Breaking News: Fukushima children are abused if they reject internal exposure

At Upper House Budget Committee, Ms.Matsu Akira from Komei party stated what is going on in the schools of Fukushima.

According to her explanation, at a school in Fukushima, some students rejected drinking milk because of the risk of internal exposure.

In Chernobyl, a lot of the children died of contaminated milk too.

However, these Japanese students were forced to stand up and come in front of other students, and pour milk into buckets by the teacher.

The teacher told them, “Give me the explanation why you don’t drink milk. If you don’t drink it, you are not qualified to be Fukushima citizen.”

This is disgusting, but this is what is happening in Fukushima schools.

We need to make the children escape from the hell otherwise they will all suffer from cancer.

(Chief Cabinet Secretary, Fujimura was giggling while listening to this story for some reason.)

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