News: The actual contamination of Fukushima

I managed to get raw data showing contamination situation in Fukushima.

The measurement was done by a public institution run by government.

This is a “massive leakage” in their censorship, so unfortunately, I’m not allowed to disclose the source for the security of the whistle blower.

Data sheet overview (Only Cs-134,137),

Soil from Hayasaka, Namie machi 7/2/2011: 564,215 Bq/Kg

Mushroom from Teshichiro Namie machi 9/23/2011: 404,814 Bq/kg (5,000 Bq per mushroom)

Soil in a rice field from Tsushima Namie machi 8/22/2011: 254,110 Bq/kg


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