3,790 Bq/kg from mushroom logs

Shiitake logs growing in my backyard - Nika

Shiitake logs growing in my backyard - Nika

Mushrooms concentrate Cesium from the logs that they grow on such that there is 3 times more cesium in the mushrooms than the logs.

Fukushima produced most of the mushroom logs in Japan. Even after 311, they distributed contaminated mushroom logs all around Japan until 8/12/2011 when it was finally banned.

Even after 8/12/2011, they were permitted to sell logs that had lower than 150 Bq/kg. On the logs with 150 Bq/kg, mushrooms grew that contained 450 Bq/ kg of cesium.

12/7/2011, an Aomori mushroom farmer reported that they measured 3,790 Bq/kg from one of their mushroom logs, which is 25 times higher than the “safety” limit.

According to Aomori prefecture, the log was cut out from woods in 1/2011 and stored outside. At the end of April, the farmer bought this log (1~1.5m length, 10~15 cm diameter).

Though the farmer bought 2,000 logs in total he said that he did not use any of them.

Considering the 3:1 (at least) concentrating activity of these mushrooms, they would contain 11,370 Bq/kg of cesium from being grown on these logs yet the Aomori prefecture states that there is no problem.


東日本大震災:十和田のシイタケ原木、規制値超すセシウム--福島産 /青森




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