News: Ignorant government is making the situation way worse than Chernobyl


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It is possibility that they buried it themselves and “found” it themselves.

Kashiwa local government buried 25 tons of radioactive refuse incineration ash into their disposal area between 6/4/11 ~ 6/22/2011.

They abandoned it at least for 3 times and it was 70,800 Bq/Kg.

The disposal area is surrounded by residential streets, schools and hospitals.

Also, they “secretly” abandoned radioactive waste (Cs-134: 23,663 Bq/Kg; Cs-137: 28,884 Bq/Kg; Total: 52,547 Bq/Kg) in the middle of a residential streets, where is 1.2km away from Kashiwa station, JR line.

It was accidentally found by a citizen who has a geiger counter.

They reported to the city govenment, but they only said “Good job.”

What does “52,547 Bq/Kg” mean?

In Chernobyl, Soviet union set the mandatory evacuation area where they measured 1,480,000 Bq/SQUARE METER.

However still it was not enough to save people, Belarus government made their original standard to set the mandatory evacuation area where they measured 555,000 Bq/m2.

As a result, 110,000 people evacuated but still they suffer from severe health problems.

52,547 Bq/Kg equals to 3,400,000 Bq/m2, which is more than double as Soviet’s standard.

There may are more places where the governments secretly abandoned radioactive wastes in the city.

Bright future is promised for us.


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