Column of the Day: Escape plan 10/5/2011

Today I went to the French embassy for WH visa, but because they were very helpful for me to die in radiation, I couldn’t get WH visa.

I think WH visa might not be a good choice. (I know it’s not the time for me to be picky though.)

1) It’s not renewable.

2) I can’t change the type of Visa while I’m in France.

so I’ll have to come back to Japan in one year, when the contamination is likely to be even worse.

My potential host family kindly recommends me au pair visa.

However, it requires me to enroll a language school. I don’t have that much money.

Another option is “long stay visa”, but it requires me to have 3 million yen since 3 months ago, perfect life insurance, and I’m not allowed to earn money in France.

So in short, they don’t want me to come.

None of the countries wants to accept us nuclear refugees.

I’m thinking of going to France with a tourist visa for the beginning.

However, we Nuclear Refugees have a lot of the problems.

Firstly, we need money.

When we have kids, the situation is more serious than me.

They can’t stay in Japan, but they need money.

One of them told me they even want to exile themselves.

Yet I can’t ask my potential host family to hire me for a working visa because it’s pricy.

I can’t trouble them anymore.

Considering it all, I think I must enterprise a company.

I’m thinking of raising funds on kickstarter, but because I don’t really have time, can’t speak French, and bad at paying attention for details, so I’m asking someone to be my co-founder.

Also, I think only american citizens are allowed to use

The basic concept is this:

If they make money from nuclear, we will make more profit out of being anti-nuc.

What should we do?

Step One: Build an anti-nuc news network. This should be a blog network to feed news to variety of SNS. I think we better not have our own website to feed news because it will be the target of internet attack.

Step Two: Connect protests and demonstrations internationally, and provide legal protection for people arrested by “authority”.

Step Three: Catch the pro nuc monsters and throw them to the people.

What’s the business model?

Feeding news and make profit out of ads and donations.


Correspondents can get employed so they get the working visa, and keep feeding us good news. (We need a lot of good web journalists.)

Readers can get fresh information that major media would never pick up.


In front of Areva.

What to do first?

Raise funds (I think 10,000 USD would be enough for the beginning), register as a company, hire reporters and pay them.

Invest the profit into step 2.

I will evacuate and get this project going on at the same time.

If you have any advice or can offer me some help, please leave me comments.

As always, I read them all. I’m really sorry for being unable to reply to all of them.

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