News: JP Gov will stock radioactive waste in river head area

Forestry Agency will lend the national forests to local government as disposal area of radioactive waste, where is source of tap water.

Having decontamination be a huge business chance, they are making heaps of radioactive sludge.

Including the massive amount of contaminated hay, sewage sludge,and radioactive incineration ash, local governments are looking for a place to stock them “temporarily.”

To solve the problem,forestry agency has decided to lend the national forests for the place to stock.

This is to keep the radioactive waste away from the city area, but it’s near the source of tap water.

They are just to cover the radioactive waste with concrete and waterproof sheet.

Because Japan is a country of water / rain, it is highly likely that radiation leaks into the river.

As it’s said in this article, even within Fukushima, they made 100 million cubic meters of contaminated soil in the first 6 months.

Now it’s becoming the matter that if we die of radioactive tap water sooner or national forests get full of radioactive waste sooner.


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