Over 10 uSv/h was measured at 2 schools in Abiko shi

In Abiko shi, Chiba, 2 schools turned out to be in hot spots.

At one of the schools, they measured 11.3 micro Sv/h in a street gutter on 9/15/2011.

According to the further measurement of city education board, the dust contained 60,768 Bq/ Kg of cesium.

The area should now be a no-go zone BUT the city education board declared that children are safe now, for some reason.

In June, at another school, they measured mud from cleaning the pool and they found 10.1 micro Sv/h.

Even at 1m height from the mud, it was still 3.56 micro Sv/h.

The city education board only covered it with a sheet and no further protection was done for the students.


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