Breaking News: 31 years old Fukushima worker sent to emergency medical service

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At the press conference of 10/27/2011, Tepco announced that one of the Fukushima workers from a sub-contract company, 31 years old was sent to the emergency medical service.

According to Tepco, the worker was involved in pipe setting task at the gas control room for containment vessel at reactor 1, on the first floor.

During the work, he had a heart ache (heart attack) and was sent to the emergency medical room beside reactor 5, 6.

He’s still in the hospital, no diagnosis yet.

He has consciousness, but unable to walk. He’s been working at the plant since 10/11/2011.

Today he was only exposed to 0.21 mSv. The total dose is 0.79 mSv.

He was working between 10AM~1PM.(3 hours)

This fact clearly means even if it is less than 1 mSv, it is crucially harmful for human body.

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