Kids as dump

In the Strontium city, Yokohama, city government is not functioning at all.

Now the mayor is playing soccer in Frankfurt with her friends.

City “government” has mothers decontaminate the street around the kindergarten before even measuring radiation level.

They decontaminate with the cutting edge gadgets like broom or shovel.

No wonder they don’t care even if kindergarten kids are playing around them.

Today, another glorious fact was added to their moronic history.

A citizen leaked this info on the forum run by a city councilor, Ohta Masataka.

● すべての保護者に公表を 投稿者:青葉の母さま

給食会から受注している業者が、本来、公表されていた産地の・・神奈川県のきゅうりを 学校に納入しなければならないのに、福島産のきゅうりを持ってきて、その学校長から抗議 されて、納品のやり直しをさせられて、学校長が、そのことを給食会に告発した直後、給食 会は、産地の公表欄に、あわてて「きゅうり~神奈川・福島産」と、福島産を書き加えて、 抗議をしてきていない学校に搬入された福島産のきゅうりの正当性をアピールしたように、 このような偽装まがいの事は、給食会はしょっちゅうやっているものと思われます。

子供の健康に重大な影響がある給食事業につき、業者の利益を慮って、子供を犠牲にするこ とを平気で行っている給食会と、それを知りながらこれを黙認する委員会の健康教育課を 速やかに解体して、再編しなければ、真実の健康教育は出来ないものと確信しております。

For school lunch, an elementary school bought cucumbers labelled as from Kanagawa prefecture, but it turned out to be from Fukushima.
The school claimed for the school lunch committee, but the committee revised the recipe “cucumber from Kanagawa AND Fukushima will be used”, instead of punishing.

This seems like only a small part of the whole problem.

Major part of the ingredient is likely to be from Fukushima because it’s cheap, by deceptive labeling of origin.

Actually, nobody cares about children.

I personally suggest not to let the kids go to hell and start packing for evacuation.


  1. It is enough ! This mayor went too far… And now She is plaing soccer in germany ? Why not fed her with wild boars from there ? Mushrooms from south east of my country (france), some fish from the Mercantour lake (still in france) and of course some nice fresh pastures from high contaminated areas in England, feeding her like the chow she is !? She wants a nice trip in Europe ? No problem she won’t be deceived ! 😉

  2. This permanent fight aginst stupidity is soooooooooooo tiring and depressing. No doctors, no specialists, no teachers, no activists in this country to tell people it’s dangerous and it’s crazy ????? No one to TEACH them ? Are we in rural India or some underdeveloped terrirory ???? Where are the brains gone ?

    1. Probably, there is no “brain” in Japan any more, at least in the nuclear power plant industry. What else? 🙂
      Probably, the brains of Japan (students with good school records) chose NOT to go into the “nuclear industry” or the nuclear science especially after the American Three Mile Island (TMI) Accident which also happened in March (of 1979).

      Yeah, as we have seen several photos on this blog before, we have some literally “bizarre-looking” men and women from the Japanese nuclear commentariat world who have done nothing but a criminal deception to the people of Japan and the rest of the world. They are nothing but “losers” in Japan. The best students and the best brains didn’t choose to study nuclear engineering. They never chose to work in the Japanese nuclear industry at least after the 1979 accident, not to mention the Chernobyl Accident of 1986.
      After the TMI Accident, even the Japanese nuclear industry didn’t see a new nuclear power plant construction. It was a global trend, too. The trend continued in Japan until the PM Kan’s cabinet came to power nearly two years ago.

      Since the Kyoto Protocol and the bogus man-made “global warming” theory came to power, and especially since the Kan cabinet came to power, the Japanese bureaucrats and politicians promoted new nuclear reactors. They even exported a Japan-made nuclear power plant to Vietnam last year (not built yet). Vietnam is a socialist dictatorship country with which the new Democratic Party regime of Kan and others are very friendly for an unknown reason. Therefore we can say that the Fukushima Accident is more about the Japanese corruption than about the mere meltdown incidents.

      The former Japanese PM Kan was nobody until he got to the position of PM after his predecessor Hatoyama suddenly resigned because of their internal power games. A renowned Japanese political analyst Minoru Morita suspected that the state-funded promotion of nuclear power plant constructions both in Japan and in foreign countries by the Kan regime was behind the very amateurish and very slow attitude of his “government” toward the Fukushima accidents. The construction project means a lot of profit and a lot of pocket money for them.
      Moreover, Kan’s cabinet allegedly rejected a US offer of so-called “after sale service” to apply an American coolant to the meltdown reactors of Fukushima on around March 13th. The American reactor coolant was to shut them down by brute force (extreme coolants such as liquid nitrogen). But the former PM Kan and his regime rejected the normal procedure for an unknown reason. Maybe it was because of Kan’s anti-Americanism.

      This story was exposed by a Japanese professor of economics Masaru Kaneko (of Keio Univ., Tokyo) on March 14 in his Twitter message.
      The offered coolant from the original “shop” of the reactors (i.e. the US) would have shut down everything in a very short time, or course. The radiation release would have stopped completely by around March 31, too. Instead, even today, we are still seeing the radiation release of Fukushima after eight months since the meltdowns started.
      Thanks to the bizarre rejection by Kan’s cabinet, the entire country of Japan is under heavy contamination threat daily and there are virtually no more safe food/water in Japan now. Desperate people are forced to use waste water from their kitchen to ferment lactobacilli and use the fermented water for bathing and so on now.

      The nobody PM Kan (often called the “Empty Can” by the Japanese media) ruined the entire Japan and many foreign countries with radiation. All because of his own stupid “brain”.
      Kan reportedly boasted “I know nuclear engineering very, very well” right after the March blasts. The demented Kan and his accomplice ministers and bureaucrats kept on micro-managing the Fukushima fiasco, rejecting the reasonable solution from the American side. Today, we are here thanks to these Japanese “pro-nuke” losers.

      If the normal American procedure had been taken in mid-March, the entire fiasco of Fukushima would have been a history by now. In that case, we would have never seen this Fukushima-diary blog, unfortunately, by the way. At least, it’s good to see this blog gets more and more supporters from around the world everyday now (the facebook feature of “— people like Fukushima Diary”).
      People who wish to survive in a normal fashion should never allow a political corruption go on the way it did in Japan. The Japanese “government” enjoyed lucrative corruptions all the time since before the Fukushima happened. Today, the Japanese people have to shut down the Japanese corruption before they can force TEPCO to shut down the broken reactors with American assistance.

  3. now, after watching all this for seven months
    i start to think that the food from fukushima
    prefecture is more safe than the stuff from chiba
    or ibaraki or tochigi because of the stronger
    food surveilance!

  4. Is there a chart somewhere explaining all the different ways radiation is measured – microsieverts, etc., and the various elements, like strontium – and what that means in terms of health effects?

  5. Why would a Japanese play football with an Askenazi in Germany?

    I guess there is no purpose,merely banality.

  6. Guess who else probably eats food with Fukushima ingredients? The workers at the plant.

    But they are already expendable as we know.

    Especially people with low and medium incomes (probably 90% of the population) will be exposed to this food, because it is cheap and easy to label as something else.

    I hope mothers and fathers will be brave and loud in months to come, because otherwise they will not do their duty to protect their children.


    I believe is in Japanese also.

    for exposure and risk based on experience download these books (English):
    ECRR = European Committee on Radiation Risk
    Dr. Chris Busby, Scientific Secretary wrote Introduction. book, 2006, was co-edited with Dr. Alexey Yablokov“ECRR Chernobyl: 20 Years On”

    “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment” by Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko
    NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.
    5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, 1,400 cited.

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