Column of the Day: To become alternative media


As we all know,it’s becoming harder and harder to get information about Fukushima.

I think that’s because it’s too serious to news.

That is also the reason why I started this blog.

Media blackout.

Everything is concealed or manipulated.

but we need to know exactly what is going on in the epicenter, Japan.

I thought alternative media network to stand against “classic media” is needed.

This blog is supported by so many people.

Admin pays huge for the server monthly.

I have two correspondents.

and I scan internet all day long to feed quality news.

However, profit from advertisement is coming to the limit,which is not enough.

Kind people sometimes donate me bucks.

To have this blog take off, I would like to ask for sponsorship.

I don’t set any condition.

If you have some extra money, and national mind, I would love you to help us grow to be big enough to beat up the liars.

Sponsorship can be any form.

Monthly donation, money for advertisement, anything can go as long as it keeps us independent.

I hope you will be proud of sponsoring us.

We will deserve it.

If you come across this article,and have some extra money and can sympathize with us, please contact me anyhow.


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