Column of the Day: Potential risk of racial discrimination against Japanese

Today one of my friends kindly called my parents.

They were surprised to death. When I woke up, I found they had called me 9 times in the morning.

My friend called to tell them, “Be proud of your son”. (embarrassing. lol)

My parents did not understand anything in English, but asked me to send her response.

I’m to translate it into English and pass it to her.

They said they appreciate her phone call, they can’t evacuate for financial, and social reasons etc..

I pretty much know that I’m going to face the freezing cold reality out of Japan but when I went out today, my eyes started hurting, nose got runny and I’m still coughing. I can’t understand why other people don’t think it’s strange. My neighbor is coughing for weeks already.

Thinking about those physical problems, I think I shall move out soon as possible.

I’m also aware of the potential risk of racial discrimination against Japanese.

Looking over the comments on the blog and other sites, an idea is provoked.

“It’s because Japanese is coward.”

Whether it’s true or not, the more contamination spreads, the harder it becomes for Japanese refugee to live and make themselves understood right.

It’s going to be harder and harder. so I wish I could be a pioneer and prepare for the followers from Japan.

Japanese will have to live in a small community to help each other.

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