ?”. His party LDP has been promoting the nuclear policy in Japan.

[Photo] "The one-woman protester surrounded by authorities"





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Français :

[Photo] “La manifestante isolée cernée par les autorités”


Le 8 juillet 2013, le Fukushima Diary publiait [Photo] “Dans Fukushima, une femme se dresse et manifeste seule contre la politique nucléaire”

2 jours après, un photo est publiée la montrant cernée par plusieurs fonctionnaires.
Sa pancarte dit “N’est-ce pas vous, M. le premier ministre Abe, qui avez provoqué l’accident de Fukushima ?”. Le parti de M. Abe, le LDP (=”parti libéral démocratique”), a mis en avant et réalisé la politique nucléaire du Japon.

[Photo] "The one-woman protester surrounded by authorities"



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  1. We are that woman. She is not alone. She wants transparency and accountability. So do we. A determined yet growing minority.
    Fuku1live has not posted any videos after July 2nd. And it had been posting hourly 3mn videos of the plant since June 2011… Two weeks and still nothing. Talk about missing hours. And now LiveCameraChecker is not allowed to do its part anymore.
    I trust your dedication, dear Mochizuki-san. Keep up the good work.
    Let’s ALL keep watching, digging and spreading the word. Ganbatte!

  2. yuh then have a hoard of pitchfork & a sock-full-of-crap people aim at her real family’s name? transparency comes with a price, & that could even be the eradication of yourself.. your way of living that is silently causing this under the price-tag of Ignorance.

    im sorry my recent comments have been hate-fueled but it seems i have a reason more than ever.. the summer heat aint helping at all but up to now it was all about destroying this meaninglessly polluting society, & now that something is finally going to destroy it along with everything humans ever polluted, you actually get filled with a bit of regret. “Ooops!”. think of a polar-cap shift.. a new ice-age.. anything that means humans are history.. & then think of The Awesome Power Of Nature that decides whether or not to wipe these skeptical & superstitious animals off the planet in one quick swipe.

    that is the anger you are up against. this is why ‘we’ the people of Japan, Tokyo, colorful billboard or not, feel so hopeless.

    but alas, Mother Nature is old.. perhaps its not my place to judge her legacy is over. the civil show we put on for what seems a mere 10000 years versus ???billions. we like to believe stuff like “Love” are ethereal & eternal.. yet so ephemeral.. because we have nothing more to voucher for it than a financial marriage proposal.

    and it seems you arent much capable of just asking questions & pissing more people off.

    but look at her.. in the link incld that picked up on the story, some Osaka lady named Mayu Miller who lives in what seems like Canada.. even in her trashy Osaka dialect she squabbles out sumthin like ‘its the Women that change Japan, its always been the Women that change the World.’ well from my very chauvanistic point of view i also feel its the Women who create the grand problem to begin with.. its called digging yourself out of one hole only to be buried by another. there was some incident in the USA an actual court of law ordered for some black girl to wear a sign standing while on a sidewalk stating she was a Thief as legitimate legal punishment. this is no different justice here.. she could be topless & waving a sign sayin I AM STUPID and at least that would get more Ytube hits.. and maybe let the PM piss in her mouth as just as another of millions of online fetishes that are granted access in a day.

    but when you really want happiness?

    my rule of thumb of happiness (did u kno rule of thumb came from the thickness of the stick you could beat your draconian wife with w/o gettin punished)

    1. Clean pure Air (none for a thousand miles from Tokyo)

    2. Clean pure Water (maybe ask TEPCO for a can of Sally, their beloved water purifier)

    without the above, like gravity, happiness does not exist.


    fake it all you want.


    1. how hot is it over there ziro? 45 on the concrete? brain melting out your nostrils? I found that ice foot baths work wonders. Stay cool man.

  3. Tough woman, great protest.
    We protest in Melbourne, Australia, about Government policies, about overlooked issues, institutional abuse, child abuse, indigenous peoples rights and justice, former child migrants, child slave labour, and on it goes. Eventually, if a few people continue to protest in public outside the Parliament and Offices of the Government Departments, on a regular basis, eventually the Press and the Government have to take notice, and have to DO SOMETHING about the issue.
    If there are people in Japan who have to courage, please protest, in public, get some publicity and persist.
    It is an effective strategy, this lady reminds me of the man in front of the tank in Tianmen Square.
    It takes great courage. It is really necessary.
    Fault lines, earthquakes and nuclear power stations are a bad combination, now and forever.

    1. That is an intriguing comparison.

      As much as i admire her spirit and courage, lately i do fear for her safety.
      Genetically, she has much more to lose than that man in front of that tank.
      I believe that is why she is there in the first place though.
      That is why you say “It is really necessary” if i have estimated correctly.

      If you do protest, protest peacefully.
      Ensure you are recorded on hidden video should things go wrong.
      There is some safety in numbers – the more invisibly recording the safer you likely are.

      Talk to the officers that confront you calmly.
      Take the time to explain to them why and how it is that you are legitimately there for a necessary reason.
      Know the laws and how they apply to your situation so you are armed with facts, not simply feelings.
      They may have exactly the same concerns and apprehensions, knowing they are often left in the dark like a mushroom, too!

      Many officers love their families too.
      Coincidentally, some of them may eventually make arrests against the perpetrators of these Crimes against Humanity.
      Support them in those efforts.

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