News: My last fight

Minami soma shi, in Fukushima.

Government lifted mandatory evacuation area for this place on 9/30.

Schools and elementary schools were re-opened, innocent people, and innocent children are coming back to the place.

However, it’s still 3 uSv/h. Children can’t be without dose meter.

Being a city councilor of the city, Mr.Oyama Koichi is having his “last fight”.

“I had my wife, kids, and employees all evacuate here. People worry about me. I much appreciate for it, but I just wish my body could be a fertilizer for the next generation.”

He knows he may die of exposure.

He became a city councilor since last December.

However, he noticed that Minami soma is not safe at all. He especially warns the risk of Strontium, which government has been rejecting to measure.

He drives around the city and is calling people to evacuate.

He shouts “We are not human guinea pig.”

He says, you can not decontaminate the place anymore.

He tells Japanese young people to leave Japan too.

He is trying to save people for his life.

  1. Thanks a lot for compiling and publishing your data, but I think you go over the top when saying that “500Bq/kg is lethal”.

    In the European Union, the limit is 600Bq/kg. I don’t want to claim that any amount of radioactivity is safe, although scientists don’t quite agree on that subject, but “lethal” should mean that we have thousands of death by now, wouldn’t it?

    1. Sorry if I confused anybody – I meant to add this comment to your earlier post from Oct 18.

  2. Maybe when the level and seriousness of the contamination is finally recognized by most people, and is undeniable, God would send His Holy Spirit to pass over the land and cause it to be healed of contamination.

    1. Wishful thinking of mystical savior means to me that you feel helpless. Remember ‘God helps those who help themselves.’

      Compassion plus action equals Empowered and that means help people!! Support this site with a donation. Motivate your church to host several families for a year. DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE!

  3. truly heroic and selfless. he is right. there is no ability to decontaminate the region, esp since Fukushima Daiichi or all three or all six keep spewing out more cesium iodine americium neptunium stronium — can’t reveal what you don’t test for..

    my point is, he is right, EVACUATE and save your lives… all the way through Tokyo and further south… it takes me as well time to deeply understand… it is already gone… there is no going back… EVACUATE.

    1. Japan is a big suicide country. They are not going to just leave….. In Japan things are all about their best appearance, whether inside it is or is not. It is common to kill your inner feelings for your country. Its not likely that Japanese people are going to wake up and evacuate because of western thinking, it has to come from themselves….

      1. Many, many families have and continue to evacuate. First one has to deal with the general shock of the immediate situation. Then the long-term prognosis of how devastating this has been personally and to the country. Older generation is more likely to believe the government, generally, although some leaders who ask Japanese to think for themselves are like the 94 year old physician who gave a speech in Hiroshima/Nagasaki anniversary, revealing the historical truth.

        In any case, one must also realise the government and Tepco are full of shit. Betrayal, shock… many emotions to deal with. People recover at different rates and not everyone recovers. Thinking of survival is not ‘western thinking.’

        It took me about 90 days to get fully awake and learning a lot of new things about nuclear radiation. Knowing people recover at varying rates, we keep trying to reach out to people and also hope to have a well-worn path to relocation to safety for those who seek it.

        As you see here, there is an Evacuate section and possibilities do exist for USA, France, Italy, Australia… For discussion please also visit facebook group Fukushima 311 Watchdogs! There are so many people in the world that want to help the Japanese children and families reach safety!

  4. This man is a true hero. A samurai of today. I salute him and shed tears for his honor. A great man.

  5. It cannot be denied that aspects of life in North Japan now incline towards long term studies of radiological damage to large scale populations. For this, for someone to realise that people are being treated as guinea pigs, this moment of truth is a rare event and I truly hope one that will not be forgotten, will rather grow and become part of an honest response to the fuxucalamity.

    I salute this brave and truthful gentleman. I would like him to know that some of us, myself included, thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his courage and perseverance.

    God and Humanity Bless You, Sir.


    1. You are a true hero; is there anything else we can do for you besides pray intensely?

  6. I met him in August. He is in my documentary. He knows quite a lot…. I wish him the best.

  7. I’m scared too, but where to go? I’m in Maihama, spent 311 at home and next day with neighbors we were cleaning up stuff. Later came wind and dust. It went like this over 4 months before new asphalt had been lied down. I hate to use mask so only God knows what is in me. I try to keep set my mind to be fine, but I’m scared.
    I’m leaving Japan, it’s not going to happen untill summer next year. I cannot move now down to Osaka either. There is a reason. I’m looking for someone to check my area for radioactivity. Anyone knows someone who can do it? Not officials of course.

