Slaughter in Minamisoma

On location report from Minami Soma – Strontium continues to be detected – “Too early for evacuees to be returning home.”

Nationally declared “emergency evacuation preparedness zones” have been simultaneously lifted, however excessive risks may remain. Lab results from a radioactive contamination survey commissioned by Minami Soma City Council yield shocking results.

– Desipite the lifting of the “emergency evacuation preparedness zone” designation, the perception is that contamination questions linger.

– 59,000 people lived within the 20-30km “emergency evacuation preparedness zone”, 28,000 have relocated. Citizens view the lifting of the designation as good news, but unease persists.

– From a local council perspective, the sooner evacuees return to start rebuilding the better.

– Citizens infuriated with fuzzy official statements regarding severity of contamination, particularly when they have to consider the safety of their own kids.

– Local government testing reveals strontium contamination, further complicating the situation. 17 spots around Minami Soma were tested, and four locations showed 33 – 1,113 Bq/kg of strontium contamination, including 100 Bq/kg from an area previously covered by the recently lifted evacuation advisory zone.

– Regarding the possibility of internal exposure, Strontium is much more serious than cesium. As explained by a researcher from the Japanese Atomic Energy Institute, biological half life of cesium is 100 days vs 50 years for Strontium, which mimics calcium in the body.

-It’s reasonable to expect that where there is cesium, there is also strontium, however it takes much longer to run tests for strontium and there are very few labs equipped to run the tests.

– On the same day that the evacuation advisory zone was lifted, MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) finally released results of strontium testing carried out around the plant.

– Of the samples, collected since June, Futuba (inside the 20km zone) was the highest, at 5,700 Bq/m2 (note the change in unit from kg to square meters). Of particular concern were results from within the lifted evacuation advisory zone: Minami Soma (three locations: 600, 260, 160 bq/m2), Tamura (610 Bq/m2), Kawauchi (380、130、39 Bq/m2) and Hirono (220、150、120、76、61 Bq/m2).

– Plutonium also detected for the first time outside the plant, however official attitude is to ignore the results, as ‘compared to cesium the quantities are minuscule, therefore the focus will remain on cesium’.

– Government decontamination efforts questioned by a local fish dealer, who points out that the road outside his shop, used by school students, was washed down with a high pressure hose. He says all the sand and dirt simply shifted and accumulated in the gutter, raising the radiation level there. Radioactive dirt then blows back onto the road from neighboring fields.

– Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries finally decided in October to survey contamination in the hills and forested areas – every time the wind blows it brings more contamination down from the heavily contaminated hills.

– In summary, ignoring isotopes other than cesium is not acceptable, after Chernobyl the Ukrainian govt. produced accurate contamination maps for each separate nucleotide, and Japan should do so urgently. Residents lack of faith in the government’s lifting of the zone is entirely understandable.


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  1. I am totally amazed by this plan to consider ‘near’ zones safe, or any zone, for that matter!.
    It is my understanding that radiation is still being emitted from the site. If not, how have they stopped it???
    Even allowing for various rates of decrease in existing contamination (half-life etc), radiation continues to emit, adding to the environmental contamination.
    It is also cumulative in the human body, even if it was environmentally reducing.
    I would appreciate clarification on this viewpoint.

  2. from 311 on I realised that japan main isle is contaminated and hast to be evacuated, because:

    they will not win the fight against:

    1 meltdown
    2 meltdown
    3 meltdown
    4 burning, out of control
    5 getting out of control
    6 getting out of control
    ( i think daini has problems, too…)

    even, living in tokio is a danger related to accumulation of biological contamination

    i think north japan has to be told what thing is with all risks.
    they have to use sarkophags for whole fukushima.
    they have to measure all excatly, all medias differntiatet.
    they have to shut down all plants.

    maybe there is a consolation to use contaminated areas for producing solar and wind energy in huge amounts getting rid from nuclear energy.

    whole world has to communicate finnishing usage of nuclear energy from now on!

  3. I read about the womens grupp and thats good news.
    You all have my deepest respect.

    Listen people of Japan, this Nuclear Ind. is nothing but a insane way of Boiling water, thats it. Thats De Facto the only use of Nuclear material and of course to make Nuclear wepons(like the DU used in rockets, etc).

    AGW and the scaremongerings and frads:
    The Nuclear ind. is the sole reason for this scam on the issue of Envirioumental sustaiablilty, they got thru the AGW caremongering, powers to Shutt down coal ind. A Coal ind that emittes dust, yes, but that can be dealt with, but anyway is faar more safe that Nuclear powered Suply of energy.
    What we are witnesing to day, is the ultimate Naightmare.
    All this AGW hype is based on scams and whats even wurse, its nothing new.
    AGW has been a nightmare for the sientific comunetys for decades.
    Its been a mess, going from ICE ages to FRYING our planet, all that in a timefram of 150 years of “sience”.

    All Japans energy suply can be restored in weeks if you waked up from this driwel about AGW, or man made global warming, a scam thats been cept alive by Fraud and Political consensuses without real facts. The clima changes, yes, but we have nothing to do with that, polution of land and sea, yes, but global clima, no.
    Non at all, infact.

    (a ex: in the subpolar regions, for aprox 3000 thousen years ago, the water level was 13.5 meters higher than today, the globe was comnsiderably warmer, and the Polar bears are still here, and today they are facing their biggest threat ever, the waste products from Electronic ind. Flame inhibitores, gives a inviriomental poisoning that are clasifyed as Hormon disturbant. And causes damages to the DNA and hormone systems. That results in bisexual/reproduction inability and so on. Thats the biggest threat to Polar bears since dawn of time. And thats even been dokumented. But the only driwell served are about clima change, huh)

    And read this carefully, its a timeline from 1895-2009:

    And remeber, all of this Scaremongering statments on AGW change, non of them have our Sun in their Pinctures and “sientific” data, no where is the Sun mentioned.
    To realy undertsand whats going on I ask people to think for a minute, go outside and look at the Sun.
    Do It.
    Can you as I do, remeber 2 decades back in time, when the sun was Yellow, and see for your self to day, that its White.
    WTF is going on inside our Planetary system, is the Sun changing it self, and to what, do anybody realy know whats going on. Insdead we drown in driwell, while the real cause is our Sun.

    Consider this, Ladys and Getlemen.
    Scrapp the Nucler ind. they had their chanse, and berryed it in Fukushima, lett it never rise again.
    Coal ind. is the only viable temporary solution to this “energy” crisis.
    And I have absolutly no dubt, not for a single moment, that humans will find an alterative solution to our Energy need, no dubt not for a moment.

    Never give up on this, its a fight for existing as a creature on this Planet, and right now its all we have. There are no oither options.

  4. I am going to add your link to my page on youtube – to help share your words to the world. Prayers to you all.

    Who shalll separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? – Roman 8:35

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