Tepco is planning to discharge contaminated water again

cold culvert with discharge - NOT in Fukushima

cold culvert with discharge - NOT in Fukushima

March again.

Tepco is planning to discharge highly contaminated water to pacific ocean next March (2012).

Currently, 200 ~ 500 tons of underground water flows into the buildings of reactors 1 ~ 4 and they can not handle it.

They are going to build another tank by the end of this year, but it is not enough.

Tepco knew this fact that they will have contaminated water overflow next March but they did not take any action for that.

They state they will discharge it after purifying it but the water purifying system has not even been built yet.

Mr. Hattori Ikuhiro, the chairman of National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations protests against their discharging.

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時事通信 12月8日(木)12時3分配信

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