  8. In the European Union, the limit is 600Bq/kg. JP VERY safe. U cannot compare Bq of Cs with Bq of Rn, nor Gy of Cs with Gy of Rn, but you can straight compare any Sv; that’s whole point of Sv. FTR: Only rad effects have been shown above 100mSv, and those are estimated at +0.5% increase in cancer probability …IAEA recomends JP not 2 overdo decontamin… I’ve been constantly posting the english explanation and source for food rad standards for weeks → I wish some of the media took the time to explain this very basic facts to the population, but they rather focus on ”やっぱり不安ですね”
    Take a piece of beef with 700Bq/kg of radCs on your table & watch it yearlong = ~0mSv ; eat from it yearlong → ~1mSv
    There is no way common people get the time/will to understand such complex things, not in rad, nor in anything,<100mSv/yr is VERY SAFE, you are just too dumb dumb.

  9. All of Japan should have been evacuated at least six months ago. But it is better late than never. The consequences of not leaving will soon be very apparent. It’s only a matter of time before all of North America needs to be evacuated too. Canada is already carpeted with plutonium and neptunium. When it rains in the United States radiation climbs above 12 micro sieverts per hour in places even over 1,000 miles East from the Pacific coast where the Jet Stream atmospheric currents bring the radioactivity from Fukushima.

    1. Hi Gonzo, Wondering where people should go in the Southern Hemisphere to escape the radioactivity in North America? I left in June from California to Australia and NZ. Quite expensive and hard to immigrate. Any other recommendations of a safe place to raise a family? Thanks.

  10. ….Soon the Japanese will be too “Radiocative” to be accepted into any other countries…they can Blame their government though ..for its Thoroughly Pathetically Incompotent Response to the Fukashima Disaster…and for its “hidden” Plutonium (supplied by the USA) Nuclear Weapons Program at Fukashima that was the real cause of such a Massive Release of Radiation!

  11. There are already official CDC reports of 35-48% increase in US infant mortality rates as of June 2011, there is also report of 27,000+ additional US deaths through same period.

    Ionizing radiation can break molecules, at a cellular level, causing unpredictable chemical reactions.

    Think of vibrations breaking glass, that is what happens at a cellular level, in your body, from ionizing radiation.

    Ionizing radiation is insidious, these large subatomic particles travel until they are stopped.

    Your skin can easily stop them.

    Once they are ingested, inhaled, or enter your body through a cut, their grotesque potent force cuts through your body like knife through butter, into the cells, blood or other organs, impacting other organs and leaving behind hideous, shocking damage.

    A single alpha particle from Plutonium, Uranium, Americium or Radon can deliver a huge blast of radiation inside your body. This radiation energy can destroy your genetic material at a cellular level.

    Some people are more susceptible than others:

    * Those who are already sick
    * Those who have weak immune systems
    * The elderly
    * Children, babies & the unborn

    Stontium 90 and tritium are released from Nuclear Power plants during normal operation. Once in your body Strontium 90 is mistaken for calcium, which your body uses to create new blood cells. This increases your risk of bone and blood cancers such as Leukemia.

    Tritium binds with the most abundant element on earth, Hydrogen, which is a component of water. Once bonded with water, your DNA is irradiated internally.

    The most penetrating and damaging radiation are the Gamma rays and it mimics potassium in our bodies which collects in our muslces. Cesium 137, Iodine 141 and Iodine 129 emit Gamma rays.

    Once radionuclides are released into the environment they circulate and are carried with the winds until they become part of the soil and food chain. They land in our drinking water, are on the pastures that our livestock graze on, are on our vegetables and in our fruit trees.

    This is particularly dangerous for humans because we are at the top of the food chain, where the higher concentrations of radionuclides are.

    Most Common Diseases From Ionizing Radiation:

    * leukemia
    * lymphoma
    * solid tumors or any organ
    * bone & blood disorders
    * heart disorders, particularly in children
    * lung cancer
    * breast cancer
    * endocrine disruption
    * reproductive abnormalities
    * accelerated aging process
    * birth defects
    * congenital malformations
    * kidney, liver damage

    All of these disorders and long term consequences associated with weakened immune system and there are thousands of deaths…however why would they be attributed to Fukushima, when it will be easier to blame chance, poor lifestyle choices etc.

    There is much that can be done to boost your immune system and to detox and protect yourself. My top choices and what we’ve been doing in the US West Coast since March 14, 2011.

    Whether we believe it or not is irrelevant. Fukushima changed the lives of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

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